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Easy Animal Craft Ideas & Activities for Kids

Easy Animal Craft Ideas & Activities for Kids

DIY and Crafts

Easy Animal Craft Ideas & Activities for Kids

Activities for Kids

Art and craft can teach a lot! Art helps in a child’s development in various ways. It helps a child to learn about many things. Many doctors believe that creating art acts as therapy and it is considered to be positive for any age group, especially for the developing mind of a child.

Easy Animal Crafts, Kids Can Make

It is a unique and fun way of learning things such as numbers, colors, and different patterns. It also helps to expand your child’s vocabulary as he/she learn about different patterns, shapes, colors, etc. Most importantly, it gives an opportunity for the child to be creative and expressive in its own way. In this post, we are going to learn about some new and interesting craft ideas.

1. The colorful owls

You can make these pretty owls very easily by cutting out a flower-like oval-shaped structure for the body. Make these pretty eyes and face as shown in the picture and you can make a parliament out of these papers. Well, a group of owls is known as a parliament. See, this way you create and learn, teach your kids about the oval shape and concentric circles through the body and face, respectively and help them improve their skills and vocabulary.

2. The pretty butterfly

Have you ever thought about what the world would look like if there were no colors in it? The thought itself sounds so gloomy and dull. At the same time, the world would lose most of its beauty if there were no butterflies. Try to make this craft by drawing the wings and the body and then sticking them together. Teach your students and kids that butterflies add aesthetic value to the ecosystem. The Christian religion sees them as a form of resurrection and hope. You can use this craft to decorate your classrooms and homes.

3. The red parrot

You can try this to make this easy parrot, using circles and semicircles. Join two circles to make the head and the body. Paste two semicircles to make the wings and for the tail paste small semicircles one over the other as shown and stick it together. Use this to teach your kids about the shapes and the area and perimeter of circle and semicircle. It will make classroom learning more enjoyable.

4. Funny animals

Take a circle and paste on it a semicircle. Stick to it a red or an orange round paper cutting for the tongue. Take small white rectangular cuttings to make the teeth and the eyes as shown. Draw the hands and legs and then cut them out as shown. Kids can learn about colors and you can use this for Halloween decoration.

5. The kittens

On a sheet of paper, draw the outline of a cat’s face and then using a sketch pen, draw the facial features. draw and cut out two bows of a color of your choice and paste it on the cat. Make the legs, tail, and the body using a sheet of paper as shown. Tell your kids about this animal and decorate it in their rooms. The children can even play with these.

6. The hippopotamus

The basics of making this craft are the same as described in the fourth figure, the only difference being of the ears and the teeth which are quite easy to make. Tell your kids about this animal using this craft, it will help in the development of the imaginative skill and use this to decorate your kid’s wardrobe.

6. The lovely “tweety”

We all remember the famous “looney-tunes” show and the cute little tweety bird. I made this reference because this craft reminded me of the same. You have to make this bird in the same manner as the bird we made above using circles and semicircles. Cut out a diamond-shaped paper and fold it to make a triangle which will be the beak of the bird. Go on, tell your kids about the cartoon of your generation, and connect more to their world.

7. The black ants

Draw and cut out the round body of the ant and use yellow strings or papers to make the legs and the antennas of the ants. These are also known as “garden ants”. Teach your kids about unity as these ants work together under a queen. You can always have an example of these ants to teach them about hard work.

8. The Ostrich

Take a small and a large round paper cutting. Join these using a paper strip folded in an “in and out” manner to give this elongated shape of the neck. Draw the beaks and the wings as shown. Tell your kids that this is the largest bird in the world. Females can grow up to six feet and weigh more than 200 pounds while males can reach 9-feet tall and weigh roughly 280 pounds. Tell them more and make learning fun.

9. The Dinosaur

These animals, though extinct, many scientists research about them through fossils and other related stuff. Try to teach your kids about dinosaurs and dragons whilst making this craft. To make this, cut a disposable round paper into half to make a semicircle, then make the triangular humps with a small tail and legs and face as sh0wn. Both the pictures below are two different and simple ways of making a dinosaur.

This time, teach your kids about animals, colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns. Try to connect to them using these and motivate them to make crafts on their own so as to enhance their skill. These crafts are also a lovely way of decorating kids’ rooms and classrooms. Hope you enjoy making these crafts and if you do, do not forget to share your feedback with us.

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Activities for Kids
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