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Adorable Seashell Fun Craft Ideas for Kids

20 Adorable Seashell Fun Craft Ideas for Kids

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Adorable Seashell Fun Craft Ideas for Kids

Seashells are available in plenty at the sea shore. We all love to collect sea shells when we go to the beach. Have we ever thought of making something with these sea shells. If you have never thought of anything like that, we have you covered. We have made a list of all the crafts you can make with these beautiful sea shells. So for the next trip to the beach look for all the beautiful shells in different colors, patterns and shapes for we will be mking beautiful crafts with them when you return.

Seashell fun craft ideas for kids

Adorable Seashell Fun Craft Ideas for Kids

Seashell fish and marine animals

These crafty sea shell crafts are really fun to make. An added point is that the sea shells are easily available. The first image shows different kinds of animals and creatures made using seashells. The stomach and the face are made by joining two sea shells together. The feet are made by keeping the sea shells flat downwards.

This second craft is an easier version of the first craft. The sea shell oyesters are made. These easy to make crafts can be made by you after collecting the sea shells from the sea shore. Keep two sea shells together and stick thwo googly eyes in between the clasps of the oyester shaoe thus formed.

Colorful fish craft is really easy to make with sea shells. First of all make pairs of the sea shells in which one is larger than the other. Now paint these shells in similar colors. Take a blue hard sheet and paste these shells in succession. Add googly eyes to define the face of the fish. You can use a black sharpie pen to make scales on the fish body as well. Now add other details on the blue sheet.

You can even make some intricate fish designs using different sizes of sea shells. To start with take a large sized sea shell and add smaller sea shells to make the back fin, side fins, etc. Add googly eyes to complete the fish.

Beautiful Sea shell animals

You can make some beautiful animal crafts like birds and butterflies by combining different sized sea shells. Make a draft of the shape you wish to realise. Then select the suitable sea shells for the craft. Make a base according to the animal you wish to make. Now paste the chosen shells on the base you have made. You will have a beautiful animal craft with it.

Pandas are really cute. You can make a panda bear using a large sea shell. Paint the sea shell white. Now make the details of the oanda bear on the sea shell using black paint and a fine brush. Tie a ribbon at the base of the panda bear and make a loop of the ribbon to help it hang.

Chihuahuas are the smallest dogs in the world. You can make a chihuahua using sea shells collected from a beach. First of all take a big sea shell and paint it in the color of the skin of chihuahua. Now use white and black paint to make the eyes and nose of the chihuahua. Take two smaller shells and paint them in the same color as the skin of chihuahua from inside and outside. stick them in the opposite way on the top to make the ears for your chihuahua. Tie a ribbon at the neck and loop the ribbon to help in hanging your chihuahua.

We all love flavoured candles. Let us make some small tea light candles using sea shells. Take some large sized sea shells. Now melt your wax. If you want, you can paint the sea shells in different colors. Put some drop of fragrant oil in the wax. Place a wick in the middle of the sea shell and pour a small amount of wax on it. Your tea lights are ready to be lit.

Seashell peacock

This is a beautiful sea shell peacock making technique. To start making a sea shell peacock, first of all get a large flat sea shell and paint it in peacock green color. Once the paint is dry, make blue colored dots on it using a q-tip. Now add yellow dots alongside the blue dots, once the blue once have dried. Now make two rounds using blue colored plasticine or modelling clay. Make two eyes for the peacock and also and orange nose. Join the two rounds and fix the painted sea shell to the back of the plasticine body made by you.

Making necklace using seashells

What can be better than beautifying the already beautiful sea shells. This is an easy to make the sea shells colorful and bright. Start by cleaning and drying the sea shells. Now take a torch or a candle to melt the crayons. Now work with the molten crayon on the sea shell to crrate beautiful patterns and designs.

A mermaid necklace is every girl’s dream come true. You can make a mermaid necklace using a large glass bead and a sea shell of suitable size. Stick some glitter inside the sea shell to give it a fairy effect and make a hole in the sea shell. Now take a thread and pass it through the glass bead and the sea shell. Now you can wear your mermaid necklace and flaunt it anywhere you want.

Crystal shells are quite a rage today. To make beautiful crystal shells first of all make a solution using borax and suspend the sea shells in the solution. The borax crystsls will soon start growing on the sea shells. You can use salt solution as a safer variant.

Sea shell dolls are easy to make and decorate. Start with an ice cream popsicle. Paste it on a hard stock sheet. Leave the space for the skirt of the doll and make the shirt of the doll using the popsicles. Now add a sea shell in place of a skirt for the doll. Make and decorate the face of the foll using paints and sketch pens. Also paint the popsicles in the right colors. You can use wool or thread for realistic hair for the doll.

Making beautiful crafts using Seashells

These sea shell pendants are a perfect activity for a warm day. To make these beautiful pendants start by making dough using the usual flour. Now add food coloring to the dough. You can use different food coloring for different pendants. Now roll the dough balls a bit fkat and set the shells in them. Now let the pendant dry in the sun. Once the pendant has dried, make a hole in it. Thread the pendant and wear it to show off the summer vibes.

This is a beautiful way to frame your summer vacation memories. To start with make a frame from a hard cardboard sheet. Now collect some shells, clean adn dry them. Now paint these shells using water paint. Stick the shells on the frame body. This will enhance the beauty of your summer memories. You can also stick sand in the remaining places.

Wibd chimes are welcoming in a breezy weather. To maje a wind chime with the help of sea shells you can make it by collecting some sea shells and getting a plastic lid of a box. Now decide the size and length of your wind chime. Drill holes in the sea shells. Now paint the sea shells in vibrant colors and thread them through the drilled holes, once the paint dries. Now fix the thread on the plastic lid and hang it from the ceiling or the door. Make sure there is enough breeze at the place where you hang it.

You can recreate snails using snail shells. Collect some snail shells and use a pom pom ball as the head of the snail and use a pipe cleaner for the eye sockets. Paste the pom pom ball in front of the snail shell and add the pipe cleaners along the edges of the snail shell. Stick two googly eyes atop the pipe cleaners. Your snails are ready to slime their way.

Different animal crafts using Seashells

Sea shell fish is relky easy to make. Take a hard stock sheet, this will be the base for the sea shell fish craft. You can turn this hard stock sheet into a pond or an aquarium. Now take a large shell and three smaller shells to make a fish. Paint the larger shell in a bright colored paint and the smaller ones in a pastel colored paint. Now paste the larger shell on the stock shet and stick the smaller shells in place of the fins of the fish. Add a googly eye to complete the tropical sea shell craft.

Turtles and crabs are a common sight at the sea shore. You can start making a turtle by painting a flat sea shell in green paint. Once the paint has dried, cut out the flippers, mouth and tail of the turtle using green hard stock sheet. Add two googly eyes on the mouth of the turtle. For making a crab, paint a flat shell in bright red paint. Use red colored pipe cleaners to make the legs of the crab. Add two large googly eyes on the shell surface to complete the crab craft.

Toddlers can make these beautiful sea shell ladybugs with your toddlers. They are easy to make and look pretty. Start by collecting some rounded sea shells or you can buy some from the market. Now give the lady bugs a base bright coat of paint. Once the paint has dried, take a thin brush and black paint to draw and paint all the details of a lady bug. Make sure you add ample dots on body of the ladybird.

We all love bull dogs no matter what. To make a french bull dog from sea shells, you require three sea shells. One large and the other two similar in size and smaller than the large one. Now paint the largest shell in white base and make the details on the face using black paint. Now stick the smaller shells on the sides like ears. Line the edges with black paint. Tie a ribbon at the neck and loop it to help in hanging. Your bull dog is ready.

We hope you liked these adorable Seashell fun craft ideas for kids. You can help your kids make these beautiful crafts with shells. They will surely be delighted to make these shell crafts. You can leave your opinions and feedback in the comments section below. You can check out other related articles. We will soon come up with more such related articles.

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