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Creative Cardboard Box Crafts For Kids

Creative Cardboard Box Crafts For Kids

Cardboard Craft

Creative Cardboard Box Crafts For Kids

Cardboard boxes are often found lying around haywire in households, in the form of shoe boxes, medical boxes, gift boxes and so on, to be ultimately tossed into the trash bin. While this may prove to be beneficial for a while, in the long run, thinking of the environment, saving and recycling items can help a lot. And one of the most fun ways to recycle a box is to make something out of it.

While we think of it, there can be several thousand options to choose from while making use of them, be it money banks for saving pocket money, or war tanks. Making cardboard crafts are fun and innovative and can be a great pastime for all, especially kids. Let us see a few such cool crafts in the examples below.

Cardboard Box Crafts For Kids

Creative Cardboard Box Crafts For Kids

1. Paper Puppy

Creative Cardboard Box Crafts For Kids Paper Puppy

Here we see above is a puppy made primarily from a shoebox, with a cup, paper cylinders and other appendages to add to the completion. This is super life-like and can be used as a recyclable toy by children, and the lego-like quality of the puppy adds to its charm. This can be used by kids of ages 5 and above,  who can also create such items in the process. In such ways, kids can be taught recycling from a young age to preserve and reuse items as adults.

2. Here Comes a Shark!

Creative Cardboard Box Crafts For Kids Here Comes a Shark!

Imagine seeing a bright blue shark looking at you animatedly while entering a household, with spiky fins, grinning. That would be a really welcome sight, applicable for any occasion! The more bizarre, the better it is. Simple yet eye-catching, we cannot get enough of this one.

3. Little Pink Spotted Long-Necked Friend

Creative Cardboard Box Crafts For Kids Little Pink Spotted Long-Necked Friend

This pink lego-ish giraffe seems quite eager to say a little “Hi!”, with that smiley face and pretty neck. To add to the benefit, this crafty item proves to be quite a useful tool for storing paper money, or in other words, a giraffe piggy bank…or should we say a giraffe bank? Making fun animal banks like this can be a great way to start teaching kids about the importance of saving. The earlier, the better.

4. Meow

Creative Cardboard Box Crafts For Kids Meow

Catto alert here. This kitty seems to be quite the tool for budding investors to save and count their money and use it wisely. It can also be used for storing and retrieving papers, apart from the money bank purpose. This one also has cool messages sprawled throughout it, making it even better.

5. Meow Again

Creative Cardboard Box Crafts For Kids Meow Again

Another kitten alert. This kitty is softer with its heart-shaped face and pink patterned stripes. Adorned all over with hearts, this useful box toy can serve as a multipurpose storage box, or again, as a money bank. It can also be used for passing around messages or distributing chits in a classroom.

6. Say Hi to Lilly!

Creative Cardboard Box Crafts For Kids

Lilly looks like she’d be absolutely down for an introductory chat anytime, while also helping you with storing small stationery items. She can be perched on the top of a cabinet, or she might chill on a shelf, happily containing your books and copies, with a smile plastered on that face, eager to keep valuables stored.

7. Wouldn’t Mind a Pikachu Sometimes

Creative Cardboard Box Crafts For Kids

Remember childhood days of watching Pokémon? Bringing it back to our cabinets and tabletops for the memories and the feels. This fun craft tool can serve as the perfect storage for paper cash, pages in general, coins, or anything we want to or feel convenient to keep. Creating crafts like this are incredibly fun and productive.

8. Blue Shark

Creative Cardboard Box Crafts For Kids

Another scary yet friendly shark we got here. This one a lighter shade of blue but equally supportive, eager to store your crayons and pencils and anything you want them to. This one has sharp fins too, and can thus be fun play equipment and a cool decoration for households besides serving the plaything purpose as well.

9. Pretty Black Pony

Creative Cardboard Box Crafts For Kids

The colour black is pretty. What is even prettier is pink and white hearts adorning this pretty, black, boxy pony over here. This friend will carry around money and papers for you, just like the previous friends above. A little love and appreciation for this hardworking pony can be shown by displaying it as a decoration in classrooms and study tables.

10. Woof

Creative Cardboard Box Crafts For Kids

Our furry partner Cameron it quite the show-stealer in his black-spotted white coat. He does a great job at being a play companion to his little human friends sometimes when he is not being used for storage.

11. Croc-a-box

Creative Cardboard Box Crafts For Kids

Crocodiles aren’t usually adorable, but this one definitely is, with its glittery green coat. This craft is a brilliant usage of old discarded shoeboxes to make something quirky yet useful. This particular glittery crocodile can be shown during animal craft exhibits because it is usable and pretty at the same time.

12. Another Pretty Black Pony

Creative Cardboard Box Crafts For Kids Another Pretty Black Pony

Among the two black ponies in this post, this one is a Rebel. Rebel can absolutely carry your goodies and be your cash bank too. We can count on Rebel to keep our stationery stuff safe and secure.

13. Return of The Shark

Return of  The Shark

Yet another shark friend spotted here, grey this time. This one has blood on their teeth, signaling that it’s not a creature to be messed with. Given the previous friendly sharks in this post, this one displays a more realistic picture of how actual sharks are, thus teaching the kids the same in a not so scary but informative way. However, they’ll still help you with storing stationery though.

14. May I Help You?

May I Help You

This alligator can be a standee or a decoration anywhere. The way it sits and looks up to you is cute too. This friend can be taken anywhere and used for playing anytime.

15. Your Little Motivator

Your little motivator

This is the first android friend we have under this post. Making this robot can teach children about the importance of  artificial intelligence and its uses. Robo can charge up your day with their smile, supporting you from over the study table.

16. Poised Peepers

Poised Peepers

This box adorned with pretty flowers on its sides can be used as a dispenser for waste papers. Using it as such would enforce cleanliness in kids and make them learn the importance of cleanliness and being organized. The recurring colour scheme of pink, purple and red along with pristine white makes this a pretty sight for the eyes.

17. The Ultimate Home Project: War Tanks

The Ultimate Home Project: War Tanks

This project of building war tanks is probably the most interesting one out of all these home projects and crafts in this post. A lot can be learnt about warfare from this educational piece.

The Ultimate Home Project: War Tanks

This picture above shows the process of making the same tank from cardboard boxes as in the previous image above. It’s a truly fun and educational process, which can be thoroughly enjoyable for age groups 10-15 or around.

To conclude, cardboard boxes can come really handy in so many cases. So instead of throwing them away, we can create so many reusable and sustainable items from them, as mentioned above in the pictures and their respective descriptions. I hope you had fun reading this as much as I enjoyed writing this post!

Thank you for reading. Please leave your kind remarks in the comments down below, and make sure to visit other similar posts here. Have a great day!

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FAQ on Creative Cardboard Box Crafts For Kids

1. What type of cardboard boxes are best for cardboard box crafts?

Answer: It depends on the craft you are trying to create, but generally sturdy boxes like those used to hold large appliances, or boxes with handles like those used for moving or storage, work best.

2. What types of tools do I need to make cardboard box crafts?

Answer: You will need basic tools such as scissors, glue, tape, and a craft knife. You may also want to have markers, paints, and other decorative items on hand.

3. How do I make sure the cardboard box is sturdy enough for my craft?

Answer: You can reinforce the box with extra cardboard pieces or tape. You can also use multiple layers of cardboard for extra strength.

4. How can I make a cardboard box craft last longer?

Answer: Applying a sealant such as Modge Podge or clear spray paint can help protect the box from wear and tear.

5. What is the best way to clean a cardboard box after crafting?

Answer: You can use a damp cloth or sponge to wipe away any dirt or dust. If the box is particularly dirty, you can use a mild soap or detergent.

6. Are there any special considerations I should keep in mind when crafting with a cardboard box?

Answer: Yes, it is important to make sure that any sharp edges or corners are covered with tape or rounded with scissors or a craft knife.

7. Are there any safety considerations with cardboard box crafts?

Answer: Yes, it is important to use caution when working with scissors, craft knives, and other sharp tools. It is also important to keep the box away from open flames, such as candles or a fire.

8. What are the best ways to decorate a cardboard box craft?

Answer: You can use paints, markers, glitter, sequins, and other decorations to make your box more colorful and eye-catching.

9. How do I make sure my cardboard box craft is strong enough for play?

Answer: You can reinforce the box with extra pieces of cardboard or tape, as well as making sure any openings are secured with extra layers of cardboard.

10. What materials can I use to make a cardboard box craft?

Answer: You can use cardboard, paint, markers, glitter, sequins, fabric, and other decorative materials to create a unique craft.

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