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Fruit & Vegetable Costumes for Kids – Homemade Fancy Dresses

Fruit & Vegetable Costumes for Kids - Homemade Fancy Dresses

Kids Activities

Fruit & Vegetable Costumes for Kids – Homemade Fancy Dresses

Activities for Kids

Dressing up is fun!

Imagination and Role Play – a noteworthy development of a kid.

Roleplay is one of the most important parts of learning at the pre-basic and fundamental levels. Dressing up helps in the development of your kid and help them to learn something out of this experience.

As we have mature, we have all probably once in your lives tried to experiment with our dresses and disguised as something different. It may be denied, but we all know how most of us would have tried a segment of their mother’s pieces of clothing sometimes for fun.

Getting your kids into a fancy dress competition offers a bit of space to their social and eager unexpected development. Using their innovative psyche as an early phase grants them to work together and attract with different children, similarly as having the sureness to address adults, and that fuses Mum and Dad.

The act of dressing up develops social side and gives an ideal ice-breaker helping your child to develop bonds from a starting stage. Such competition or act can similarly help kids with overcoming any timidness they may have around others, it moreover shapes a phase for the applause to be made, giving children the confidence they every so often need.

The fancy dress in like manner helps teenagers with developing internally, being the place children can actively express themselves. It moreover helps kids with talking with others, and by playing the characters that they love they sort out some way to control their excited responses. It also helps kids with working up their inventive intellect.

Fruit and Vegetable Costumes for Kids

Fruit & Vegetable Costumes for Kids - Homemade Fancy Dresses

Here are a few ideas to turn your kid into something interesting and learn something new out of this experience:

1. Juicy Grapes

How fancy Dress can work as a lesson Juicy Grapes

This easy to make a grape costume is so much fun. What’s more, it is cheap and instantly recognizable.

Grapes, Eggplant and Blackberries are Purple fruits and vegetables provide antioxidant support and help to support all-around fitness and health.

Dressing up as fruits and vegetables will not only provide fun to your child but it will also make your kid aware of the nutrients and the value it holds.

Material required to make:

  1. Colourful Chart papers
  2. Ribbons
  3. Scissors
  4. Glue
  5. Newspapers
  6. Artificial eyes/nose/tongue
  7. A colourful dress to wear inside
  8. Sketchpens, pencil and pens

2. I am a Watermelon!

How fancy Dress can work as a lesson I am a Watermelon

This watermelon can be a part of your game to tell your kid about the importance of fruits and vegetables. Transform your play kitchen into a fruit or vegetable market and make sure to remove any foods that are not fruits or vegetables. Speak to your kids about how farmers grow these foods and then sell them at the market.

3. Pear is Healthy

How fancy Dress can work as a lesson Pear is Healthy

This pear is easy to make and it can help you to discuss with your kids what a healthy snack looks like. Talk about the colour, nutrition and taste it holds.

Use a green chart paper and ask your kid to draw the pear. Cut it, leaving the neck and hands portion aside and now ask him to draw the eyes, tongue and the face of his choice.

Your pear is ready!

4. Round Orange!

How fancy Dress can work as a lesson Round Orange

Citrus is important!

This cute little orange dress is the simplest to make and teach your kid about the importance of Citrus foods and Vitamin C.

Take an Orange chart paper and ask your kid to draw a circle and on a green sheet, draw leaves for your orange. Once done, cut it out leaving the arms and the neck area.

You can similarly make a crown to pair with your orange.

5. Sauce it up with Tomato

How fancy Dress can work as a lesson Sauce it up with Tomato

Tomatoes have enormous anti-oxidants! Slurp them up as juices or in soups!

A plate sliced tomatoes are a fantastic side dish –sprinkle with sea salt, ground pepper and mix with other vegetables to make a delicious sandwich for your kid.

This dress-up can teach your kid about the nutritional value of red fruits and vegetables and Tomatoes are the best one to start with.

6. Stand tall, wear a crown and be a Pineapple

How fancy Dress can work as a lesson Stand tall, wear a crown and be a Pineapple

I may be spikey on the outside but I am sweet from the inside.

Kids usually love pineapples and in case your kid never eats one then you can surely try dressing him as pineapple and make it a fun activity where he’ll not only have fun but also learn the importance of eating all types of fruits.

7. Achieve grape(ness) with Grapes!

Achieve grape(ness) with Grapes

If your kid is too lazy to make something gigantic or extraordinary then you should try this easy way out. All you need is a chart paper, green paper, sketch pens, glue and scissor.

Begin by pasting making an outline of grapes on the chart paper using circles and cut it out. Draw the green outline and fill the circles with colours. Now cut off 2 pieces of ribbons so that you can make the dress perfectly wearable. Finish it with pasting the leaves cut on the top and it’s done!

8. Have the brunch of your grapes!

Have the brunch of your grapes

Kids usually love to eat grapes so why not turn them into one and turn it into a creative lesson? You’ll need some purple balloons, dark green paper, light green paper, scissors and glue. Start with the balloons then cut off an outline for the grapes along with its leaves. Once done, paste the balloons on the paper leaving some space for the leaves. Stick the balloons one by one and you’re done!

9. Five little Peas

Five little Peas

Eat your peas with peace.

If your little one hates to eat anything green especially peas in a pod then try dressing him like a pea and ask him how does he feel about it.

  • You can make this green pea with the help of a green chart paper, glue and scissors on your side.
  • Talk to your kid about why he hates eating it and have a healthy conversation about the nutritional value it holds.
  • Who knows you may never find the leftover peas in his plate ever again?

10. Bite your carrots!

Bite your carrots

These vibrant carrots are also referred to as the poor man’s ginseng, are packed with nutrients which can offer plenty of health benefits. Carrots are also a source of dietary fibre vitamin C, vitamin K, folate and manganese, and a source of vitamin B6, iron and potassium.

Turning your little one into a vibrant carrot will teach him the importance of carrot and why one should consume it. Start by teaching one plus point at a time as you get him dressed up for the fancy dress, this way it will be easier to learn.

Why fancy dress matters?

Dressing up your kid in a dress competition helps with building up their creative mind. This is getting more, and more significant. With some numerous PC games, telephones, tablets, PCs, TV and movies accessible to little kids, where these things can truly harm their creative mind development, this idea can help bring their inner personality out.

How fancy Dress can work as a lesson

How fancy Dress can work as a lesson

How fancy Dress can work as a lesson

How fancy Dress can work as a lesson

Comment down below and tell us if you found these ideas helpful. We would love to hear. Have fun with your kid and keep your inner child younger than ever!

For more such creative, easy yet simple Ideas you can visit our website and check our posts where you can find the best Ideas to bring a smile on your kid’s face.

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