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Learn to Make Diwali Lantern Paper Crafts

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Learn to Make Diwali Lantern Paper Crafts

Light a lamp of love and peace! Blast a chain of sorrow and problems! Shoot a rocket of prosperity and enjoyment! Fire a flowerpot of happiness and joy, Welcome to the season of Diwali.

The Festival of lights is around the corner and now it’s the time to decorate your pretty house and make it prettier. But how can you make it prettier, of course by making these amazing Diwali lantern lamps, this time you can engage your kid in Diwali decorations, and let me tell you they will love to take up some responsibilities. Keep your learning spirit alive with our curated list of Diwali lantern crafts like humongous Diwali lanterns, fireflies – butterflies lanterns, rainbow lanterns, traditional modern combo Diwali lanterns, spiral lanterns, illusion lanterns, and mini paper lanterns.

It is the best time to make your own handmade Diwali lantern crafts and we will help you with that, so scroll down and find the best Diwali lantern crafts and enjoy making these with your kids.

Diwali Lantern Craft

Diwali Lantern Craft

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The Craft Paper Lantern

The Craft Diwali Paper Lantern

Image Source/Tutorial: Mek Kids

Isn’t this lantern gorgeous, it is very easy to make and it requires only some craft papers, glue, scissors, and tapes. The striking bright yellow color makes it look lively and stunning, and the unique paper pattern on this lantern can make anyone fall in love with this lantern, kids will love making this amazing lantern so what are you waiting for, let’s grab your craft supplies and make this Diwali lantern

  • The suitable age group of kids: 4-7 yrs.

Humongous Diwali Kandil with Paper

Humongous Diwali lantern

Image Source/Tutorial: My Style Of Making

This is one of the most beautiful and biggest lanterns you can make at home, these are pretty big and hence can be easily spotted anywhere. The stunning color combination and little glitter details are cherries on top.

you can even find these in shops but these are pretty expensive there so why not make it at home which is both affordable and a fun activity to do with kids? Grab your craft supplies and get ready to make this wonderful Diwali lantern.

  • The suitable age group of kids: 6-8 yrs.

Fireflies – Butterflies Lantern

Fireflies - Butterflies Lantern Crafts For Diwali

Image Source/Tutorial: My Poppet

Fireflies are luminous and emit light and make the atmosphere brighter, whereas butterflies are pretty and beautiful. What if I tell you that you can get both of them at your home this Diwali? Isn’t it amazing, if you liked the idea then you will like this amazing Diwali lantern craft for sure. Make something unique this Diwali and have fun.

  • The suitable age group of kids: 6-9 yrs.

Popsicle Stick & Paper Diwali Lantern 

Popsicle Stick And Paper Diwali Lantern 

Image Source/Tutorial: The Joy Of Sharing

Why not make a Diwali lantern that is affordable, economical, and also helps in reducing waste, this Diwali let’s do something for nature, let’s make this Diwali lantern made up of used popsicle sticks. Making crafts from waste will teach your kids about being economical and will teach them about different ideas to make the best out of waste.

  • The suitable age group of kids: 5-8 yrs.

Colorful Paper Lantern

Colourful Paper Lanterns Craft For Diwali

Image Source/Tutorial: Mottes Blog

These paper lanterns are so colorful and so pretty that they will make your house look adorable this Diwali, the white background helps out colors pop out and it makes the lantern look more lively. Make it with your kids and do Diwali decorations a little extra this year.

  • The suitable age group of kids: 5-7 yrs.

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The Rainbow Lantern

The rainbow lantern

Image Source/Tutorial:  S19 Creations

If you want to do decorations a little extra colorful and vivid this Diwali and want to make something that looks super expensive as well as unique then this is the Diwali lantern craft you were looking for, let your kids fall in love with colors and crafts. Click on the link above and start making this adorable and amazing Diwali lantern with your kids now, polish their crafting skills with these amazing lantern crafts.

  • The suitable age group of kids: 6-9 yrs.

The Traditional Modern Combo Diwali Lantern

The Traditional Moden combo Diwali Lantern Crafts

Image Source/Tutorial:  Handful Of Shadows

If you want to make a Diwali lantern that looks traditional and modern at the same time, then you might like this beautiful Diwali lantern, it is made of wooden sticks, craft papers, etc. It’s very unique and wonderful, teach your kids about your culture by making these traditional crafts and keep your culture alive with some modern twists, this traditional lantern is the perfect example of traditional with a modern twist.

  • The suitable age group of kids: 6-9 yrs.

Homemade Diwali lantern 

Homemade Diwali lantern 

Image Source/Tutorial: Home Made Arts

What if I tell you that you can make your own easy and affordable Diwali lantern at home, then would you believe me, if not then check out this gorgeous blue and orange colored Diwali lantern, the beautiful colored papers hanging below this lantern make it look prettier and you can hang this lantern on the door, windows of your home to give them Diwali look.

  • The suitable age group of kids for making this craft: is 5-7 yrs.

The Unique Lantern

The Unique Lantern

Image Source/Tutorial: Handful Of Shad0ws

If you want your Diwali lantern to look unique and pretty then check out this Diwali lantern. This is extremely pretty and detailed, look at the different colors and patterns, the little flowers on it are the extra details that make it look different, kids will love making this lantern for sure.

  • The suitable age group of kids: 5-7 yrs.

The Glowing Lantern

The Glowing Lantern Crafts For Diwali

Image Source/Tutorial:  Crafty Sneha

This Diwali lantern is very beautiful and it even glows, the striking bright orange color emits positive vibes and the unique structure of this lantern cannot be found anywhere else, now you can make this amazing-looking Diwali lantern in no time, check out the link above and make this beautiful Diwali lantern for your Diwali decorations.

  • The suitable age group of kids: 5-7 yrs.

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Big Lanterns For Diwali

Big Lanterns For Diwali

Image Source/Tutorial: Craft Nifty Creations

These will look amazing when they will light up and will be placed in the corners around your house. These are very long and will give your house the Diwali look you were looking for, these will give your Diwali decoration a boost and you can make these with your kids with the help of the tutorial link above.

  • The suitable age group of kids: 5-9 yrs.

Beautiful Diwali Paper Kandil

Quick Diwali Lanterns Crafts

Image Source/Tutorial: DIY Quick Crafts

If you want to make many lanterns then you have to be a little quicker, and these lanterns can be made quickly so you can make many, these can be made in any color of your and your kid’s choice and can be made in different patterns too. Do not waste any further time and let’s start making these lanterns.

  • The suitable age group of kids: 5-10 yrs.

Paper Lantern

Paper Lantern

Image Source/Tutorial: Artsy Craftsy Mom

This paper lantern is super easy to make and you can put it on the trees outside your house or can even put it in the corners of your home. These are very colorful and hence will make your house look extremely colorful and adorable as well. Kids love colorful lanterns and your kids will love making these lanterns with you, making these lanterns will boost your kid’s artistic skills and will make them confident in their crafting skills.

  • The suitable age group of kids: 6-8 yrs.

Quick to Make Spiral Lantern

The Spiral Lantern Crafts For Diwali

Image Source/Tutorial: You Crafts 

This Diwali lantern has a beautiful pattern outside, this looks very pretty and can be kept anywhere in your house. The unique pattern is mesmerizing and many eyes will stop at it to take another glance, This is not difficult to make and your kids will love making it too, this will help in polishing kids cutting skills so let’s get into it and make many lanterns this Diwali.

  • The suitable age group of kids: 5-7 yrs.

The Illusion Lantern

The Illusion Lantern

Image Source/Tutorial: Colours paper

This is a pretty rare Diwali lantern and has a beautiful appearance, especially its illusion pattern, if you want to make a Diwali lantern that looks modern as well as special then this is the one for you, it glows too and hence will give a beautiful appearance outside or inside your house. Make it with your kids and collect countless Diwali memories.

  • The suitable age group of kids: 6-10 yrs.

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Mini Paper Lanterns

Mini Paper Lanterns Craft For DIwali

Image Source/Tutorial: The Craft Train

If you want to make paper lanterns that can be used at Christmas as well and are small enough to be kept on any table of your choice then you might like these mini paper lanterns. These are cute and don’t take up much space, make it with your kids and have some fun.

  • The suitable age group of kids: 6-8 yrs.

With the gleam of Diyas and the echo of the chants, may happiness and contentment fill your life, enjoy this Diwali, and spread love and happiness everywhere.

Now you can go and make any of your favorite Diwali lantern crafts you liked among these and make amazing Diwali memories with your kids. Diwali is a festival of lights and love and makes sure you make these lovely lanterns with your loved ones to make them more adorable. Check out more craft ideas from our website and don’t forget to visit us again we will wait for you. Do give your feedback and comment below on which one you liked the most, We love reading your comments.

We hope you like our list of  Diwali Lantern Crafts and will surely try to make them. Read more crafts ideas at our website if you liked our Diwali lantern crafts. Please let us know which Diwali Lantern Craft you like the most in the comment section.

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FAQ’s on Learn to Make Diwali Lantern Paper Crafts

1. What materials do I need to make a Diwali lantern?

Answer: You will need a sheet of colored paper, scissors, a glue stick, a pencil, and a piece of string.

2. How do I make the base of my lantern?

Answer: Take the sheet of paper and fold it in half. Cut out a triangle from the paper and then unfold it. This will be the base of your lantern.

3. How do I make the frame of my lantern?

Answer: Take the triangle and draw a line from the top corner to the middle of the base. Cut along this line and join the two sides with a glue stick. This will be the frame of your lantern.

4. How do I make the roof of my lantern?

Answer: Cut out a semi-circle from the same sheet of paper. Glue this semi-circle at the top of the frame to form the roof of your lantern.

5. How do I put a handle on my lantern?

Answer: Take a piece of string and make a loop. Glue the loop on the inside of the lantern at the top of the roof. This will be the handle of your lantern.

6. How do I decorate my lantern?

Answer: You can use markers, glitter, sequins, or any other decorative items to make your lantern look more festive.

7. How long does it take to make a Diwali lantern?

Answer: It should take about 10-15 minutes to make a Diwali lantern.

8. How do I hang my lantern?

Answer: Take the string handle and tie it to a hook or nail on the wall.

9. What age is this craft suitable for?

Answer: This craft is suitable for ages 5 and up.

10. What other crafts can I make for Diwali?

Answer: You can make rangoli designs, firework art, and diya designs.

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