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15+ Easy Boat Craft Ideas for Kids

15+ Lovely and Easy Boat Crafts for Kids

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15+ Easy Boat Craft Ideas for Kids

Find fun and simple boat craft projects your kids can make using materials around the house like cardboard, popsicle sticks, and plastic bottles.

Keeping kids busy on rainy spring days is no easy task! Boats and ships are as fun to make on land as they are to watch on the water. Take a look at these delightful boat crafts you can make with the kids. From creative sails using recycled materials to the cutest miniature walnut boats, or rustic driftwood versions – there’s a boat here to suit your little captain at sea. Try these cute rainy-day craft ideas to keep kids happy when they can’t go outside.

Lovely and Easy Boat Crafts for Kids

Lovely and Easy Boat Crafts for Kids

Handmade Rubber Band Bottle Boat craft Using Popsicle Sticks

Handmade Rubber Band Bottle Boat Using Popsicle Sticks

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

This project is a fun and creative way to make a rubber band bottle boat using popsicle sticks. Perfect for a DIY project, it is a great way to spark the imagination and keep kids entertained. It is simple to make and can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Image Source/Tutorial: Redtedart

Image Source/Tutorial: The Craft Train

Balloon Sponge Boat: Let kids blow into a balloon to power their own fun sponge boat to make their own bath toy.

Image Source/Tutorial: Papier Mache Boats

Stunning Papier Mache Boats

Image Source/Tutorial: Kate’s Creative Space

Cork Boats: Save your corks and make these bright and fun miniature boats. I love the vibrant paper sails on these.

Image Source/Tutorial: hello, Wonderful

Bottle Boat With a Motor: Recycle water bottles and turn them into cool motorized sailboats! A great bath time toy as well.

Image Source/Tutorial: Alisa Burke

Driftwood Boats: These rustic boats have a natural feel to them from the driftwood and the pretty watercolor sails double as a fun art project.

Image Source/Tutorial:

A while back we also made Egg Carton boats – and used the kids artwork to decorate the flags.

Image Source/Tutorial: Mollymoo

Recycled Boat: If you have kids, chances are you’ve got plenty of empty milk cartons to play with. Transform them into fun recycled boats to inspire stories of the sea.

Image Source/Tutorial: Twodaloo

Walnut Shell Boats: Get the little ones excited about coloring in the sails for these adorable little walnut boats.

Image Source/Tutorial:

Made some rafts using Craft Sticks. They look fabulous.

Image Source/Tutorial: She Knows

Ice Cube Boats: Cool off with these easy ice cube boats – a great outdoor summer craft.

Image Source/Tutorial: Craft and Creativity

Paper Boats: These paper boats can be made with different colored patterned papers. Fill them up with treats or string them together to make a cute garland or mobile.

Image Source/Tutorial: Little Monster

Fairy Boats: Scavenge some twigs and leaves and make sweet little boats fit for any fairy.

Image Source/Tutorial:

Walnut boat craft Ideas

Image Source/Tutorial: Redted art

This collection of easy boat crafts for kids provides plenty of fun ways for your kids to explore the wonders of the sea through craft activities.

This is a great way to provide your children with a fun and educational experience that they can enjoy with friends and family. With these easy boat crafts for kids, you can help them explore the sea, create unique projects and make memories that will last a lifetime. Hope you like these Boats Craft for kids to make.

Lovely and Easy Boat Crafts for Kids

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