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10+ Pi Day activities and Facts (You Need To Know)

10+ Pi Day activities and Facts (You Need To Know)

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10+ Pi Day activities and Facts (You Need To Know)

Activities for Kids

Happy Pi (π) Day. Here are a few Fun Activities and Facts about pi and Pi Day that would be fun to share with kids on this great Math holiday:

1: It took 1,000 years to prove pi irrational.

2: The first people to refer to the ratio between the diameter and circumference of a circle were the Ancient Egyptians.

3: “I prefer pi” is a palindrome.

4: Albert Einstein was born on Pi Day, 1879.

5: 22/7 is sometimes used to estimate pi.

6: The first major Pi Day celebration was in 1988.

7: Pi has been calculated past the two quadrillionth digit.

8: P and pi are both the 16th letters in their alphabets.

9: You can likely find your phone number in pi. Here’s the site that searches for it: I found mine!

10: And the one that completely blows my mind: 3.14 backwards is PIE!

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Unique and Crafty Pi day Activities and Facts

10+ Pi Day activities and Facts (You Need To Know)

Pi is a unique entity, a number that is nonrecurring and non-repeating. It holds importance in every sphere of life. We use Pi to calculate areas, surface areas, volumes of circles, spheres, etc. It plays an important role in the life of every human. We must understand the value of Pi. International Pi day is celebrated on 14th March every year all around the world. Let us make this Pi day more fun and unique with some exciting Pi day activities for kids.

Pi day activities and decorative hangings

Pi Day activities can involve decorating the house or library with making chandeliers out of newspaper cutting and book cuttings. You can also make new designs of your own which have pi as the major character in them. You can draw these designs in oval shapes or cylindrical rolls. Or take the shape as the holder and hang different oval design from it as done in the above image.

Friendship related Pi day Activities

Apart from the chandeliers, you can also craft tags for pi day activities as done in the image. The girl is wearing a frock which is designed with numerous pi in different colors and orientations. The tags have friendship quotes written on them based on the characteristics of pi. These can be shared with friends and will also increase the facts known to kids on Pi. Thus, making a win-win situation of building bonds and spreading knowledge about the Pi day.

Beautiful Bracelet Making Pi day activities

This bracelet has its own specialty. Each color in this bracelet represents a digit from 0 to 9. Starting from the left for crafting this pi day activity, we first insert the bead with the color-coded to 3, then 1, then 4, and then again 1 and so on. Thus, representing the sequence of digits in the pi. As the pi has no end, this bracelet can be made for any size. You can also make a necklace out of this pi day activities idea with a pi code embedded in it. This will make your kids fascinating about the bracelet and necklace for sure and so about the Pi too.

Pi Day Paper plat craft activities

For assisting your kids in differentiating between diameter, radius, circumference, and area, of a circle, you can use this pi day activity. All you have to do is instruct them to draw the diameter and radius on a paper plate. Also, let them know how to calculate the circumference and area so that they can write it down on the plate. Apart from it, makes sure they know the shape of the pi so make them draw the symbol in large size with its value 3.14.

Colorful Pi Day Activities

You can create this never ending colorful pattern with the help of colorful paper. Make loops of rectangular paper and seal them like a chain. You will get a beautiful, colorful chain in the end. Make it to a length until you have reached the required length.

Equations through food Pi day activities

This is a fun way to write the equations with the help of variey of food. You can use different kinds of food items to write different mathematical equations. You may try out snacks, pulses, chips, berries, etc. For this fun equation writing activity.

Number Buntings Pi day Craft Activities

To decorate the house and the library at school, you can use this number bunting pi day activities of cutting the digits in the pi and hanging them above the door or at the center of the wall. You can make it colorful by using different colored sheets and change the colors of the digit as many times as you want. Try to go from the lighter shade to darker and then back to lighter or similar patterns.

String Art Activities on Pi day

This pi day activity is both colorful and unique on its own. Start with cutting a disc shape out of the paper plate. Then color the sheet area into 3-4 different colors as done in the image and punch a few holes on the inner circumference. Pass threads of various colors from the holes randomly and paste a pi symbol on them. Make sure you don’t tie the knot too tight as it will tear the paper plate. This will add color to your desk and walls. You make bigger or smaller string art in the similar way.

Beautiful Pi depicting Belt Craft

As we know that the pi is a never-ending number just like a swirl which goes deeper and deeper without any end, you can print the pi numbers on the white belt as done. After folding the belt, the representation of the swirl of the pi can be seen and thus it will be easy to explain to your kids how the pi value never ends. This makes your belts trendy and unique.

Lego Pi Day Activities

Another way of representing the digits of Pi for pi day activities is that using lego for this. Every digit has as many levels of lego on the board in front of it. Thus making a rhythm of bars as shown in the above image. The highest will be of 9 legos and the 0 will have no lego and just blank space. This leho game will surely be great fun for all the kids.

Happy Pi day Message making ctivities

This is a fun to create message activity for kids this Pi day. Kids can color the pre-printed Pi day cards. Or you may inspire the kids to make their own beautiful cards for Pi day. This will surely a fun activity for the kids to do.

We hope you liked these exciting Pi day activities. We also hope all the children would love to realise these fun Pi day activities at home and at school. Do share your feedback and experience with us in the comments section below. We would be happy to hear from you. Do check out other related articles on K4 craft. We will soon come up with more such crafty activity articles. Keep smiling and creating with K4 craft!

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