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15+ Musical Instrument Crafts for Kids

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15+ Musical Instrument Crafts for Kids

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If you’ve ever wondered how to make a musical instrument with your kids, you’ll definitely want to check these 15+ Musical Instrument Crafts for Kids. Music is something I am trying to share with kids.

Providing a musically rich environment for young children is so important for their development. These homemade instruments are perfect for encouraging interaction with music, and they are fun to make too!

Some Fun And Exciting Musical Instrument Crafts For Kids

Make some instrument crafts for and with your kids to help them learn about the beautiful famous term ‘music’ or you can make these for the upcoming music festivals as well.

Help your kid to get familiar with the art of ‘music’. Teach them how music is the ultimate solution to almost everything and how it has been effective in healing superficial and emotional pain. Also, explain to them about the day dedicated solely to music which is widely known as ‘music festival’.

You can do all of these things by adding a bit of creativity and thus helping your kid to grasp the concept more vividly. Therefore, today in this article we have gathered some ideas on how you can add some crafty ideas in every possible handcrafted musical instrument.

1. Cereal Box Turned To Fun Guitar

Musical Instrument Crafts for Kids Cereal Box Turned To Fun Guitar

Turn those cereal boxes into fun musical guitar rather than throwing them. Make these fun instrumental guitars with and for your kid and help him or she learn about music through this divine instrument.

2. Mini lid Banjos Musical Instruments

Musical Instrument Crafts for Kids Mini lid Banjos Musical Instruments

Teach your kid about banjos by handing them a handcrafted one because if they develop a wide interest in playing the banjos while growing up they would already have a first-hand experience in playing one.

3. Tin Drums Musical Crafts

Musical Instrument Crafts for Kids Tin Drums Musical Crafts

Curate some drum set for your little ones during their playtime. Do so by using some tins and transforming them to drums by colouring them. Ask your kid to helo you while doing so. In this way, they themselves will learn some creativity.

4. DIY Drum Set

Musical Instrument Crafts for Kids DIY Drum Set

Use those tins to make some fun DIY drum set. This drum set can be of a lot of use to your kid. He or she can use this during playdate or even when he or she is getting bored.

5. Jingle Bell Musical Craft

Musical Instrument Crafts for Kids Jingle Bell Musical Craft

Make this jingle bell musical craft. Making this is easy but still, guidance from an elder will be great leverage. This requires minimal skills and the time needed to curate this is very short.

6. Guitar Box

Musical Instrument Crafts for Kids Guitar Box

Use the boxes that you no longer use and make a fun and adorable guitar for your kid to play with. Since the guitar is made up of cardboard and normal and harmless strings, there is hardly any chance that your kid will get hurt.

7. Straw Pan Flute

Musical Instrument Crafts for Kids Straw Pan Flute

Making a pan flute from straws is absolutely easy. Even your curious little ones can make this if they are provided with the needed supplies. They can use this for fun and even for learning to play a pan flute by practising on this handcrafted one.

8. Fun Musical Instrument From Coke Caps

Musical Instrument Crafts for Kids Fun Musical Instrument From Coke Caps

Create these fun instrumental crafts. Make these with your kid. These crafts are easy to make and your kid can do this solo as well. Just make sure you provide the right supplies.

9. Fun DIY Musical Set

Fun DIY Musical Set Fun DIY Musical Set

This DIY  musical set will help your kid learn a lot about music. The materials that are needed to make these fun instrumental crafts are easily available. So, get ready to create something fun and exciting for your kid.

10. Fun Musical DIY Rainstick

Fun Musical DIY Rainstick

With your kid make this DIY rainstick and create some fun memories to reminisce later. This rainstick will help your kid to get him or her rid of boredom. These are fun and easy to make. Moreover, anyone who is above 7 years old can make this

11. Shoe Box Guitar

Shoe Box Guitar

This guitar is made out of pure cardboard with and for your kid. Draw the outline as shown in the above picture. This can be used by your kid for fun by pretending to play it and enjoying.

12. Fun Guitar DIY

Fun Guitar DIY

Make a pair of musical crafts for your kid. For some extra fun ask your kid to accompany if he is 8 years old or above. Use this opportunity to teach him everything about music.

13. Adorable Musical Craft

Adorable Musical Craft

Get your kid ready for preschool by helping them in learning musical crafts activities beforehand at the home. This will build creative skills and polish the existing creative skills your kid already has.

14. Fun DIY Tambourine Stick

Fun DIY Tambourine Stick

Make a fun tambourine stick with a wooden stick and some marble bracelet. If your kid is building a genuine love for music, you can help him or her by making and gifting one of these

15. A Musical Kazoo

A Musical Kazoo

Curate a fun and musical kazoo. Help your kid in learning it to build a foundation of music knowledge in their daily activity. Let your kid fly solo while making this instrument as anyone who is 6 and above can make this.

16. A Musical Craft From Lots Of Cups

A Musical Craft From Lots Of Cups

This is another musical craft that you along with your little one can make. With the right guidance from a responsible elder, your kid can make this easily and with a lot of fun.

17. Fun Castanets For A Great Musical Experience

Fun Castanets For A Great Musical Experience

Creating these castanets is easy. This musical craft construction requires no pro-level skill. Anyone who is above 7 years old can make this and can use this to learn the basic level learning of castanets.

These were some of the very crafty ideas that you can use to teach your kid about music more clearly. So get ready to create some fun memories with your kid by teaching them at the same time. All the best in crafting and creating those fun musical instruments with your beloved little one.

If you liked this article, make sure to check out other articles from the website. Also, feedback will be appreciated as it helps us to know if you guys liked our work.

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