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Fun Activities For Kids To Do at School and Home

Fun Activities For Kids To Do at School and Home

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Fun Activities For Kids To Do at School and Home

This pandemic has a severe effect on everyone’s life. But for the kids, it is worst, as they are not able to play outdoor games now, which is really helpful for their physical growth. All they have to do is stay inside homes and play indoor games which is deteriorating their physical health. So here we present some indoor games which help for physical as well as mental growth of kids. Such games are very appealing and interesting.

This will keep kids busy in something productive. Also, this is a great idea to cope up from the boredom. Most of the games are knowledgeable too, through which kids can learn various new things. So let’s check out these ideas.

Fun Activities For Kids

Fun Activities For Kids To Do at School and Home

1. Play Mat

Activities for Kids Play Mat

We can prepare play mats for kids during this pandemic in which they can play with your friends and siblings. In which they have to move their whole body which makes them more flexible and energetic.

2. Hopscotch

Activities for Kids Hopscotch

This is an Indian traditional game, which is on the brink of extinction in this century. But this game is very interesting and fun to play. This game will help to increase the concentration of kids. Also, keep promoting such games before they are extinct.

3. Rocky Path Race

Activities for Kids Rocky Path Race

This type of game will help them to walk on a rocky path like hills. As it is difficult to walk in such places. So we can train kids in this game. Also, this will keep busy in something productive and fun activity.

4. Dice Race

Activities for Kids Dice Race

Dice games are really interesting and fun. So here we can play a dice race which will help kids to learn counting and numbers. Also, kids can learn about colors and shapes too by this game. Best suitable for kids of age(2-5) years group.

5. Balancing Race

Activities for Kids Balancing Race

Here is a rope balancing race in which kids have to walk only on the rope. This game will help kids to increase their concentration as well as balancing. Also, this game is best suitable for kids of kindergarten.

6. Hopscotch 2.0


This is a new version of hopscotch with a dice. In this, you have to jump on the shape, which you will get on the dice. This will help kids to recognize shapes as well as colors easily. Also making new versions of games is very interesting.

7. Zig-Zag Race

Zig-Zag Race

Balancing and the zig-zag race is a very interesting game. Kids love such games. These games increase their physical strength because in this they have to run and their mental health because they have to concentrate to walk on the lines only.

8. Balloon Race

Balloon Race

This is another interesting race for kids. In this race, kids have to balance balloon between their legs and have to cross the zig-zag line. Those who reach first at finish point will win.

9. Flower Race

Flower Race

This is a race in which you have to complete the race by following the lines marked on the floor in the shape of flowers and bees. The one who will complete the race first will win. This will keep kids busy in playing.

10. Task Race

Task Race

This is a task race, as we roll the dice we got the number and if we stop any block with the task, then we have to perform that task. Such games will increase their sportsman spirit and help them to learn to count also.

Let’s end this article now with a short summary. These are some ideas to make indoor games more fun and useful for kids. These are very unique ideas to keep kids busy in productive activities. So keep doing such engaging activities to make their quarantine life more fun.

I hope you all will like the article. Please give your reviews and comments.

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FAQ on Fun Activities For Kids To Do at School and Home

1. What are some fun activities for kids to do at school?

A. Depending on your school and grade level, there are many fun activities kids can do at school. These can include playing organized sports, participating in art and music classes, joining a robotics or coding club, taking field trips, and more.

2. What activities can kids do at home?

A. There are a variety of activities kids can do at home, depending on their age and interests. Examples include playing board games, cooking, crafting, reading, doing puzzles, playing sports, gardening, and more.

3. What are some fun educational activities for kids?

A. Educational activities can be both fun and informative for kids. Examples include taking virtual field trips, playing math and science games, researching different planets and animals, making a timeline of an important event, exploring different cultures, and more.

4. What are some creative activities for kids?

A. Creative activities for kids can help them explore their imagination and develop their artistic skills. Examples of creative activities include drawing, painting, sculpting, clay modeling, photography, writing stories, and more.

5. What are some outdoor activities for kids?

A. There are a variety of outdoor activities kids can do to get some fresh air and exercise. These can include playing tag, playing with a Frisbee, having a water gun fight, playing a game of soccer, going on a nature hunt, and more.

6. What are some educational activities for preschoolers?

A. Educational activities for preschoolers can help them learn and explore in a fun way. Examples include playing with blocks, creating a paper-plate sunflower, sorting objects by size and color, playing matching games, designing a cityscape with Legos, and more.

7. What are some fun activities to do with family?

A. Spending time with family can be fun and meaningful. Examples of activities to do with family include going on a picnic, having a movie night, playing a game of charades, making a craft together, sharing stories, and more.

8. What are some educational activities for toddlers?

A. Educational activities for toddlers can help them learn while also having fun. Examples include playing with alphabet blocks, doing a counting game, playing with shape sorters, exploring different textures, and more.

9. What are some fun activities for kids to do on a rainy day?

A. On a rainy day, there are still plenty of activities kids can do. These can include making a fort out of blankets, drawing a picture, playing a game of hide-and-seek, making a puppet show, playing dress

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