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DIY Room Decorating Ideas for Teenagers

DIY Room Decorating Ideas for Teenagers

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DIY Room Decorating Ideas for Teenagers

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Let’s learn some easy DIY Room decors!

12 DIY Room decorating ideas for teenagers

First Decor:


  • Wooden sticks
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • A pom-pom.
  • Golden colour paint and brush.


  • Take the sticks and cut them with scissors.
  • Arrange the sticks in a cat shape.
  • Pertain glue on the sticks.
  • Make the face of the cat with the sticks like 3D by arranging all sticks in a lift up triangular shape.
  • Pertain glue on the sticks.
  • Take gold paint and paint the sticks with a brush.
  • Glue a pom-pom on the tip of the nose.
  • Your first Decor will be ready!
  • Many other animals as well by following these steps.

Second Decor:


  • Empty coke can
  • A pin
  • Box cutter
  • Small glass jar
  • A candle.


  • Take an empty coke can and a pin, poke holes on the sides of the label.
  • Carefully cut out the bottom of the coke can with a box cutter.
  • Take a small glass jar and a candle, place the candle in the jar and light it up.
  • Put your can on the glass jar
  • Turn off the lights and see the magic!

Third Decor:


  • Round mirror
  • Wire hanger
  • Faul flowers
  • A ribbon
  • Hot glue gun.


  • Take the wire hanger and bend it with your hand in the shape of the round mirror like a ring.
  • Wrap the wire circle with a ribbon.
  • Pertain hot glue to secure it.
  • Take the faul flowers and wrap them around the ring. You can add as many flowers as you can.
  •  Add glue at the back of the round mirror and attach the flower ring.
  • Dry it.
  • Hang the mirror up!

Fourth Decor:


  • Cardboard
  • Pencil and eraser
  • Paper knife
  • Craft glue.
  • Glow-dark paint.
  • Red and white paints and brushes.
  • A picture of a skull and a cross bone.


  • Take the cardboard and stick a Stop sign on it with a pencil and eraser.
  • Carefully cut the sign out from the cardboard with a paper-knife.
  • Paint it bright red with colour and brush. Carefully outline the letters.
  • After the red paint dried paint the letters and outline with white paint.
  • Take a picture of a skull and cross bone, and place it on the sign and cut the picture out.
  • Use the picture as a stencil on the stop sign.
  • Paint it over with glue and glow-dark paint.
  • Take out the picture.
  • Hang the sign, turn off the lights and see the difference!

Fifth Decor:


  • Transparent water glass bottle
  • Silicon
  • A whisk
  • Paraffin wax
  • A spoon
  • Metallic gold paint.


  • Take silicons and pour them into a glass water bottle.
  • Use a whisk and mix it thoroughly.
  • Take your hand make and peace sign and dip your hand into it.
  • Wait for the silicon to harden.
  • After the silicon hardens, gently take out your hand.
  • Melt some paraffin wax, pour it inside the hardened silicon with a spoon.
  • Wait for an hour.
  • Take the silicon out in pieces and carefully remove your handpiece
  • Paint it with metallic gold colour spray.
  • Put candle of the fingers of it and lighten your room!

Sixth Decor


  • A rectangular shape big photo frame.
  • Pieces of toys
  • Hot glue
  • A cord
  • Gold sprays paint.


  • Take toy wheels and a photo frame, attach the wheels on the frame with hot glue.
  • Also, add some pieces of other toys as well.
  • After it dried, take a gold spray paint and spray it all over the frame.
  • Put a cute photo in it a decorate your room. You can also attach and cord in the back of it to hang it up.

Seventh Decor


  • Multi-coloured sticker paper
  • A chalk
  • Scissors
  • A pencil


  • Take a black sticker paper sheet and draw wavy lines on the middle of it with chalk.
  • Cut out the chalk lines from the sheet with scissors.
  • Attach the black sheet to a more colourful sheet and draw the lines of it on the colour sticker paper with a pencil.
  • These curves should be a few centimetres away from the black edges.
  • Cut off the extra part.
  • Take off this new sheet and stick it on another colour sticker sheet.
  • Repeat the previous process until it became a whole rainbow.
  • Cut out a multicolour sun by using the same way and stick it into the black background.
  • Attach it to your door.
  • You can add as many as you want to depend on your artistic value.
  • You can also attach your name or any sign in it
  • Your out of the world door sign will be ready!

Eight Decor


  • A cardboard
  • Fishing net
  • Scissors
  • Paint and brush
  • Hot glue
  • Wire hanger


  • Take a cardboard and cut out a heptagon on it with scissors.
  • Take your paints, paint the edges red and the background sliver with the brush.
  • Attach any basketball icons you want to add with glue.
  • Take a wire hanger, attach it to the back of the frame with hot glue.
  • Take the fishing net, cut it like a basketball net, but not cut the under part and attach it to the bottom of the frame with hot glue.
  • Your basketball net decor will be ready to take your clothes!

Ninth Decor:


  • Everyday glass
  • Modelling clay
  • Hot glue
  • A spatula
  • Plastic flowers
  • Feathers.


  • Take a few colours modelling clay mix them up to get something less vivid.
  • Roll the clay out and shape it into a cone.
  • Take a glass and glue it outside the glass.
  • Smooth the edges of the clay cone with a spatula and make cuts in a waffle pattern.
  • Take some plastic flowers and attach them over the waffle with glue.
  • Attach some feathers too.
  • Look how beautiful it is! Put your make-up brushes in the glass.

Tenth Decor:


  • Microfiber cloth
  • Felt
  • Felting wool
  • A laptop
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Hot Glue


  • Take a microfiber cloth, turn it upside down and put a laptop on it.
  • Put hot glue on the corners of the cloth to make a cover.
  • Take a white piece of felt, draw some eyes and a cute smile and cut them out with scissors.
  • Draw a smaller circle on black felt and cut out
  • Glue them on the previous white eyeballs.
  • Attach the eyes and mouth on the cloth with hot glue.
  • Take a brown colour felt, draw two triangles and cut them out.
  • Place the triangles on the top sides in the back of the cloth and attach with hot glue.
  • Put some felting wool in between the triangles and attach with glue.
  • It will make a cute laptop cover!

Eleventh Decor


  • Picture of a fern
  • A colour paper
  • Scissors
  • A pencil
  • Box cutter.


  • Take a picture of the fern to cut it out with scissors.
  • Place the fern on colour paper, go over the edges and draw them with a pencil to make an outline.
  • Cut out the fern outline with a box cutter.
  • Take a piece of another colour paper and glue it with the previous paper you made.
  • Take a black paper, put cut fern and draw edges on it.
  • Cut the outlines of the box with a box cutter.
  • Glue this paper over the previous paper. It will make a 3D picture.
  • Take a frame and disable it.
  • Put the picture on the base of the frame and glue the frame pieces with it.
  • Take a cord and stick it on the frame’s back with glue.
  • Shape the leaves with your hand.
  • Hang the picture on the wall!

Twelfth Decor:


  • Piece of a magnetic board
  • Foam papers
  • Foam rubbers
  • Hot glue


  • Take two-piece foam rubber and a magnetic board put the pieces of foam rubber up and down of the board with glue
  • Cover the rubber parts with some foam paper with glue.
  • Take some foam balls of different sizes and silver colour paint, paint the balls with the brush.
  • Dry them.
  • Put the balls on the previous foam papers. They will be the buttons.
  • Take a sheet of foam rubber and draw some Tetris shapes on it.
  • Cut out the shapes with a box cutter.
  • Attach the pieces with different colour foam papers.
  • Go over the pieces with a marker pen then cut them out from the paper.
  • Attach them to the bases.
  • Take magnets and put them under the shapes.
  • Stick them on the board.
  • Your Tetris board will be ready!
  • Use them on your work and decorate your room.

FAQ’s on DIY Room Decorating Ideas for Teenagers

1. What are some easy DIY room decorating ideas for teenagers?

Answer: There are many easy DIY room decorating ideas for teenagers, such as adding wall decals, making a collage of photos, painting a mural, adding a few accent pieces, or creating a headboard.

2. What are some budget-friendly DIY room decorating ideas for teenagers?

Answer: There are many budget-friendly DIY room decorating ideas for teenagers, such as repurposing furniture, making wall art with fabric scraps, creating your own artwork, using string lights, or using old or thrifted items.

3. What are some creative DIY room decorating ideas for teenagers?

Answer: There are many creative DIY room decorating ideas for teenagers, such as making a chalkboard wall, creating a photo wall, painting a patterned wall, hanging a tapestry, or making a canopy bed.

4. What are some tips for making DIY room decorations for teenagers?

Answer: Some tips for making DIY room decorations for teenagers include considering the teen’s style, researching Pinterest and other sites for ideas, checking out thrift stores for supplies, and keeping the project simple and manageable.

5. What kind of furniture should I get for my teenager’s bedroom?

Answer: The kind of furniture you should get for a teenager’s bedroom depends on the size of the room, the teen’s style, and your budget. Generally, a sturdy bed, a desk, and a comfortable chair are essential.

6. What color should I paint my teenager’s bedroom?

Answer: The color you should paint a teenager’s bedroom depends on the teen’s style and preferences. Generally, neutral colors such as whites, grays, and beiges are good choices.

7. What kind of lighting should I use in my teenager’s bedroom?

Answer: The kind of lighting you should use in a teenager’s bedroom depends on the teen’s style and preferences. Generally, a combination of overhead lighting, accent lighting, and task lighting is best.

8. How can I keep my teenager’s bedroom organized?

Answer: Keeping a teenager’s bedroom organized can be a challenge. To help, have the teen designate a place for each item and make sure they keep it there. Also, use storage bins and baskets to help keep items off the floor.

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