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15 Creative Egg Cartons Craft ideas

15 Creative Egg Cartons Craft ideas

Kids Activities

15 Creative Egg Cartons Craft ideas

Activities for Kids

Most of the houses have these beautiful pieces as a waste but people don’t know how to use these for craftwork. Egg cartons are one of those wastes which cannot be avoided. These egg trays are reused but still, much of the egg cartons end up in the trash and even cause pollution. Only if they knew the worth of these cartons in this world of art and craft.

To guide all those who are ready to explore the new ideas in crafting decoration pieces of art, we present you about 15 creative egg carton crafts ideas. You can use these ideas to utilize the waste egg cartons and also fill up the empty shelves of your house. We promise that these crafts will increase the beauty of your home and your work will be appreciated by most of the guests and family members.

Creative Egg carton craft ideas

Finger puppets using egg cartons

Puppets are the best tools to use while telling a bedtime story. You can also use them to help your kids imagine the scenario in their heads. But did you know you can use egg cartons to craft these amazing pieces? All you have to do is cut the conical shape of the carton for the fingers and use the lower portion for the heads. Just join the tip of the cone to the inside of the cuboidal part. And later paint them as required. These mushroom top finger puppets will surely be a great amusement with your friends and cousins around.

Flowers using egg cartons

This bouquet of egg cartons crafts flower is easy to make but requires a lot of time and patience. As it uses a lot of layers for giving the perfect flower-like looks. First, cut out all the conical part which is bulged outwards from the egg cartons. Make sure you have a good amount of these. Then divide the numbers into 4 groups, fold and cut the first group into large size and similar decrease the size of the next group as shown in the top right image. Insert these 4 different sizes into one with the larger outside. Make a good number of these flowers for the bouquet and paint these according to the color preferred.

Crocodile making egg carton craft ideas

A funny and cartoon-like crocodile can be fun to keep around. you can also use these to tell the story of the crocodile and the clever monkey. For this egg carton crafts idea, take two layers of cartons of 3×2 for the mouth and you can extend the body as much as you wish by just a single carton layer kept upside down. Make a joint on one end of the mouth and keep the end away from the body free. Draw and cut the sharp teeth and eyes. You can also paint the inner area of the mouth as red. Use cardboard cylinders for the legs. Add white teeth to the crocodile.

Flowers bouquet card egg carton craft ideas

Another egg carton crafts DIY for a flower bouquet. And this idea doesn’t require much time, in place of using multi-layers in the flowers, you can precisely cut the conical portion in the shape of a flower and paste a button inside it. With different colors, you can craft the alluring bouquet with ease. For the stem, you can fold the long pieces of paper with a high number of turns and join two-three of these folded pieces together. Attach all of the above on a high GSM paper sheet with a matching background color. You can adorn the flowers with green stalks and a ribbon over the green stalks.

Beautiful animals, egg carton craft ideas

These waste egg cartons can also be used to crafts various beautiful animals that have different shapes. We have shown you the crocodile egg carton crafts idea in the previous image. Apart from this, you can craft a frog, ant, bug, bat, rabbits and much more. You can get the idea of these pretty figures from the above images. These pretty crafts are easy to make and are great fun to play with.

Floral bouquets using egg carton crafts

As seen in previous ideas, egg cartons can be used effectively for crafting the alluring flowers of various colors. Along with this, we have one more egg carton crafts idea which you can use to light up your house, literally. All you have to do is craft single layered flowers with a dark shade and then insert one bulb in every piece of the flowers as shown in the image. In the end, compile them together and make a bouquet of these. You can even make round pillars of flowers filled with lights using this technique. Add these crafts to the living room to add up to the beauty of it.

Egg carton crafts

You can also use these egg cartons’ crafts ideas for making small-sized cartoon bugs. After cutting out the required shape, cut two semi-circles on the sides, which are opposite to each other. Then start with painting the body area read and the face as yellow. Give black large dots on the body and eyes to the face. Craft and keep multiple bugs together to give a pretty view. These small bugs can be played with. You can use them as finger puppets as well.

Egg carton crafts to make a hen

The way you cut these egg cartons, will highly control the shape of the final craft. That’s why we have displayed how to cut these pieces at the lower-left area of the above image. After cut-outs, draw the eyes, mouth, and hair. For the space at the back, you can paint eggs with various patterns and keep them there to make the egg carton crafts heavy. Also, you can add the legs of these hens with the help of threads along with the skill of making thread patterns. Place these beautiful hens in a pen made of a cardboard box filled with hay.

Photo frames using egg cartons

You can add beautiful egg carton flowers to the mirror with egg carton flowers as borders. You can use the same idea to cover the borders of any photo frame. The borders can be of one or two boundaries of flowers depending on the size of the frame. All you need is a lot of egg cartons, scissors, glue, and paint. Start by making the inner circles of the flowers. Layer the flowers up to make fuller flowers. This way you will get beautiful flowers. Line the mirror or the photo frame with these beautiful flowers.

Dragons using egg cartons

Just like the egg carton craft of a crocodile, you can also use them for the Dragons. The mouth of the dragons and the crocodile is different. We drew the teeth for the crocodiles but that is not necessary for the dragons. Also, the tongue of the dragon is longer in length and they have pointy thorns on all over their body. You can make the tongues of the dragons using thin red tissue paper.

Flower wreath using egg cartons

In previous images, we have focused only on one type of flower which has either 1 layer or multi-layers. In this egg carton craft ideas, we have included different shapes of flowers. For your ease of understanding, we have first shown the pieces after cutting them and then in the second part, it has all the shapes put together which are painted with different shades. You may also add green leaves for the added effect.

Hen using egg cartons

As shown in the previous idea, the hen is too much decorated there. If you wish, you can keep the drawing minimal to mouth only and keep one simple egg without any paint on the egg. You may even add feathers to this beautiful hen craft. You may make many of these hens and place them inside a hay lain pen.

Kids crafts with egg cartons

For kids crafts with egg cartons, first cut out the cartons into pieces as done with flowers in the starting. Now in place of joining all the layers, you can color them with bright shades and draw various baby like patterns or buttons in the middle of the egg carton pieces. This will give the egg carton craft a kiddish appearance and everyone will love your work. If you want a dash of green, add some paper cut green leaves to the wreath.

Beautiful flower wreath using egg cartons

This flower wreath can  be made with the help of waste egg cartons. You can use the curved portion to make the feathers and leaves for the wreath as shown in the image. Then add some natural or artificial flowers, you can largely multiply the beauty of this art piece. Make sure you curve the structure properly to make the flower wreath.

Light lamps using egg cartons

Most of us prefer to keep at least one light switched on during the night time so that the motion is easy if one gets up at night. But there are cases when the lamp is too bright or sharp to the eyes. This can be avoided with the help of egg cartons crafty lamps. The waste pieces can be used as making a circular grid that will filter the sharpness of the lamps automatically as shown in the above photographs. Add the light in the centre of this egg carton lamp shade.

Beautiful colorful flowers using egg cartons

Flowers are the easiest and the prettiest way to utilize the egg cartons for crafts ideas. Depending on how you cut the carton, the cone can be shaped into beautiful flowers. You can see the process flow in the initial part of the image. Later you can draw the inner area of the flower and also give artificial stems to the work for support. At last, paint this collection of flowers with alluring colors and patterns.

Bunny crafts using egg cartons

This is One of the easiest craft ideas to utilize the egg cartons for decorating your house. All you have to do is take out the conical shape and then draw a rabbit on one side of the vertical face. Then with the rest of the area of the carton, cut out ears shaped pieces for the rabbit. These bunnies will be appreciated by everyone and that too without many efforts. This bunny is really sweet and cute.

Roses photo frame with egg cartons

As we know that roses have a lot many petals inside it as layers, so give this egg cartons crafts idea will require a lot of time and effort. You have to cut as many layers for the flowers as possible and then stick them together to give them the look of a rose. Do this multiple times and then stick these flowers on the sides of a mirror or a frame. You can color the petals before or after joining them together depending upon your skills in painting. These beautiful photo frames will beautify your photos beyond measure.

We hope you liked all these beautiful egg carton DIY projects. Do share your experience in the comments section below. You may check out other articles on K4craft. We will soon come up with more such useful recycling project articles. Keep smiling and creating with K4craft!

Activities for Kids
  • 15 Creative Egg Cartons Craft ideas
  • 15 Creative Egg Cartons Craft ideas
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