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24 DIY Plastic Bottle Craft Ideas for Kids

24 DIY Plastic Bottle Craft Ideas for Kids

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24 DIY Plastic Bottle Craft Ideas for Kids

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Kids are masters in exploring their creativity beyond all boundaries. They make use of almost everything around them to fabricate and design gorgeous stuffs that adorn their kids ambiance and also make a part of funny Toy land. Plastic bottles that are present in almost all household can provide incredible notions and ideas to make attractive toys, vases, stands and many more stuffs. The magic of these plastic craft ideas for kids spellbinds everyone with the creativity used in making them.

Plastic is truly a menace in today’s society. We are looking for ways to get rid of the single use plastic. We are looking forward to a tomorrow where we do not use plastic and none of it goes to the landfills as it takes thousands of years to decompose. Let us today look at some of the easy DIY easy plastic bottle crafts. These plastic bottle crafts not only will help us to lessen the plastic waste but also these crafts turn out to be great show pieces and they can even be used to play with. They will surely help you cherish the little moments we have with our loved ones.

DIY Easy Plastic Bottle Crafts

Many of the goods we use daily are disposable. We toss away a lot of products that are damaging to the environment if not recycled properly, from cutlery to carrier bags. Buying reusable, sustainably sourced things and reusing or recycling the throwaway items we have is an excellent approach to do our part. Single-use plastic bottles are designed to be used only once. It is not safe to drink from single-use plastic bottles. While most plastic bottles are recyclable, they can also be used for a variety of purposes other than drinking.

It’s time to dig into the recyclable bin and gather all your plastic bottles. These 24 plastic bottle crafts for kids are fun, creative, beautiful, bizarre, and down right awesome. Happy Crafting!

Beautiful and easy plastic bottle crafts

This is an easy plastic bottle craft idea. First of all collect some used plastic bottles. Start by cleaning and drying the plastic bottles. Draw a rough sketch on the plastic bottle of an animal or a puppet. Now you can paint this basic draft into your choice of colors. You can use bright colors to make it look beautiful. You can details to the animals and puppets with a black sharpie pen. You can even make patterns on the bottles which are currently in use.

Puppets making easy plastic bottle crafts

Image Source/Tutorial: Tia Ale Blog

Make your Handmade Giraffe with plastic bottles, for making it you have to fold the plastic bottle to make it as a Giraffe face. This is a great way to utilize PET bottles. These single use plastic bottles create a big mess. You can make horse mouth puppets with these bottles. Cut off the neck of the PET bottle. Now paste it on a wooden bar. Seal it in place with a thread. Add the necessary features to the horse’s face. You can add googly eyes or make eyes from paper. Add felt ears, nose and a red nose. Add woolen hair mane to the back of the horse for that dramatic effect. You can play with this horse or even enact a play with it as a prop.

Star Gaze easy plastic bottle crafts

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Activities 

Lights excite everyone and this glowing sensory bottle looks magical in dark. For making this beautiful glowing sensory bottle all you need is a Durable plastic bottle, Hair Gel – a nearly full bottle, Glitter Glue, Glow in the dark paint, Glue, Glow in the dark mini stars which you can buy from Amazon. This craft is a must-try for all kids and makes your nights more beautiful.

This is a very beautiful star wars inspired plastic bottle craft. This craft can be realised with the help of sparkles, paint and silicon stars. Start by making a color and water mixture and pour it in the bottle. Shake the bottle well after pouring the sparkles. Now add the stars to the star wars bottle. You can also add glowing stars in the bottle to make it a great visual at night.

Beautiful and easy plastic bottle crown crafts

Crystal Crowns Be queen and make the Crystal crowns from plastic bottles for yourself.

Image Source/Tutorial: Paper Plate and Plane

This is a great crown craft using a plastic bottle. You can make this crown using plastic bottle crafts for your little princess. Start by cutting the base of the plastic bottle in shape of the crown. Use sand paper to smoothen the edges. Now use a 3-D glitter to form different designs on the crown. This way you will get a beautiful crown.

Glittering crystal crown will look magnificent on you, so today make this craft and wear this pretty crown. For making this you have to cut the plastic bottle in the shape of a crown and with the help of silver glitter make the design on it and done! So easy to make and splendid to look at.

Big Butterfly easy plastic bottle crafts

Pop Bottle Craft Make simple waste bottles alluring and attractive by making this Pop bottle craft.

Image Source/Tutorial: Crafts For all Seasons

This is an easy-to-make plastic bottle craft idea for kids. This large butterfly can be easily made. Start by cleaning and drying the big plastic bottle. Add pipe cleaner to the bottleneck as the antenna for the butterfly. Now cut out large wings for the butterfly and stick them to the top of the plastic bottle using duct tape. Paint the wings in a colorful myriad.

Make wings on your bottle and make it super cute. Girls love making this type of fun-loving craft and making this Pop bottle craft is a cakewalk for kids. For making this you need to collect one bottle, cardboard, sheets, some decorating ornaments to make it attractive, glue, and scissors.

Doll house easy plastic bottle crafts

This is a very easy way to realise the doll house in a milk carton. First of all cut the milk carton sideways and form a cavity. Clean and dry the cut milk carton. Sand the edges to smoothen them. You may cut out doors and windows in the milk carton. Now you may place your doll and other belongings of your doll inside the doll house you have made.

Monsters for Halloween easy plastic bottle crafts

Make your fun monster with the help of plastic bottles, kids love playing with this. For making this you have to take a bottle, then make your favorite monster on it with the help of painting colors and for making tooth of the monster cut bottle, kids let's try making these plastic bottles monsters.

Image Source/Tutorial: Craftberry Bush

Make your fun monster with the help of plastic bottles, kids love playing with this. For making this you have to take a bottle, then make your favorite monster on it with the help of painting colors and for making tooth of the monster cut bottle, kids let’s try making these plastic bottles monsters.

For the halloween decoration, you can make these scary monsters for the dangerous vibe. Start by cutting a mouth space in the plastic bottle. Smoothen the edges with the help of sandpaper. Now draw and paint a monster over the plastic bottle. Make three-dimensional teeth cut from ivory sheet to the monster mouth. You can also add quirky hair to the plastic bottle monsters.

Umbrellas using easy plastic bottle crafts

Plastic Water Bottle Flowers

Image Source/Tutorial: Crafts By Amanda

You can easily create this summertime plastic bottle craft. Take a plastic bottle and cut it in half. You can decorate the lower half with different decorating material. Color or decorate the top portion and cut it in the form of a flower and spread out like an umbrella. Attach a straw or stick to the base of the umbrella. Add it to the sand-filled bottom portion.

Are you looking for a fun method to recycle your plastic water and drink bottles? This is a great activity for youngsters that makes use of the entire bottle, including the label! You may create a simple one for a guy and name it a palm tree! Summer campers will like this craft as well.

All you need is a plastic bottle, scissors, pebbles, drinking straw, sand, etc. First, labels and lids should be removed but not discarded. The entire water bottle will be consumed! If your water bottle doesn’t come with a label, keep a scrap of paper handy to use instead. Half-cut the water bottle and set the other half aside. Then cut slits in the top half of the bottle, about an inch wide. You should have 8 “petals” in the end.

Outwardly bend the petals. Place the lid on top of the bottle. Squeeze a little white glue into the lid and stick the straw or twig into it. Next, wad up the bottle wrapper and wrap it around the straw to help it stay in place. Fill the bottom half of the water bottle with sand or dirt to a depth of 1.5–2 inches. Insert the bottom end of the straw into it and pack it down a little more. To assist in stabilizing the straw, use pebbles or stones on top of the sand (stem).

Shark using easy plastic bottle crafts

Empty Plastic Bottles Game I know every kid likes games, so kids let's make one for yourself from empty plastic bottles.

Image Source/Tutorial: Krokotak

This is a scary show piece using plastic bottle crafts. You can make this shark and a small fish craft using an old plastic bottle. Start by cutting the large plastic bottle with the help of a cutter in the shape of a shark’s mouth and also cut the shark teeth. Now you can paint the shark mouth in the suitable colors. Make a small fush in the same way and attach a thin rope with the small fish and the shark base. You can play a game of catching the fish by throwing up and catching ut in the shark’s mouth.

Now make a game with plastic bottles, this craft is very creative and fun for kids. For making this craft you need to gather empty plastic bottles, paint colors for making it beautiful, cork, wool, glue gun, and scissors. Kids I highly recommend you to make this craft and play with it.

Teeny tiny easy to make plastic bottle crafts

This is a very unique form of plastic bottle crafts. Cut small shapes from the plastic bottle and smoothen the edges with a sand paper. First of all draw on one of the shapes with the help of a sharpie pen. You can add different shapes and forms. Now seal the structure with the help of another shape of the same size. This way the drawing in sharpie pen gets sealed in the layers of plastic.

Beautiful and easy plastic bottle doll crafts

DIY Recycled Plastic Bottle Hairstyling Doll Super fun hairstyling head doll!

Image Source/Tutorial: Handmade Charlotte

As children we all love to play with dolls. It will be more fun if we get to make a doll too. We can make this beautiful doll by using two different bottle necks. Cut the upper portion of the bottle. Now remove the cap area in one of the tops. Decorate the removed portion bottle piece as the shirt of the doll. Now the upper portion with the cap area attached, make a face on the inverted portion. Fix it in the shirt portion. Add woolen hair to the upper portion. Add beautiful big eyes, a nose and mouth to the doll. This completes out doll craft.

Our favorite craftsman from Barcelona is back with a playful hairstyling head doll made out of recycled plastic bottles. What’s the best part? The yarn hair is alive and well! This technique is ideal for repurposing leftover yarn scraps. All you need is a plastic bottle, yarn scraps, marker, paint, scissor, glue, glue gun, glue, etc.

  1. Cut the top piece off one of the bottles using the grooves as a guide. To make a huge, 3.1-inch hole, cut off the bottle’s neck as well.
  2. It’s now time to cut the second bottle down to size. You’ll need a top and bottom part, with a section cut out of the middle of the bottle and a small top section remaining. The bottle can be left uncut, but it may be a little too long. Push the cover/top section of the head against the bottom section of the head until it fits snugly.
  3. The insides of the bottles, as well as the shoulders and head, should be painted. It doesn’t have to be perfect; in fact, brush strokes look great! Fit the bottom of the head bottle into the huge hole in the shoulders to secure the head onto the shoulders. Glue the two pieces together. Glue the two plastic bottle tops where the eyes should be to make the doll’s face. Cut a 0.7-inch red felt circle and a second felted curve shape for the smiling mouth, then glue them together.
  4. Make a circle around the skull and poke holes in it. Filling in the yarn hair is the most enjoyable (and time-consuming) element of the creation. Cut three strands of yarn to the length you want. Thread a yarn needle with floss, tie a knot at the end, and thread through the holes beginning at the bottom of the head. I’ve stuffed 5 or 6 strands of wool inside each hole.
  5. Start filling the top area of the head with yarn when you’ve finished filling the bottom section. Work from the border holes to the center.
  6. When you’ve finished all of the holes, carefully put the hairy top portion onto the head section to cover the doll’s head. That concludes our discussion. Your new hairy pal is now ready to play and be styled.

Piggy home easy plastic bottle crafts

This piggy bank is so cool. You can actually make a piggy piggy bank. Clean and dry the plastic bottle. Cut a coin sized slit in the bottle’s length at the round surface. Now paint the bottle in the pig’s skin color. You can even paint double coats of the paint on the bottle. Now add bug google eyes. Cut two hot pink felt ears and attach them to the piggy. You can also make a tail for the piggy with a pink pipe cleaner.

Fish using easy plastic bottle crafts

Recycled Bottle Koinobor Decorate your house with this beautiful and colorful Recycled bottle Koinobori.

Image Source/Tutorial: childhood101

This Koinobori is a great plastic bottle craft. You can make this beautiful Koinobori with the help of a plastic bottle shell. Clean and dry the plastic bottle and cut it in two parts. After cutting it, smoothen the edges with a sand paper. Now color the inside region with colored sections and add a boundary to the craft with the help of a black sharpie pen. Draw the scales, eyes, and other structures. Now cut some lengths of the streamers and attach them to the back of the fish to get a beautiful effect. This way you happen to utilise old and used plastic bottles.

Making Koinobori from the waste recycled bottle is a great idea. This koinobori is very magnificent to look at and this is very convenient to make. All you have to need is a Recycled bottle, painting colors, paintbrush, ribbon, and scissors. Try to make this and also gift it to your close ones.

Penguin using easy plastic bottle crafts

This is a very cute penguin plastic bottle craft. You can make this beautiful penguin using an old plastic bottle. First of all section out the regions of black and white as per the body of an actual penguin. Now paint the black regions of the body of the penguin. Get big googly eyes and add it to the face of the penguin. Also make a red nose for the penguin and add yellow colored hair on the head. This looks great.

easy plastic bottle butterfly crafts

You can make these beautiful butterflies using the surface plastic from the PET plastic bottles. Make a body for the butterfly using colorful beads. Attach pipe cleaner to the head of the butterfly to make the antennas of the butterfly. Now cut two identical wings for the butterfly. Define the scales of the wings with the help of a black sharpie pen. Color these wings in beautiful shades. You can use these butterflies to add color to your room or decorate birthday parties.

Octopus using easy plastic bottle crafts

Octopuses are cute and intelligent. You can make an octopus easily with a plastic bottle. Cut off the bottom of the plastic bottle. Cut eight legs of the octopus till the upper portion. This way you get a head portion and the eight legs of the octopus. Now paint the octopus in a blush pink shade. You can double coat the paint for a better finish. Paste googly eyes and add eyelashes to the eyes. Draw mouth of the octopus. Add a pink bow at the head to beautify it.

An aeroplane made using easy plastic bottle crafts

You can make this plastic bottle and paper mache aeroplane. Take a plastic bottle and clean and dry it thoroughly. Make a structure for wings and nose of the aeroplane. Now make paper mache and apply it on the plastic bottle. Cover all the sharp bends. Once you have covered all the sharp bends, let the paper mache dry. Once dried, draw the details using a black sharpie pen on the plane. Paint the aeroplane with suitable colors. You can even stick cartoon characters in the windows of the aeroplane.

A Tribal fence using easy plastic bottle crafts

You can make this beautiful tribal design with the help of old plastic boxes. All the quirky boxes and containers. Stack these containers on top of one other to check beforehand if they can be balanced on top of each other. Once you are sure that the containers can fix on top of each other, start painting and making features for the characters. Once the painting is complete, stack the containers on top of each other and secure them with hot glue gun. This way you get a beautiful tribal tower.

Easy To make plastic bottle Streamer crafts

These plastic streamers are really easy to make. First of all cut the narrow base portion. Clean the bottle thoroughly. Now start cutting in a spiral with a hand held cutter. Go upto the bottle neck while cutting in a spiral shape. Paint the streamers in a myriad of colors. You can even paint the bottle before cutting the bottle.

Wind chimes using easy plastic bottle crafts

You can easily make this wind chime. Cut out the base of the bottle. Clean it thoroughly and dry it. Now punch some holes at the upper edge of the shape. Make a hole at the base to hang it. Make hangings using beads and buttons to be hung at the punches in the base of the bottle. Paint the bottle base in different colors. Now thread the strings through the punch holes to complete the wind chime.

Sky rocket using easy plastic bottle crafts

Super Sci-fi Rocket Fueled Jet Pack--upcycled Craft Diy Are you ready to fly by this super cute Rocket jet craft DIY!

Image Source/Tutorial: Doodlecraft

This is a great skyrocket bagpack for your kid. You can make it using two large PET bottles. Clean these bottles thoroughly. Paint the bottles in a silver spray paint. This gives a metallic sheen to the bottles. Stick these bottles onto a cardboard base. Cut out fire emulating shapes from red, orange paper. Stick this fire emulating shapes at the base of the bottles. Make straps to help your child to wear this skyrocket like a bagpack.

If you’re looking for a craft that excites you on another level then this craft idea is best for you.  The idea of flying with a rocket jet makes kids very excited. For making this craft you need to gather two bottles, painting colors, cardboard, red and orange colorful sheet, some sketches, a glue gun, ribbons, and scissors. So make this fun-loving craft with your friends and enjoy playing with it.

Beautiful Lantern DIY easy plastic bottle crafts

This stylish lantern looks great for barbeque evenings. You must have made a paper version of this at school. You can make this lantern using a sharp cutter, colored paper, plastic bottle. First of all clean the plastic bottle inside out. Now fix a hook in the cap of the plastic bottle which will help us to hang the bottle. Cover the surface of the bottle with colored paper. Now cut broad slits in the surface of the plastic bottle with the help of a sharp cutter. Take care while cutting with a sharp cutter. Hang it outside. You may even add lights to this lantern.

Fish DIY easy plastic bottle crafts

Water Bottle Fish Craft Making Fish with water bottles is a great idea and surely you should try to make this craft.

Beautiful Fish craft from the recycled bottle isn’t a wonderful idea? This craft is very easy to make you just need to cut the Bottle in fish shape then fill it with your favorite color and make a print of your choice, after that stick googly eyes on it, and done!

You can easily make a fish using an old plastic bottle. Start by cutting off the base of the plastic bottle. First of all clean the bottle thoroughly and uncap it. Now flatten the bottle to one side. Cut off the bottom of the bottle. Cut the outer edges of the fish from the corners. Give two triangular cuts. This way you will form the back fin for the fish. Paint the fish in a suitable manner. You can make scales, add weeds, etc. Add big googly eyes to the face of the fish. You can even make a mouth using a black sharpie pen.

Jelly Fish inside a bottle easy plastic bottle crafts

This is a very simple plastic bottle craft. You can make this plastic bottle craft by using a clear blue plastic bottle. Check if the bottle is leak proof. Make sure it is leak proof. Clean the bottle thoroughly. Fill up the bottle with water. Place threads or foam inside the liquid filled water. Now close the cap of the bottle. Now when you move the bottle, the thread and foam move along with it. This is a great play mate for kids.

Bottle Hen & Cock

DIY Plastic Bottle Craft Ideas for Kids BOTTLE HEN & COCK

We can make many animals from bottles by coloring them. In this art, we made a hen and a cock with their little hands and feet. Such arts make use of bottles and help kids to increase their productivity and skills.  Kids can use such arts while presenting any poem and story related to hens.

Bottle Cap Hanging

DIY Plastic Bottle Craft Ideas for Kids BOTTLE CAP HANGING

Bottle caps are the most waste product in our house. But here is an incredible idea to make it useful, make a hanging using cap and some ribbons. This will make kids more creative and use waste products. Also, they make doors and walls looking beautiful. Such art pieces can be used in Halloween and kids party. Most suitable for primary school kids, they can make such arts with the help of their elders.

Bottle Cap Halloween Decor

DIY Plastic Bottle Craft Ideas for Kids BOTTLE CAP HALLOWEEN DECOR

In Halloween, we make very unique and peculiar decoration items. So here are some bottles hanging spider that can be used to make that decoration more interesting. It will look very colorful too and are very easy to make. This will also involve our kids in productive activity.

Plastic Bottle Minions

DIY Plastic Bottle Craft Ideas for Kids PLASTIC BOTTLE MINIONS

Minions are very cute and famous cartoon nowadays. We can paint water bottles and convert it in a minion like given in this picture. Kids can play with or can use this as their pencil holders or to hide their secret things. These minions look very cute when we place them in our rooms.

Bottle Fish

DIY Plastic Bottle Craft Ideas for Kids BOTTLE FISH

A plastic bottle fish, very different but good idea to keep our kids busy. This fish art will tell kids about fish and its structure. Also, we can utilize the waste water bottle in a good way. Kids can learn things more easily when they say it practically as they can examine it more properly.

Cartoon Pencil Holders


Unusable bottles can be converted into these unique pencil holders. This is the best way to make best out of a waste. Bottle pencil holders can be decorated as given in the picture to make them more attractive. They can be used to keep kids pens, colors, pencils or any such item. This will make kids creative and also reuse the waste product.

Bottle Piggy Bank


Kids love to keep a piggy bank to collect their money which they get from their parents. Instead of buying them a costly piggy bank, we can make a bottle piggy bank as given in this picture. Such arts have many benefits as they are cost-effective, reuse a waste product, amplify creativity of kids, keep our money. So encourage kids to make such arts.

Bottle Hanging Lamp


Now this one is a very creative and useful art which can be used to make our homes more beautiful and colorful. We can make a pretty bulb holder with a bottle and some flowers. This art is most suitable for Diwali, as on Diwali we decorate our houses with colorful lights.

DIY Bottle Flower


Water bottles can be reused by making such creative arts. We can make a sunflower out of these bottles as given in this picture. These arts will make our drawing rooms more inviting and also reuse plastic bottles. This art is not very tough, you only need a little knowledge of art and you can make it easier.

We hope you liked all these easy-to-make DIY plastic bottle crafts. This would surely initiate a step towards lesser pollution. Do share your views on plastic waste with us in the comments section below. We will soon come up with more such articles for you.

Thank you and have a good day!

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