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24 Popsicle Stick Craft Ideas for Kids

24 Popsicle Stick Craft Ideas for Kids

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24 Popsicle Stick Craft Ideas for Kids

Bored with online classes and mummy’s daily routine??? Take a break with kids and make popsicle stick crafts!!! It’s a fun time. Let’s play with popsicles and enjoy days. I’m pretty sure that the kids will be excited to do this type of activities. The time spent enjoying is not the time wasted. Take time and do all the activities. It’s a stress buster for sure.

Popsicle Stick Craft Ideas for Kids

Create sight words for learning Pattern learning and exploration Make jewelry from a craft stick

Create sight words for learning

After alphabets, the first thing every kid is taught are SIGHT WORDS. These are very easy to learn and it’s so exciting. These words are seen as a great burden for children and it seems so tough for them. If they are learnt by games, kids learn them easily and they become enthusiastic. Make sight words using popsicles. Colour them with different combinations so that it seems to be interesting for the kids to learn. It can be played even as a group activity.

Pattern learning and exploration

Patterns are seen everywhere around. We come across patterns in each and every part of our day. It is so exciting to learn them. This is so simple and the task is more colouful. Different combination of patterns reveals the uniqueness of children. Every child has different thought and comes up with different colours and patterns.

Make jewelry from a craft stick

Jewellery is loved by each and every girl. They add beauty to them. These can be worn by them and kids love when they do them with their own hands. Handmade jewellery makes kids feel good and they enjoy making their own jewellery. These do not require much, just popsicles are more than enough.

Make a counting puzzle

Puzzle solving is an interesting thing to do and we all love it. It even develops and tests our intelligence level. These puzzles are so interesting and it is loved by kids. Do these puzzles with sticks and colour them with fun. It is so simple and lovely.

Color popsicle sticks in free play

When you are not able to create something with popsicles, then keep it as such and enjoy creating something really interesting and enjoy spending the time. Many things can be randomly done with those. Some things cannot be made perfect, but imperfections add beauty to them.

Play pick up sticks

Small kids find it difficult to pick up sticks and identify the various colours. But it is our duty to teach them these simple fun. These can be easily taught with the popsicles. Colour them and make kids pick them up.

Popsicle Stick Ideas for Kids

Star Christmas tree ornaments

TIS THE SEASON TO BE JOLLY!!! It’s time for Christmas!!! Let all bad things vanish off and it’s time to enjoy lives. Bored of decorating the Christmas tree with the same old things??? It’s time to make something new. I’m sure Santa Claus loves handmade things. Decorate your very own Christmas tree with handmade items.

DIY harmonica

Music is an inevitable part of life. When you are sad or happy, it plays a major part. For some good music to treat our ears, musicians are more necessary. These music instruments are not only found in stores, it can be made by ourselves. It can be easily made and it’s a musical treat for music lovers.


Xylophones are loved by everyone. It is so cool and fabulous. Those are loved by all of us. Do this with simple popsicles and enjoy doing it. Different colous can be used to give an attractive look. Music form it can be even more peaceful as it is done by our own pretty hands.

Puppets for story time

Even nowadays puppets can be used to narrate stories and it makes children more enthusiastic. They love it for sure. The stories are easily stored in the mind of children. Children can narrate stories on their own and it will be so interesting for them.

Homemade airplane

Every kid has a dream. Most of them dream to be a pilot and to fly around the sky. It all starts with an aeroplane. It can be done easily using these sticks. Children love playing with them. Airplanes are super cool. The journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. Make kids dream big and support them in each and every step.

Build a catapult

This is so exciting and it is so simple to make. Instead of spending a lot in buying toys, these types of things can be done easily. Do them in groups and enjoy these.

Popsicle Stick Ideas for Kids

Counting and fine motor skills hedgehog

Counting numbers is seen as a monstrous thing by kids nowadays. They hate maths for sure. It can be made easy by these kind of activities. It is so exciting and enthusiastic.

Make an abacus

Math, a nightmare for every kid. Maths becomes easy when you learn it with full fun. Abacus is the strongest way to learn maths. This abacus board can be made of beads and sticks. It is so colouful and amazing.

DIY fences for small world play

Fences can be easily made using popsicle. These can be made so easily and it can be made so colouful. Place toy animals to make it cooler. Words can be learnt from it easily. Kids enjoy it!!!

Colorful bookmark

Books can be your all-time partner when nothing or no one does. Even life seems confusing when you don’t find the exact page where you left reading. Do colouful bookmarks by yourself and keep it in books. It seems to be so lovely when you see those bookmarks. Teach kids the habit of reading and turn them into a hobby.

Rainbow picture frame

Frames are so lovely as they reveal memories by pictures. Frames can be made by ourselves. When you have no idea with which you can make frames start with the sticks. Colour them so well and make it look like a rainbow.

Chain reaction out

Chain reactions are easy to be done with the popsicles. Children love to make patterns. Do this and have fun.

Popsicle Stick Ideas for Kids

Make a classic treasure box with your kids

The treasure box is super exciting and seems to be daring. Make games so interesting by giving kids clues to find the master treasure box. It can be made use to keep cute Little things inside it.

Make a coaster

Coasters are daring and a fun thing. Do those with simple popsicles and it seems too exciting to play with. Have fun doing it.

Add velcro to your jumbo craft sticks

These simple crafts can be done easily with sticks. Different shapes can be made by kids. These are so lovely and the innovative ideas can be brought out by kids.

Art of mondrian

Artworks are so amazing to look at. It seems still more interesting and amazing when small kids do it. Make kids perfectly imperfect and enjoy their simple things.

Color sorting activity

Life seems so interesting when it is colourful. Make life colourful by involving colours into it. They seem so easy and they are loved by small kids. The mix and match strategy are a kind of enthusiastic activity by small kids.

Cute bunnies

Bunnies are so soft and they give a good feeling. They are so easy to do and it is lovely. Make bunnies round around the house by these crafts. Kids love playing with it.

Why waste the time of kids in front of mobile phones and television!? Let them do something fun and interesting. Write your comments in the comment section. Enjoy life with crafts. Happy life to you and thank you for your precious time.

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FAQ on Popsicle Stick Craft Ideas for Kids

1. What kinds of crafts can I make with popsicle sticks?

Popsicle sticks can be used to create a wide range of fun and creative projects. Common popsicle stick crafts include picture frames, photo holders, mini birdhouses, keychains, jewelry boxes, and more.

2. What materials do I need to make popsicle stick crafts?

You will need a variety of craft supplies such as glue, markers, scissors, paint, and other decorations. You may also need string, ribbon, and other items depending on the type of project.

3. How can I make a popsicle stick picture frame?

To make a popsicle stick picture frame, first glue several sticks together to form the frame. Once the glue has dried, paint the frame and decorate it with markers and other decorations. You can then add a photo to the frame and hang it on the wall.

4. What other types of popsicle stick crafts can I make?

You can make a variety of other crafts with popsicle sticks including mini birdhouses, keychains, jewelry boxes, pencil holders, and more.

5. How can I make a mini birdhouse with popsicle sticks?

To make a mini birdhouse, you will need to glue popsicle sticks together to form the walls and roof of the birdhouse. Once the glue has dried, paint the birdhouse and add decorations such as string, ribbon, and other items.

6. What other supplies do I need to make popsicle stick crafts?

In addition to craft supplies such as glue, markers, scissors, and paint, you may need other items such as string, ribbon, and other decorations.

7. What is the best way to glue together popsicle sticks?

The best way to glue together popsicle sticks is to use a strong craft glue that dries quickly. Make sure the sticks are lined up correctly before applying the glue.

8. How can I make a popsicle stick keychain?

To make a popsicle stick keychain, you will need to glue two popsicle sticks together to form the shape of the keychain. Once the glue has dried, paint the keychain and add decorations such as beads, ribbon, and more.

9. How can I make a popsicle stick jewelry box?

To make a popsicle stick jewelry box, you will need to glue several popsicle sticks together in a box shape. Once the glue has dried, you can paint the box and add decorations such as beads and other items.

10. How can I make a popsicle stick pencil holder

To make a popsicle stick pencil holder, start by gluing 8 sticks together to form a square. Then, glue 3 more sticks on top to form a triangle. Add the last stick to the center of the triangle for extra stability. Lastly, add any decorations you’d like. Enjoy your pencil holder!

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