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25+ Easy and Creative Plastic Spoon Projects

25+ Easy and Creative Plastic Spoon Projects

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25+ Easy and Creative Plastic Spoon Projects

Art has many forms, especially when it comes to craft. The small and tiny elements when joined together can make beautiful projects worth appraising. These tiny elements or you can also call them building blocks can be anything from a toilet paper roll, clips to eggshells and popsicles. Any random element in bulk can make an attractive view when attached in a fashion. The way you put these blocks together is what makes it distinguishable from a pile of junk. In this article, we will list down such possible ways of using plastic spoons to get masterpieces of crafts. These are easy to make and will also increase the creative skills of the do-er.

Beautiful DIY Plastic Spoon Projects

There is nothing like a few easy spoon crafts to give your kids creative freedom! There may be many parties in Summer, and plastic spoons is a must use. Have you ever thought that you can use simple, cheap plastic spoons and make wonderful decorations that will leave others guessing how that item was made?

With just a few packets of plastic spoons, a glue gun, spray paint and a bit of patience, you can make wonderful decorative pieces that will lighten up your home. Just check out these top 25+ plastic spoon projects and you will get inspired to create your own. Let’s have a look at all these stunning ideas.

Bright plastic spoons DIY Project

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the prettiest of them all. We bet that this mirror made of plastic spoons will look pretty if executed well. The most important parameter is the base to provide strength to this structure. Start with cutting a circular cardboard ring with a width equal to the handle. Then start with the layer in behind, keeping the complete handle on the cardboard and make a complete circle. Add the mirror to this strong base with a good adhesive and then go for the spoon layer which is in front. You can choose the color of the spoons according to your preference.

Beautiful DIY mirror case using plastic spoons

This magnificent plastic spoons project can be installed in the dining area or the hall. The major difference between these plastic spoon mirrors and the previous one is that these have multilayers of spoons in one structure whereas, in the previous one, there were only 2 layers. Add the cardboard sheet with every layer to provide strength and stiffness. As you go towards the upper area, you can slowly decrease the length of the handle and at last with no handle on the spoons. The color of these spoons can be configured according to your room aesthetics.

DIY plastic spoons showpiece

An example of easy to make DIY of plastic spoons. For this project, start with the white spoons and cut there handles from the neck of the spoons. Then you can use a metallic Gold spray to color these pieces to be used as building blocks. This will give a shiny and lustrous appearance to your showpiece. You can choose any other colors such as vocal white, pristine red, sapphire blue and much more. Also, you can mix two colors for this project. Start with taking a small glass and slowly joining these spoon heads on the circumference of the glass. If you have used two colors, then change the alternate color to make a pattern of A-B-A-B.

Plastic spoons Christmas tree project

A representation of a Christmas tree is basically done by its cone shape at the top. We will use this as a principle for this project. Start with making a cone out of a cardboard sheet and join the ends properly into a circular base at the bottom. Now, cut the handle of the spoons from the neck and one by one start fixing them on the cone to get the desired shape as shown in the image. You can also color these spoons in the dark green shade for a better appearance and resemblance to the Christmas tree.

Easter activity project using plastic spoons

How can we forget easter when we have talked about Christmas? This DIY plastic spoon project ideas can be crafted during the easter and your kids will love it. All you have to do is take oval-shaped small balls of different colors and keep them in between the spoon heads as shown. Join the heads and the ovals with the help of masking tape. Now, draw various patterns on the masking tape with the help of sketch pens as shown in the above image.

Colorful and bright DIY plastic spoons project

A collection of spoons with colorful and bright appearance will improve the overall aesthetics of your house. It’s merely a collection but a craft from your own hands. Start with spraying metallic silver paint on a good number of spoons. Now mark the half of the head of every spoon such that the line is the minor axis of the ellipse of the head. Then color the upper head partition with different colors. you can club the same colors of different shades and hang them on any wall of your house which is easily visible.

Easy to make plastic spoons vase

A custard apple-shaped and easy to make a plastic spoon project is all your house needs. We have shown the white-colored vase but you can change the color according to your requirement. Take a glass container with a good width. Now start with the top of the glass and one by one attach the heads of the spoons on it with the help of glue. For the next layer, start with the circle such that the tip of the next layer is just below the center of the above head. Slowly, cover the whole container.

Beautiful plastic spoons project

The feast will be served shortly. This plastic spoons project DIY will increase the presentation of your kitchen about multiple times. The concepts used in this project: the message is written in the middle on circular shaped cardboard; the spoons are of 2 colors which are kept alternatively in the top layer. The base of the structure is of the metallic ring with high stiffness and the plastic forks are used in place of the spikes.

Christmas tree project using plastic spoons

This Christmas tree plastic spoon project has the heads which are larger in size and the color of the heads is near to the grey and the black. Also, the density of the number of spoonheads is more than one of the previous Christmas tree project ideas. This will look perfect on any wooden region in your house to match the contrast of the scene.

Beautiful and creative sugar and salt spoons

The salt and sugar spoons are the first things everyone notice while using your kitchen as these two ingredients are used in nearly every dish. You can decorate these too by drawing flower patterns of different colors and also adding some leaves to the handle. For design reference, you can copy the above image and later go for your own customized spoon drawing designs.

Beautiful tree branch activity using plastic spoons

This beautiful plastic spoon DIY project has its own uniqueness. Start with drawing the leaves and the branch with details and colors with high contrast. Then, take the heads of the spoons and color them with blue, red, yellow and any other shade. Now draw bug-like figures on these heads imagining it to be the body of the bugs. In the end, join the bugs on the leaves permanently so that they don’t fall off or displaced later.

Plastic spoon craft projects

How about a plastic spoons project on ants? Isn’t that interesting? All you have to do is take red-colored spoons and make two eyes on the backside of the head. Then use engine wire or any other cloth-covered wire to craft the body and the legs of the ant. The material of the wire must be rough and black in color to represent these as an ant’s body.

Creative plastic spoons candies

These candy spoons look pretty. You can design these beautiful candy spoons easily. First of all collect some wooden spoons and some colorful washi tape. Now cover the stems of the wooden spoons with washi tape. Now you can keep your candies in the spoons and serve.

Beautiful wreath using plastic spoons

This is a beautiful spoons wreath. All you need is flexible plastic spoons. Start sticking the spoons in a straight line. Do not leave large gaps in the successive spoon heads or you may not get an appropriate wreath design. Once you have the right length for the wreath, bend the wreath in a circular fashion and join the ends. Seal the joints with extra glue. Now your wreath is ready to see the light of the day.

Art pieces using plastic spoons

Once we are in the mainstream of collecting things, we become passionate about them. You can start collecting spoons artefacts. Clean and dry different plastic spoons and paste them on a cardboard piece. Now make a fancy frame for the set of spoons. Once made stick it to the base cardboard and fit to size. You can collect different spoons, forks and knoves to grow your collection.

Beautiful flowers using plastic spoons

This is a very unique way to make flowers. Take a green colored bottle. We also require red plastic spoons for this DIY. We will use a plastic tube and a seal for the pistil of the flower. Cut the spoon heads from the spoons and stick them at the neck of the bottle. You can add many number of red spoons to the neck of the bottle. Use a seal at the opening of the bottle and add a plastic tube in the seal. Cover the plastic tube with a red plastic piece.

Creative butterflies using plastic spoons

You can make these beautiful butterflies using plastic or wooden spoons along with used plates. Paint the backside of the paper plate in different colors and patterns. Once the paint has dried, cut the paper plate in different patterns. Use a spoon as the middle body for the butterfly and stick the paper plate halves on wither side of the spoon. Add googly eyes to the spoon head for the required effect. You may use pipe cleaners as the antenna for the butterfly.

Different ingreadients spoons

You can even use different spoons for different ingredients at home. Start by buying differently colored spoons or painting the spoons. If you are willing to paint the spoons on your own, start with spray painting and then apply food grade varnish or paint stay formula. Use a sharpie pen to write the ingredient for which the spoon is to be used.

Soda bottle feeder using a plastic spoon

If you are an avid gardener or love to keep the birds around in your gardens, you can try this bird feeding DIY project. Take an old plastic bottle and cut two holes in it. Now stick a spoon head in the two holes. This way you will have two platforms extending from the two holes in the bottle. Make two holes at the base of the bottle cap to be used to hang the bird feeder. Now pour the bird feed in the bottle. The bird feed will come out from the platforms for the birds.

Beautiful watch adornment DIY

We all love wall clocks for two reasons, one that they tell us the time, the other that the various designs they come in make us drool over them. You can even make a dull wall clock to go fab using old plastic spoons. Collect a lot of old plastic spoons, paint them in a bright color using spray paints. Cut off the spoon heads from the spoons. Now your wall clock is ready to be made. Start by pasting the spoon heads to the sides of the wall clock. Keep on adding more spoons until you achieve the required width.

Puppets using plastic spoons

You can even make some beautiful and creative animal characters or puppets using old plastic spoons. We will be using the opposite side of the plastic spoons to make the characters. Use a sharpie pen to draw the features of the animals or puppets. You can use crafty paper, pom poms, googly eyes, yarn etc. To maje different features of the puppets. These puppets can be a great help in story telling and making your child understand the different animals.

Beautoful floral buntings using plastic spoons

These plastic spoon buntings are great addition to your home decor indeed. Start by cutting the triangle pieces out of cardboard or hard paper sheet. Collect some colorful pom poms and colorful waste plastic spoons. Now paste the spoon heads on the triangle cardboard sheet using glue gun in the shape of a flower. Paste the pom pom in the middle of this plastic spoon flower. Now thread these triangle buntings through a thread.

Flower made using plastic spoons

This plastic spoons flower is a great addition to a plain vase. You can make a beautiful plastic spoon vase flower. First of all collect some old plastic spoons. You may color the plastic dpoon heads or use them as they are. Cut off the spoon heads. Join these spoon heads to form.a beautiful circular flower. Start joining the flower from the central bulb and gradually move towards the outer layers. Stick this plastic spoon flowers on the vase using a glue gun or super glue.

Beautiful gradient mirror cover

This is a very beautiful plastic spoons DIY project. You can easily make this craft. First of all collect some waste plastic spoons. Now sever their heads from the holding piece. Now spray paint the spoon heads. Paint the severed spoon heads in different shades of a single color so as to create a graduating effect while joining these spoon heads to the mirror. While pasting these spoon heads on the sides of the mirror, start with the darkest shade on the inside and move towards a lighter shade going towards the outer edge.

Plastic spoon flowers

You can make some beautiful flowers using plastic spoons. Take some colored plastic spoons and join three of them with a pipe cleaner inside them. Use a green thread or wire to keep the spoons together. This way they will provide the leaves effect to the flowers. You can now push them through a pot of soil or moss to make it look like a real flower.

Plastic spoons vase

This is a veary beautiful gradient vase. First of all collect some waste plastic spoons and paint them in different shades of a color. Take a mason jar and start pasting the spoon heads on the outside of the jar, starting from the bottom. You can start with the darkest at the bottom and move on to lighter shades as you go up till the brim of the vase. Once complete, leave it to dry. You can place beautiful flowers in this beautiful vase.

25+ Easy and Creative Plastic Spoon Projects

We hope you loved these beautiful plastic spoon crafts. You can share your feedback with us in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.We will come up with more such articles soon.

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  • 25+ Easy and Creative Plastic Spoon Projects
  • 25+ Easy and Creative Plastic Spoon Projects
  • 25+ Easy and Creative Plastic Spoon Projects
  • 25+ Easy and Creative Plastic Spoon Projects
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