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24 Amazing DIY Pom Pom Crafts for Kids to Make and Play

24 Amazing DIY Pom Pom Crafts for Kids to Make and Play

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24 Amazing DIY Pom Pom Crafts for Kids to Make and Play

Activities for Kids

Crafty kids will love spinning yarn with these fuzzy little things which take just minutes to make! Theses 24 Amazing DIY Pom Pom Crafts For Kids will keep your crafty kiddo’s busy for hours making pom poms that will blow your mind with their adorableness. You can make pompoms the old fashioned way using a cardboard donut, a strip of card or even using a fork.

These truly are delightful, but they will also teach your kids how to follow patterns, direction-guided play, and let you get rid of some of that yarn building up in your yarn box. Have fun!

DIY Pom Pom Crafts for Kids

We are here with some amazing knitting crafts which are mostly found interested among both kids and adults. This can also be taken as an opportunity to explore more in the field of knitting. There are ample number of tutorials that the kids can explore and have fun with learning. Usually, parents might have a fear to make children work with piercing objects like a needle.

But with safety precautions and the proper guidance of both the teacher and the parents, children can drive to a new destination which has immense potential to enhance their creativity. Kids are requested to follow the instructions carefully to ensure our guarantee of hundred per cent safety and success.

1. Multicolor Worms

Amazing Crafts for Kids to Learn And Enjoy Rainbow Wormies

This craft idea to make these round caterpillar structures attached clips will enhance your crafting skills. The idea of the clips finds impressive and make kids try the same on other bases like hanging toys and home decors.

2. Knitting Is Fun

Amazing Crafts for Kids to Learn And Enjoy Knitting Is Fun

This knitted balls made of woollen threads is awesome. This would be a new experience for kids making them enjoy the work. The balls can be used as hangers as well.

3. Yellow Kiwis

Amazing Crafts for Kids to Learn And Enjoy Yellow Kiwis

Here, we make you familiarize with an amazing home decor idea which can be tried by all age groups. Kids would be taken to another level of creativity if they could make their imagination fly high like this.

4. The World Of Fruits

Amazing Crafts for Kids to Learn And Enjoy The World Of Fruits

The tutorial gives the steps involved in making the knitted versions of fruits like watermelon, strawberry and orange. This makes the kids even to rewind the lessons they studied relating to what they are making as a craft.

5. Angry BirdsAmazing Crafts for Kids to Learn And Enjoy Angry Birds

The same concept is being used here also to make the knitted version of angry birds using woolen threads. These can be used as kids toys and decors.

6. Grey Woolen Rabbit

Amazing Crafts for Kids to Learn And Enjoy Grey Woolen Rabbit

The concept of the grey baby rabbit is also being brought to the scene using woolen threads. Utilizing the basics of hand knitting and enables the kids to be familiar with the same. This craft comes under the category of home decors.

7. Cutie Chicks

Amazing Crafts for Kids to Learn And Enjoy Cutie Chicks

Here again, we are following the same material as we used in the previous case and the steps followed are also the same. This an be used as kids toys or as home decor.

8. Fluffy And Alluring

Amazing Crafts for Kids to Learn And Enjoy Fluffy And Alluring

Here we come up with an amazing idea of a parachute that is made with woolen threads. The base is made with fine round ropes wound around.

9. I am a little mouse

Amazing Crafts for Kids to Learn And Enjoy I am a little mouse

This one is a simple craft that can be made as a baby toy or as a key chain holder. The criteria is simple with very less raw materials.

10. Cute Wall Hangers

Cute Wall Hangers Cute Wall Hangers

This craft is one of the easiest among the ones given among the following. It doesn’t require many efforts. The details of the craft is being thoroughly explained by the tutor.

11. Red Mushroom

Red Mushroom Red Mushroom

Here, the artist makes reddish mushroom with the same raw materials. This can be used as door key chains and hangers on walls. The method of making is rather simple.

12. Pencil Heads

Pencil Heads Pencil Heads

This is a wonderful idea in which the artist tends to bring out the concept of thread knitted balls as pencil tops which can be found attractive for kids.

13. Do I Look Like I’m Funny

Do I Look Like I'm Funny

Here we can see a craft that is made with fine white woolen threads with some added extra fittings. This turns to be perfect as a key chain if attached to a holder.

14. The Solar System

The Solar System

This is a wonderful craft that finds to be attractive an useful in many domains for both instructors and kids for science projects, teaching aids etc.

15. A Perfect Wall Hanger

A Perfect Wall Hanger

This is a perfect wall hanger that can be made easier with the help of parents and teachers. This can be amusing to small kids as well as elders.

16. The One-Eyed Greenie

The One Eyed Greenie

This is again a good idea that can be made to be useful in the making of crafts that can adapt to different uses. The making of this one is described in the tutorial provided.

17. Beaded Floor Mats

Beaded Floor Mats

This is a floor mat designed with woolen threads that are made with the same idea of piling of up and attaching small balls on stitching. This would be a variety in the field of home decors since it would add beauty to the rooms, unlike regular floor mats.

18. Snow White Doggy

Snow White Doggy

The making of a white doggy that looks really cute and impressive would be fun activity. Especially, kids can find this attractive which can even be preferred over other class of toys which might hurt them because of its rough surfaces.

19. Alluring Ceiling Hanger

Alluring Ceiling Hanger

This is an amazing craft that can fit to walls and ceilings of houses and other institutions. The same idea of knitted balls are used here.

20. The Chick Face

The Chick Face

Here, the tutor have explained the making of a yellow chick face and attached it to a key holder. This is an easy to make and the steps involved are mentioned as followed.

21. Snow Man

Snow Man

Here we make a snow man following the same raw materials and efforts which we put like we have done the previous ones. The result proves to be very positive because the instructions are given in accordance with the mistakes that are possible to be made by us.

22. Welcome to Animal World

Welcome to Animal World

Here we make the faces of animals which can be used as teaching aids for teachers and as playing toys for small kids which can improve their creativity too.

23. A Fluffy White Sheep

A Fluffy White Sheep

This is also a thread work done using pure white threads that are wreathed on a base. This can be made easily with the help of parents and teachers.

24. Big Ball Man With Hearts On Top

Big Ball Man With Hearts On Top

This is a variety of craft that can be made easier with the same thread as we used before.  This is a wonderful toy that can be used as gift materials.

So far we have seen various kinds of crafty ornaments used as gifts and for casual decorations which are compatible with all age groups. Thank you for watching our sessions.

Hope these pom pom crafts did enrich you with the basic skills on craft and proved to be useful. If you liked the sessions, do visit again. Give a try and let us know what do gain from it. We would also like to hear from you as we believe that you are our strength. So please do post your comments and queries without reluctance.

Activities for Kids
  • 24 Amazing DIY Pom Pom Crafts for Kids to Make and Play
  • 24 Amazing DIY Pom Pom Crafts for Kids to Make and Play
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