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Animal Coloring Pages for Kids


Animal Coloring Pages for Kids

Activities for Kids

Coloring is a great hobby. Children and even adults love it. Animals are perfect for art and coloring. Every child likes animals and therefore, enjoy coloring them. Let children use their creativity and add color to the pictures in Animal Coloring Pages for Kids. Make the pictures beautiful and attractive by coloring them.

Animal Coloring Pages for Kids

Give color to the animal pictures of Animal Coloring Pages for Kids and have a fun time. Capture the personality of the animal by giving them color. Children can spend their free time coloring the different animals given in Animal Coloring Pages for Kids. Below are some drawings that you can color.

1.Tiger of The Jungle

Nature and Wildlife-Animal Coloring Pages for Kids Tiger of The Jungle

Tigers are majestic creatures. They are powerful predators with amazing hunting skills. Fact-A group of tigers are called an Ambush or Streak. Colour this tiger orange with black stripes. This coat is their camouflage and helps them remain unnoticed by prey.

2. Dolphins of The Ocean

Nature and Wildlife-Animal Coloring Pages for Kids Dolphins of The Ocean

Dolphins are extremely intelligent mammals. They are friendly and fun-loving. Did you know? They sleep with only half their brain.One part of their brain remains alert while they are asleep. You can use your imagination and color this Dolphin. You can use different colors and make it imaginative.

3. Fishes of The Sea

Nature and Wildlife-Animal Coloring Pages for Kids Fishes of The Sea

Fishes are beautiful creatures. They swim gracefully in the deep blue. They come in many vibrant colors and shades. You can let loose your creativity while coloring these fishes of the sea.Colour them in your favorite colors.

4. Little Puppy With Bow

Nature and Wildlife-Animal Coloring Pages for Kids Little Puppy With Bow

Dogs are amazing animals. They are intelligent and loyal creatures. Dogs are really adorable too. Colour this puppy and his bow and give it character. Did you know? Dogs have wet noses because it helps to absorb scent chemicals.

5. Giraffe And Coconut Trees

Nature and Wildlife-Animal Coloring Pages for Kids Giraffe And Coconut Trees

Giraffes are the tallest mammals on Earth. Color this Giraffe yellow with brown spots. Giraffe spots are unique to each of them like human fingerprints. Color the trees green with brown trunks.

Fact-A Giraffes neck is too short to reach the ground.

6. Circus Elephant With A Ball

Circus Elephant With A Ball

Elephants are the largest land mammals on Earth. They are extremely intelligent too. Use your imagination and make this picture fun and colorful. Did you know? Elephant tusks are actually teeth.

7. Dog of The House

Dog of The House

Color this dog any color that you want. Use your imagination and bring this drawing to life by coloring it.

Fun fact- It was recently discovered that dogs do see in color, just not as vivid as we see.

8. Giraffe of The Savanna

Giraffe of The Savanna

Color this tall giraffe in yellow with brown spots. A giraffe’s height is helpful for keeping a look out for predators, such as lions and hyenas. Have a fun time coloring this picture of a Giraffe.

9. Domestic Farm Animals

Domestic Farm Animals

Domestic animals are just as amazing as the wild ones. Color these farm animals and transform it into a beautiful portrait.

Fun fact-Goats were the first animal to be domesticated, according to many historians.

10. Bambi The Deer

Bambi The Deer

Color Bambi the deer and make her look pretty. Bambi is short for Bambina which means little girl. Make this little dear come alive with colors. Bambi is a Walt Disney cartoon about a little deer.

Wrapping up…

Coloring is a great way to relax and have fun. Spend your free time coloring beautiful drawings. These drawings for coloring are fit for children and adults as well. Improve your sense of art through coloring. For more great ideas read other similar posts. Please visit our website again! Give us your valuable feedback by leaving your comment in the comment section below.

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