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DIY Musical Instruments for Kids

DIY Musical Instruments for Kids

Cardboard Craft

DIY Musical Instruments for Kids

When the holidays roll around and it’s time to get crafty, nothing beats making musical instrument crafts with your toddlers.

Musical toys are excellent instruments for children’s growth. Store purchased or handcrafted instruments, as well as other gadgets that generate music, are a fantastic way to get youngsters rocking and moving, from auditory sensory processing to fine motor skills to proprioception and more.

We’ve put up a list of bobby pin thumb piano, hearing shofarot, french horn, jingle bells, mini lid banjos, castanets, tubular bells, cymbals, spin drums, Chinese gong, drums,  guitar, harmonica, and xylophone.

DIY Musical Instruments For Kids

DIY Musical Instruments for Kids

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Bobby Pin Thumb Piano

DIY Musical Instruments for Kids Bobby Pin Thumb Piano

Image Source/Tutorial: Thrifty Fun

Do you want a piano for your child? Create this project! The piano is fashioned of bobby pins and has four notes at the very least. Your child will enjoy both making and playing with this project.

Hearing Shofarot

DIY Musical Instruments for Kids Hearing Shofarot

Image Source/Tutorial: Hearing Shofar

Shofarot is a favorite among children; make this craft with readily available materials such as paper mache, which produces a pleasant sound. This craft will appeal to children of all ages.

French Horn

DIY Musical Instruments for Kids French Horn

Image Source/Tutorial: Savvy Homemade

Musical instruments are a favorite among children, and a French Horn is the icing on the cake. You could bind it with a length of black corrugated pipe and strong pipe cleaners, but a piece of hosepipe and some tape or garden wire will suffice.

Jingle Bells

DIY Musical Instruments for Kids Jingle Bells

Image Source/Tutorial: Baby Center

Isn’t it fun for kids to play with jingle bells? This holiday season, let’s make some hand-held jingle bells! These are simple to make using simple ingredients that your children will enjoy.

Jingle Bell Bracelet

DIY Musical Instruments for Kids Jingle Bell Bracelet

Image Source/Tutorial: Oopsey Daisy Blog

We may make this craft with kids to celebrate Christmas with jingle bells and add some personal touches to your decor. These tinkling bell bracelets are worth a try.

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Mini Lid Banjos

DIY Musical Instruments for Kids Mini Lid Banjos

Image Source/Tutorial: The Craft Train

Old jar lids and loom bands can be used to make small banjos. This is a great musical instrument activity for children, and the completed tiny banjo is gorgeous!

Homemade Castanets

DIY Musical Instruments for Kids Homemade Castanets

Image Source/Tutorial: Education

The majority of children like playing musical instruments, thus there is no need to waste millions on them. In just a few moments, you can make these castanets and start dancing gypsy.

Tubular (cardboard) bells

DIY Musical Instruments for Kids Tubular (cardboard) bells

Image Source/Tutorial: Minieco

It’s quite simple. Take a sturdy cardboard tube and fill it with your items. Around the outside, make holes at regular intervals. Attach bells to tube using a needle and thread. Here’s a fun little instrument that’s not too expensive.

Pringle Can Shakers

DIY Musical Instruments for Kids Pringle Can Shakers

Image Source/Tutorial: Learn With Joy.Net

This is a great project for you if you like to pringle cans at home. It’s simple, and children will enjoy interacting with them. You can take beans and transform them into a music project.

Paper Plate Cymbals

DIY Musical Instruments for Kids Paper Plate Cymbals

Image Source/Tutorial: First Palette

When you’re stuck with paper plates and don’t know what to do with them Make a pair of cymbals out of a couple of paper plates. You can color it golden or any other color that your children enjoy.

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Chinese Gong

DIY Musical Instruments for Kids Chinese Gong

Image Source/Tutorial: Kinder Art

A gong is a musical percussion instrument made up of a flat metal disc that is struck with a mallet in East and Southeast Asia. Teach your kids about this amazing instrument and how to make one out of everyday items.

DIY Spin Drums

DIY Musical Instruments for Kids DIY Spin Drums

Image Source/Tutorial: Minted

We love having a craft activity to keep the kids occupied when they’re having a kid’s birthday party. It’s a great opportunity for the kids to express themselves while also giving them a take-home favor. These adorable spin drums were created at a recent music-themed birthday party with the help of the kids.


DIY Musical Instruments for Kids Drums

Image Source/Tutorial: Zing Instruments

Drums have been around from the beginning of time, with the earliest evidence dating back to 6000 BC. In many civilizations, they have played an important role in societal life and are utilized for religious ceremonies and festivities. Teach your children about drums and their fascinating facts with this activity.

Cardboard Guitar

DIY Musical Instruments for Kids Cardboard Guitar

Image Source/Tutorial: Pink StripeySocks

Baby Chuck appears to be eager to join in whenever his parents play the guitar. They pluck on the strings, turn the tuning keys, and drop picks into the body. We assumed they’ll enjoy having their own guitar, so we brought this black and white cutie for them.

DIY Egg Shakers

DIY Musical Instruments for Kids Egg Shakers

Image Source/Tutorial: Mama Smiles

These easy-to-make shaker eggs allow toddlers to experiment with rhythm and sound. Preschoolers will enjoy using them as hands-on musical instruments. We think egg shakers are an excellent experimental tool for learning for any preschool or home and aesthetically appealing shaker eggs are even nicer.

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Chicken In A Cup

DIY Musical Instruments for Kids Chicken In A Cup

Image Source/Tutorial: All For The Boys

Noisemakers are extremely popular among children. The vibrations created with a wet paper towel and thread are amplified by the cup, beginning to sound like a chicken! A plastic cup, a paper clip, 18-20 inches of cotton string, and a paper towel are all you’ll need.

Popsicle Stick Harmonica

DIY Musical Instruments for Kids Popsicle Stick Harmonica

Image Source/Tutorial: Housing A Forest

You make this Harmonica if you have ice cream sticks at home. With this easy DIY Popsicle Stick Harmonica, your kids will enjoy producing music. It’s really simple to build these.

DIY Rain Sticks

DIY Musical Instruments for Kids Rain Sticks

Image Source/Tutorial: Danya Banya

The rainstick is perfect for you if you want to try a new craft. They can be shaken like a maraca, but the best effect is achieved by slowly turning them onto one end and making a rain sound.

PVC Pipe Xylophone

DIY Musical Instruments for Kids PVC Pipe Xylophone

Image Source/Tutorial: Frugal Fun 4 Boys

This is one of those projects that has evolved over time. The youngsters will have a lot of fun blowing into the PVC pipe and generating all kinds of strange noises. They discover that longer pipes create less noise than shorter ones. You can experiment with different lengths of pipe to generate different notes, but we observed that the pitch varies when you blow stronger or gentler on the same size tube.

Sand Blocks

DIY Musical Instruments for Kids Sand Blocks

Image Source/Tutorial: Fairy Dust Teaching

Why not construct an instrument out of seashells and sand that youngsters collect when they go to the beach? Making your own sand bricks is incredibly easy — and inexpensive! These would be fantastic at a music center.

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Musical Pitch With Plastic Bottles

DIY Musical Instruments for Kids Musical Pitch With Plastic Bottles

Image Source/Tutorial: Life With Moore Babies

Are there any plastic bottles in your house? Make these DIY musical instruments with it and have fun playing them with your children. These may be made using inexpensive materials and take very little effort.

DIY Xylophone

DIY Musical Instruments for Kids Xylophone

Image Source/Tutorial: The Inspired Tree House

This incredibly simple handmade Xylophone for kids will be a hit with the kids — give it a try and you’ll have your own one-man or woman army in no time.

Classic Rhythmic Shaker

DIY Musical Instruments for Kids Classic Rhythmic Shaker

Image Source/Tutorial: How Wee Learn

Food coloring and a squirt of rubbing alcohol were used to paint it. It’s lovely, but plain rice, spaghetti, buttons, or anything else that produces sound serves the same purpose. Your kid’s will spent a lot of time filling your rice cups. There is a load of dumping, pouring, and messes before they were pleased with their loaded mugs.

Jingle Sticks And Jingle Rings

DIY Musical Instruments for Kids Jingle Sticks And Jingle Rings

Image Source/Tutorial: Buggy And Buddy

These incredibly simple jingle sticks and jingle bell rings are fantastic DIY toys for encouraging imaginative play. You will need only a few items and around 15 minutes of your time to complete this project.

Rain Stick

DIY Musical Instruments for Kids Rain Stick

Image Source/Tutorial: The Imagination Tree

Only for you, another rain stick! Create a rainstick out of repurposed materials and household items! For small children, a beautiful musical instrument that sounds like rain is available.

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Pin Strummers

DIY Musical Instruments for Kids Pin Strummers

Image Source/Tutorial: Piikea Street

We have a lot of bobby pins at home because they are a girl’s favorite. This craft is perfect for youngsters to construct a musical instrument out of bobby pins, so gather your supplies and get started now!

We hope you have fun making all of these entertaining activities and playing musical instruments with your kids. This will be a fantastic craft, and the laughter will be well worth the effort.

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