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20+ Creative Ways to Decorate Old Tin Cans for Your Home

20+ Creative Ways to Decorate Old Tin Cans for Your Home

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20+ Creative Ways to Decorate Old Tin Cans for Your Home

These decorating ideas give new life to old tin cans and boxes. Get inspired by these DIY projects to decorate old tin cans into the fabulous décor.

We on a daily basis, produce so much waste in the environment. It’s high time that we, being human beings, do our bit to save the environment, and what could be better if we could save it along with decorating our homes. It is the festive season now and this year we have an opportunity to make festivals more beautiful using our skills and creativity.

Learn to Decorate Old Tin Cans for Your Home

20+ Creative Ways to Decorate Old Tin Cans for Your Home

In today’s post, we will try to make the best out of the tin cans which are non-biodegradable waste and use it in various ways for decorating different decorations.

1. The Snowman

Below is the picture of a very unique yet amazing snowman. You can make these using some buttons, trash aluminum cans, and scrap paper, and an old hat from a soft toy. You can organize Christmas parties and provide the material to the kids and hold a healthy competition of who would make the best one. Tell your students and kids about the importance of Christmas and decorate it on your Christmas trees.

2. The flower vase

Use colorful papers, ribbons, and laces to decorate these trash cans. Use it as a pen stand on your and your kid’s shelves. You can decorate your center table at festivals such as Diwali and Christmas by keeping flowers in it. If you are having a wedding, place these vases on each table as it will look very attractive and at the same time it will help in cost-cutting. You can also use these as cookie jars and offer it to guests.

3. The lamps

These will look so pretty on your balcony on Christmas eve. You can make plenty of these by just carving out a design of your choice and placing candles inside it. Decorate it near your Christmas trees and balconies and you will have the best decoration and with minimum cost.

4. The brush holder

As mentioned earlier, just decorate the tin with colorful, worn-out cloth pieces and use these as a brush stand to keep your painting and make-up brushes. You can also use it as a make-up holder by making separate for the lipsticks, blushes, etc. See you can save so much and have so many things.

5. The intricate painting

If you are very fond of painting, this will act as a canvas for you, paint your heart out with detailed flowers and teach painting to your children. Ask them to paint similarly and decorate it by hanging it at the door on Diwali. While painting, tell them the story as to why Diwali is celebrated and how instead of bursting crackers, they can celebrate it by making such creative crafts with their friends and family.

6. The Tin Can Scarecrow

If you have a garden or a farm and need to make a scarecrow for the birds that tend to destroy your farm or garden, go for this one. Not only will it act as a scarecrow but also be a smart piece of creativity on your land. You have to just stick these cans together as shown and paint them and do not forget to place the cowboy hat for the final and the best touch.

7. The Chandeliers

Look at these exquisite chandeliers. For these, paint or decorate the tins and hold it in an upside-down manner. Hang string covered beads and if you wish you can use this to hold your cutlery. This will be very impressive for your guests and a very creative way of keeping cutlery. As Dussehra is around the corner and since we cannot step out, you can decorate our houses with these and surprise your kids.

8. The Wind Chimes

You can make wind chimes to hang near the window of your bedroom. Use the lids of the tin cans and attach it to strings, put colorful beads in the string, and hang on a wooden stick. Make 2-3 of them and place them together. You can place it in the drawing-room and it will be a nice way of decorating your room.

9. The Bottle Holder

It’s not possible for everyone to have a wine cellar, but you can make a small one using your creativity. This is one of the best uses of a tin can. Just stick the cans together in the same manner as shown and cover it using paint or any other way that you wish. Keep wine and vodka bottles in it. It will certainly give a very classy look and prove to be of much use.

10. The Lady-bird

You can make these very easy ladybirds and teach your kids about the same. Telling them about things through craft is a very fun and enthusiastic way of teaching things to children. Paint the tins and paste eyes on them and use copper wire for the wings. Hold it through a stick and place it in your child’s playing area or the playground of your school.

11. The Classy Holders

You can make these just by painting it in a very exotic style and use it to keep many things. You can keep make-up, brushes, one in the kitchen, one in the washroom for keeping toothbrushes or other toiletries. You can also use these to keep candies in your dining area or drawing-room. Both the pictures below show different ways of decorating and using these. In this time, if you cannot step out, decorate many such cans, and make a nice pen stand and gift it to your loved ones. Place flowers and candles in them and have a nice candlelight dinner.

12. The Letter Lamps

Teach children about the values of life, tell them the importance of saying sorry, and thank you. You can make these by punching letters by and then placing candles in it. Your kids will be keen to learn more through this creativity and you can decorate your Diwali and Christmas house. It can also be used for Thanksgiving.

13. The Barbeque

Want to go for a picnic? Now you can enjoy a picnic more than ever by setting up this mini barbeque for heating up sausages for your hot dog. Just cut it in this manner and place a sheet of aluminum foil. Place coal on it and then heat up and cook your things on the tray.

14. The Tin Flower

Make this lovely red flower from the cuttings of a small and a large tin and paste the smaller ones on the bigger ones as shown. Use spray paint or any other paint to color it. Teach kids the same and decorate your classrooms with these.

15. The Candle Holders

Take tin cans and color it this way by covering it with a stencil. Place candles on it and decorate your balconies or use these if you have guests over for dinner. Make your festival look brighter and more beautiful by using these.

16. The Tin Table Lamp

Replace your old table lamp with this new one made out of the wasted tin can. Just remove the shade of your table lamp and replace it with a painted tin can. This will give a new look to your study table, children can make these on their own and even gift it to their friends.

17. Punched Tin Designs

These punched tins have been made the same way as described above. You can place light bulbs or candles in it for the design to come out well in dark. These add a great deal of beauty to your garden parties or in-house parties. They can be used on all occasions, with different designs, related to each occasion, such as stars for Christmas, a cupcake for birthdays, and earthen lamps for Diwali.

18. The tin can Robot

Make this exciting robot out of trash tin cans of different sizes. This one is a bit challenging but that makes it more interesting. Your kids will love these, you can place it in your kid’s room or devote a separate section in your classroom for such crafts and keep it there and then ask the children to research about robots and how they function. This will be a great initiative towards the development of their minds.

19. The Tin Wreath

Make this Christmas wreath using discarded tin cans. Join the cans together in the manner shown below and paint it red and decorate it any way you want. Hang it with a ribbon or a string. You can make many of these for your Christmas and New Year decoration.

20. The Tin Can Flower Pots

Plant indoor bonsais in tin cans and paint or decorate them and place them inside your house. They give a very classy look and you are doing a good thing by planting the plants. You can also use larger tin cans to plant outdoor plants and keep them in your gardens.

21. The Tin Can Stove

Make this tiny stove by joining small and big tin cans in this manner and place thin wooden sticks and light it. You can use this to heat food items and also as a small movable fireplace for outside when you sit outside during winters.

Try these to make the best out of waste and save your environment and money and thus, benefit yourself. Hope you enjoy making these and find them of use. Decorate your homes and weddings using these ideas and emerge out as a more creative person post-pandemic.

If you like the post, do share your feedback in the comment section or if you want us to post about something. Also, visit our website and check out more fun posts regarding fashion, craft, kids, and many other amazing things.

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