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New Year’s Eve Craft Decoration Ideas

New Year's Eve Craft Decoration Ideas

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New Year’s Eve Craft Decoration Ideas

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New year Eve brings with it not only a fresh year but also a fresh start. .Here are some DIY New year’s Eve craft decoration ideas that look great, are simple to make and easy on the pocket too!

It brings with it not only a fresh year but also a fresh start. Lots of promises, new relationships, spitting away the bad things and starting again is what new year Eve is all about. New year Eve parties are meant to meet people, resolve issues and celebrate.

New year’s Eve craft decoration ideas

Saying goodbye to the old year is not that difficult because ahead lies a long path. Why not start this new year with some amazing party and to make it more dashing, here I am going to give you some amazing New year’s Eve craft decoration ideas that you can use this new year’s eve.

1. Paper craft ideas for party décor

Here are some cute and easy paper craft ideas that you can try for your new year party. First one would be making a garland of palms. All you have to do is take the palm print of the persons with whom you are celebrating your new year on a colourful paper and cut them out. After that punch a hole on each palm print and pass a string through each of them. It would be really amazing and an unique New year’s Eve craft decoration ideas that would connect all the people in the party.

Another simple and cute idea would be making a paper heart. Cut out strips of paper of different sizes and colours. Arrange the strips according to the size and then staple at one end. Then fold each strip in the shape of heart and staple it.

2. Graduation themed party

With another year approaching, it’s almost the end of an academic year. Why not then celebrate this end of academic year with style? This new year have a graduation themed party for all your friends and batch mates. Here are some ideas to help you with t hat. First idea would be a ballon chandelier. All we need is some balloons, photos, cardstock and some cellophane paper and glitter pens.

Stick the photo to the cardstock and to protect it, cover the photo with cellophane paper. Add some details like any design or marks. Punch a hole in the cardstock. Blow the balloons. Tie a string to the balloon. At the other end of the string, tie the photo. Now, take some double sided tape and stick it on top of the balloon. Stick the balloon on the roof so that it would look like the balloons are hanging. Make a chandelier out of a balloon.

3. Party props New year’s Eve craft decoration

A new year party is incomplete without party props. Making party props is really easy. Take some glitter foam sheets, chart papers, newspapers and some glue and get ready for making party props. Draw some props like spectacles or moustache in the foam sheet or chart paper and cut it out. Now take a newspaper and start rolling it so that you would get a paper rod. Make many such rods. Cut the rods according to the measurement you require.

Stick these rods at one end of the props you have made out of foam sheet and chart paper. Paint the newspapers and click pictures with them. Your party props are ready. Make this so that it would make your party outstanding on this New year’s Eve.

4. DIY party décor ideas for a group of close friends

If you are one of those persons who believe in quality over quantity, and apply it to friendship too, then these ideas would be perfect for your new year’s eve party for a group of close friends. One of the most simplest and easy idea would be hanging a string of photos of your friends and some memories in the wall.

It would even be more better if you would only hang the pictures you had taken the previous year so that it would remind them that the year was really memorable and many more memories are yet to be made. Another DIY method would be cutting paper in ribbon shapes and then writing the starting letter of each friend in each piece of paper and then hanging them in the wall with a string.

5. Last minute New year’s Eve craft decoration ideas.

New year time is the busiest time of the year. With parties in several places to deadlines to busy stores, it’s difficult to decorate your own party. Here are some amazinast minute part decor ideas that you can apply even before 3 hours before the party. It is that easy. First diy is sparkly wine bottle. Take a wine bottle, mod podge, a large brush and lots of glitter preferably silver.

Apply mod podge all over the bottle and then cover it with glitters. Make sure that the whole bottle is covered with glitter. Allow it to dry and then you would get the amazing sparkly wine bottle. You can even reuse this bottle for decorating your house later on. Another idea would be personalized wine glasses. You can get those amazing alphabet sticker in a stationary store. Take those and then apply the stickers on the glasses. You can stick the name of the person or some blurbs too.

6. New year hacks for kids

Having a family party or gathering for new year means the house would be full of kids. Here are some cool ideas that would keep the kids engaged during the party. These hacks won’t let the kids get bore. From making party poppers to making new year noise from straws, these hacks are really awesome and super easy to make. Watch the video below as it would give you some awesome tricks to make the party enjoyable for the kids.
hacks for kids

7. New year decorations from jars

New year means glitters, hopes and a new start. Why not use the old jars or tiny glasses to make something creative for the new year? We can use the old things and convert them in the hope of seeing a better future. It would signify that a person should look for future but should also hold a bit of past. This decoration idea is really nice. Write down the year on four piece of paper and put them in the glass cups.

Trace the numbers in the glass with a black permanent marker. Then apply glue or mod podge on the remaining part. Cover the glass cups with glitters. Allow it to dry. Don’t forget to add tea lights on the jars at the last. Your little jar of light is ready.

8. Paper hangings for new year parties

Paper hangings are one of the most easiest yet crafty ideas which can be used for various parties. These paper hangings level up the party with its creative look. You can even make a paper hanging for your new year’s party. It is really easy. There are different methods of making paper hangings and there are even different types and designs in paper hangings. Watch the video below to make an unique paper hanging for your new year party.
paper hangings

These were some ideas for making a new year party more interesting and fun. You can apply these methods even for different parties. Do try these methods during the new year time and get the appreciation from your guests.

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