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Jungle Safari Theme Birthday Party Ideas

Jungle Safari Theme Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday ideas

Jungle Safari Theme Birthday Party Ideas

Activities for Kids

Planning a jungle safari themed birthday party? Take a look at the coolest Safari theme party ideas – decorations, games, party foods, cakes and more.

Kids party must be unique and different to make the parties more fun and interesting. Nowadays people organize theme birthday parties to do so. Usually, theme depends on the interest of the kid, like in girls parties mostly they choose princess theme etc. But kids love animals too, so we have some ideas of theme party ideas that is Jungle Safari theme. It sounds really interesting and fun.

In this theme, we can decorate our houses with animals balloons etc. Also, kids can dress up like various animals which they like, it will make the party more entertaining. So now let us take look at some of these ideas.

Jungle Safari Party Ideas

1. Jungle Trip Theme

Jungle Safari Theme Birthday Party Ideas Jungle Trip Theme

We can prepare a jungle trip theme in the kids party with the dummies of wild animals and trees. Also, the balloons can be customized according to the theme to make the decoration more effective.

2. Happy Pooch Theme

Jungle Safari Theme Birthday Party Ideas Happy Pooch Theme

We can use pooh and friends for the birthday theme decoration. Such ideas are best suitable for the grand parties of kids. As in this theme, we have various ideas to decorate the halls. You can refer to the above image for such a decoration idea.

3. Cartoon Jungle Theme

Jungle Safari Theme Birthday Party Ideas

Kids love cartoon with their all hearts and are crazy for them. That’s why the themes of their birthday parties are mostly based on some cartoon characters. So here is another theme idea that is jungle plus cartoon themes for the parties.

4. Animal Food Decoration

Jungle Safari Theme Birthday Party Ideas

Kids really love decorated food items in different theme, such decorations make food more inviting and mouth-watering. We can use the jungle safari theme to do so. Like, decorate cupcakes with faces of animals and many more as given in the picture. This will make kids eat food without any tantrums.

5. Safari Feast

Jungle Safari Theme Birthday Party Ideas Safari Feast

Here we can prepare a grand feast for kids on the birthday parties on the safari theme. It will look incredible and amazing. We can convert everything in this theme. As given in the above picture like animal plates, cups, glasses etc.

6. Mickey Mouse Jungle Theme

Jungle Safari Theme Birthday Party Ideas Mickey Mouse Jungle Theme

Mickey mouse is the most lovable cartoon character of all time. We love its different accessories and toys a lot. So here we choose mickey mouse jungle theme to make the party a real fun. This theme is best suitable for kids of age(1-6) group.

7. Jungle Theme Cake

Jungle Theme Cake

Kids want their birthday cakes to be special and attractive. Nowadays many theme cakes are available in the market and those cakes can be customized too. So we can order such jungle theme cake to make our kids happy.

8. Safari Cake

Safari Cake

The cake is the most important thing at a birthday party. Cake must be different as well as attractive as without cake the party is incomplete. We can make a jungle safari theme cake which will surprise the kids with its beauty. This theme cake is best suitable for kids of age (1-6) years.

9. Jungle Wall Decoration

Jungle Wall Decoration

We can decorate our walls with such a jungle safari theme to make them more attractive and interesting. This gorilla decoration will love by kids very much and give an amazing look to the room.

10. Greenery Decoration

Greenery Decoration

Nature’s green color is very satisfying and vivid, which provides positive energy in our surroundings. So we can decorate the birthday party with nature’s color and with some cartoons too. This theme is best suitable for kids of age(1-7) group.

11. Forest Decoration

Forest Decoration

We can make a little forest party theme in our backyards. By using various types of trees and decorative items. Also, we can prepare a bonfire night for kids to make the theme more realistic and interesting.

12. Real Safari Theme

Real Safari Theme

In the real safari, we take a ride on an open jeep. So here we use that idea in the party theme. The most basic and authentic idea which is simple but very effective. The hats and a safari atmosphere will be an amazing idea for any party.

Let me summarize the article now in some main points. Basically, through this article, we want to give you some amazing jungle safari theme ideas to make the kids party more inviting and appraisable. Parents can use such ideas for their kids parties. This will also increase the creativity level of kids as they see animals art and craft in such parties. I hope you all will like the article. Please give your reviews and comments.

Activities for Kids
  • Jungle Safari Theme Birthday Party Ideas
  • Jungle Safari Theme Birthday Party Ideas
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