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How to Make Paper Flowers at Home Quickly and Easily

How to Make Paper Flowers at Home Quickly and Easily

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How to Make Paper Flowers at Home Quickly and Easily

If you’re looking for budget décor for weddings, baby showers, and bridal showers, you’ve come to the right place! This post will teach you how to make paper flowers at home quickly and easily. This combines our love for easy paper crafts for kids, as well as gorgeous DIY flower crafts – perfect for Mother’s Day or spring.

Paper crafts always amaze me. Don’t you think it is some kind of magic that is done to paper that turns out to be a beautiful flower? Simple and tricky folds bloom out to become angelic flowers. Origami kind of techniques involves a lot of strategies that turn out to be amazing art.

DIY Paper Flower Crafts At Home

So let us see a few of these surprising ways to make flowers that never die. The flowers we are going to make are not only used as home decors but also to decorate gifts also.

1. Pom-Pom Flower

This flower resembles a pom-pom that is made out of wool. We are going to make this flower using coloured napkin or tissue papers. The materials required for the flower are tissue papers, thread and scissors that’s all. First lay the napkin paper on single paper one over the other. Place around 5 papers. Now fold the tissue papers altogether starting from one end in accordion folds. Now tie a piece of thread exactly at the middle of the folded papers. To give the shape of petals cut the ends of folds into curve or shape pf your choice. Unfold the paper and spread out the flower.

2. Spiky Flowers

We are going to make these flowers using crepe paper. We need colourful crepe papers, scissors, newspaper, green colour tape and thread. First, cut the crepe sheet into two strips of widths 4 and 4 1/2 inch and 16 inch long. Take the 4 inch strip and fold inwards of width around half inch. Fold the strip all through the length. Using scissors cut the folded strip in shape of petal with rectangular base attached to petal. Now, unveil the folded sheet and separate all the petals using scissors. Repeat the same process with another strip.

To make the stem, roll the rectangular piece of newspaper into roll from one corner diagonally and glue the end. To make the petals spiky roll the top part of petals using finger tips. It is time for assembling the flower. Take the first strip of petals we have made and start rolling on one end of the paper roll. To hold the flower tie it using a thread. Make a knot to ensure it is held tightly. Repeat the process with another strip of petals by rolling over the first strip. With the help of thread make a knot around.
Roll the green colour tape around the stem starting from flower. Our spiky flower is ready.

3. Rose Swirl

There are a huge number of ways of doing roses using paper. We are going to see the simplest and quickest one today. The stuff we need is colour paper, scissors and glue. Start by cutting the colour paper into a circle of 6cm or so. Using a pencil draw a spiral path on the circle starting from one edge to centre with equal distance between the swirls. Cut along the drawn path. Now, using one end of a pencil or paint brush start rolling the paper from outside to the centre. After the rolling is done we get a lovely rose. To keep the rose steady, stick the base of the rose to the ground paper or last part using glue. These roses can be used to decorate gifts that add a cute look.

4. Calla Lily

These flowers resemble the shape of a bell and a perfect piece for décor. We can make these in no time with minimal material. Take crepe papers of contrasting colours. Now, cut the paper that you wish to keep as a petal and cut in the shape of a huge petal with a straight base. Using a pen or pencil roll the petal outwards. Now take a wooden stick and roll the other colour paper and stick the end. This would give the effect of central bud in lily. Now roll the base of petal around the bud such that the rolled ends are outwards. With the help of thread tie the flower to stick. Cover the wooden stick with floral green tape. Make a few more flowers in a similar way with different colours and place them in a vase.

5. Lavender Flowers

Artificial lavenders are made effortlessly. This is filled with a lot of fun and even kids can make them. Take a purple coloured rectangular paper and make slits of equal length at regular intervals from one long edge using scissors. Now, roll each strip of paper uniformly till the end of the slit. To make the support, roll a green colour paper into a stick and stick the end using glue. It is time to stick the flowers to stem.

Grab the lavender strip, apply glue on the plain path and start wrapping it along the stem without leaving any gaps. At the end of the flower, strip ensure that it is properly attached in order to get firm flower stick. As an embellishment, we can also cut grass shape on a rectangular green paper and roll on the stem below the flower. Prepare 5 to 6 of the lavender flower sticks and place them in a vase on your table. The vibrant colour energizes your soul and mind.

6. Drop Petal Flower

Let us begin our Paper flowers at home quickly and easily by first cutting strips of width around 1 inch from colour papers. Choose two colours like red and white and cut the strips. Fold the strips into drop shape and join the ends using the glue stick. After all the drops are made from the flower. Stick the tips of the petals alternately that is place a white petal beside red one. Drop petal flower is absolutely ready.

7. Ball Flower

I think this name suits best for the Paper flowers at home quickly and easily because it evolves from a ball.  Don’t you believe it? Then let me tell you how. Begin by cutting circles out of colour papers. Cut 5 circles of 5cm diameter of two colour papers. Now, fold the circles into half horizontally. Stick the semicircles alternately and form a ball. When the flower is flattened by pressing at the centre, we get a wonderful flower. To hold the flower in the shape, stick the flower to the small circular cardboard base. As I told you the flower evolves from the ball. Try this out at home and have fun.

8. Daisy Flower

Daisy flowers are also made by using the same technique we used in making lavender flowers. Take a colour paper of your wish along with a contrasting colour paper. Let us take the example of blue and green colours. Take the blue colour paper and mark 3cm on top and bottom from one end. Now, from the same end mark 2.5 cm . using pencil, join the points on both edges of the sheet. With the help of scissors cut along the 3cm line. Next, make tiny slits on the paper extending from one edge to 2.5cm line.

Ensure that the slits are very tiny. Then cut a 0.5cm width strip of green paper and also make a paper roll using a rectangular green paper to make the stem or handle. Using glue stick the green strip on one end of blue paper. Apply some amount of glue on the top of the handle and start rolling the green strip from another side. Completely roll the paper including the blue one. In the end, apply some glue and stick it. Using fingertips slowly open the flower.

So what do you say? Aren’t these just amazing the way they evolve?! Then go grab some papers and scissors and do the magic. Try out these Paper flowers at home quickly and easily and have fun. Tease your brain and try new ways to make flowers.

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