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15 Easy Ways To Teach Kids About Weather

15 Easy Ways To Teach Kids About Weather

Kids Activities

15 Easy Ways To Teach Kids About Weather

Activities for Kids

Are you looking for a fresh way to teach your ESL students common weather activities? These super fun weather activities are a great way to teach early learners about rain, sleet, snow, wind and all the elements in between!

Kids are usually scared of rainstorms, nonetheless, they love jumping in puddles of water and looking at rainbows after a storm finishes off. Be it observing the atmosphere or discussing fin facts about air are amazing ways to teach kids about weather especially since the atmosphere is something children can without a doubt relate to and fathom. Whether or not it’s clear and beautiful or stormy and blustery outside, atmosphere and environment impact kids reliably.

Easy Ways To Teach Kids About Weather

Easy Ways To Teach Kids About Weather

1. DIY Anemometer

Easy ways to teach kids about weather DIY Anemometer

Spring is an outstanding occasion to examine the atmosphere. Additionally, springtime atmosphere can be especially stimulating. I reasoned that if we did an atmosphere unit, maybe the storms wouldn’t be very as alarming for the kids We’ll see!

You’ll need:

  • 4 straws
  • Paper cups
  • Tape
  • A pin
  • A nail
  • Punching machine
  • Pencil

Join two straws like to make a segment out of them. Make two of these. Next step is to cut the four cups down so they are not too big. Now punch two openings in each cup. Slide a cup onto each end of your two straw sets.

Make a cross with the two straws, and join them with tape. Use the pin to make an opening in the point of the straw and cup sets and attach the straws with the cups now.

You’re now ready to go out in the wind!

2. Shadow And Sundial

Easy ways to teach kids about weather Shadow And Sundial

They range from sticks planted in the ground to accurate machines costing a huge number of dollars. This DIY shadow game shown in the picture above can be made in minutes from materials lying around your home. Let’s find out the marvels of our universe!

You’ll need: 

  • An empty can/bottle
  • Colourful chalks

First, begin by choosing a time to do this experiment. Either do this in the early morning or during the late afternoon. Ask your kid to place the empty can in the sunlight and using the chalk, trace the outline of the shadows on the road. (Be mindful of the area that you’re choosing for this experiment, there should be no traffic) now ask your kid to notice, does the shadow stay the same? If no, then how do they change with time?

By noticing such extraordinary shapes made by daylight at various time, little ones may even turn out to be more innovative than ever!

3. Pencil Sundial

Easy ways to teach kids about weather Pencil Sundial

Did you realize that the Sun moves over the sky at a similar speed each day? Sun travels across the sky at the same speed and comes at its highest point in the sky during midday.

In this DIY your kid can learn how the sun keeps moving. We used this pencil here to make a sun-dial clock with no other equipment.

You’ll need:

  • A pencil

Find a spot to set up your pencil- somewhere that will get sunshine to it the whole day, and stick a pencil to it stands unflinchingly and vertically. Keep some stones nearby if you want more accuracy.

That is it – you’ve made a sundial!

You can look at the pencil’s shadow and tell the time by which direction it’s pointing.

4. Your Eyes

Easy ways to teach kids about weather Your Eyes

The easiest way to trace weather changes? Your eyes are probably the most ideal tools to help distinguish the weather changes. Continuously keep an eye at the sky and you’ll surely be on top of climate conditions. Ask your kid to keep an eye on the weather outside or you can ask your little one to watch the weather forecast on the television! Best way to learn!

5. The Rain jug

Easy ways to teach kids about weather The Rain jug

In this DIY you’ll see how to convert a large jar into a  functioning rainwater harvester. These rainwater jars allow us to harvest rainwater for the garden as well.

You’ll need:

  • A glass jar
  • Strainer
  • Red marker

Make sure the jar is clean. Now place a strainer on top of it. Leave the jar in the open while it rains and keeps marking it using the red marker as to keep an eye on the water level which will by the end of it tell you the rainwater level.

6. A Thermometer 

6. A Thermometer 

When was the last time you checked your temperature? Was it on the warmer side of the colder? Look at the temperature of the straw. It will rise as the air gets warmer, and lower when the air cools down.

You’ll need:

  • A plastic bottle
  • A straw
  • A marker

Take a clear plastic bottle. Fill it 1/4 of it with rubbing alcohol, carefully. Now ask your kid to add water till the bottle is half full. Next step is to add food colour or liquid watercolour so it’s easier to see the water level. Place a clear straw in the bottle so that it is suspended where the bottom end is in the liquid. Now anchor the straw in place using clay. Do not seal the top of the straw – it needs to be open to the air to work properly.

And it’s ready!

7. The Rain Gauge

The Rain Gauge

Does your kid ever raise questions about the amount of rain that’s fallen? If yes then this DIY is made especially for you!

A rain gauge measures how much rain has fallen over some time and all you need here is a plastic bottle! Let’s get started!

You’ll need:

  • A plastic bottle
  • Black marker

Cut the top off of a plastic bottle. Make a vertical line from the top to the bottom of the bottle using the black marker. This will be the bottom point of your rain gauge. Draw horizontal lines going up above that zero points. Then label them from bottom to top. Put the gauge outdoors, someplace level that’s open to the sky.24 hours later ask your kid to check this rain gauge to see how much rain has fallen.

It’s ready!

DIY Snowman Thermometer

Step by step instructions to make a thermometer is essential expertise that opens the conceivable outcomes of depicting the climate for youngsters.

Today we are making a pleasant practice thermometer so that children can peruse the temperature.

You’ll need:

  • A chart paper
  • Colourful markers

8. Weather Chart

Weather Chart

Exactly when we show our children to see the weather, we’re training one of the key science skills. Exactly when we use these instruments to make checks in how the weather changes, we’re demonstrating assessment. Making a thermometer is connected to communicating our observations.

You’ll need:

  • A chart paper
  • Colourful markers

All you need is to first draw a snowman in the chart paper. Now cut the two out and draw the faces using the markers and write the temperature using the black market. The last step is to ask your kid to mark the temperature each day to see how cold is it outside.

Ask them what drawing in they could use to address the weather – it’s not hard to devise images for sunny, cloudy or rainy weather. You place an arrow along each side of the diagram and ask your kid to slide it to the image which best addresses current weather conditions.

Your weather chart is all set!

9. DIY Weather Station

DIY Weather Station

Having your preschool or early age kid step by step observation of the climate is a fun technique to indulge them in science, and how understanding science impacts the choices we make each day, for instance, what to wear or what to do outside.

10. Rain & Umbrella Drawing

This is a beautiful coloring page to understand the meaning of rain for toddlers and preschoolers. This is a good exercise to relate the word ‘rain’ with its real meaning.

Other Craft Ideas

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We believe that these ideas will bring a smile on your kid’s face. You can take a look at other articles on our website. Feel free to share your experience and express your views to us in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you!

We will keep bringing such captivating ideas for you. Up to that point, keep smiling!

Activities for Kids
  • Easy Ways To Teach Kids About Weather
  • Easy Ways To Teach Kids About Weather
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