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21 Awesome Pony Bead Craft projects for Kids

21 Awesome Pony Bead Craft projects for Kids

DIY and Crafts

21 Awesome Pony Bead Craft projects for Kids

Activities for Kids

You will find crafts using Pony Beads for kids. There are so many things you can do with beads! Your kids are going to love these 21 Brilliant Pony Bead Crafts. From melting them into beautiful sun catchers, to creating truly striking Valentine art, you and your children are going to run out of beads Way before you run out of ideas!

Here are Ideas for Cool Arts and Crafts Projects with Pony Beads with the following crafts activities, instructions, patterns, and printables for Kids.

This sweet pony bead heart is a simple design, yet so elegant. It’s a great kid-made valentine to someone they truly love.Tutorial via: hollysartcorner

Create this fun pony bead abacus and let your child learn to count in one of the oldest ways possible. Tutorial via: kidsactivitiesblog

These pony bead princess bracelets are so much fun to make, and each one represents a different Disney princess! Tutorial via: cutesycrafts

How sweet is this pony bead butterfly? Simple enough for preschoolers, and if you add a magnet it’s also a great way to show off their other artwork! Tutorial via: indietutes

This pony bead bowl is perfect for keys, knick knacks and other baubles and yet simple enough for your kiddo’s to design themselves. Tutorial via: craftycraftons

How beautiful are these pony bead hangers? Such a fun craft for any kiddo who wants to hang up that ‘special’ outfit in a stand-out way. Tutorial via: we-made-that

Bangles are fun for all ages, and pony beads can be turned into a whole lot of bangles in just a few hours. Tutorial via: kinfolkcrafts

Make a truly dream worthy sun catcher using pony beads. Maybe add some feathers or other gorgeous colors, too! Tutorial via: babbledabbledo

And for the littles, you can make this sweet and colorful pony bead shamrock. Bring a little luck into home with this one! Tutorial via: learncreatelove

Work on those fine motor skills and color matching skills with these pony beads threaded onto feathers. Tutorial via: sugaraunts

Cute hair clips are just a few minutes away with these awesome pony bead activity. Simply melt them into the shape of a flower (or heart or whatever) and affix them to the clip. Beautiful! Tutorial via: the36thavenue

How adorable is this bead sun catcher with a heart shape in the middle? You could make one with almost any shape imaginable! Tutorial via: clevercatastrophe

How about some delightful wind chimes that take almost no time at all to make. The instructions are easy and your kids are going to have a blast. Tutorial via: notimeforflashcards

Another awesome craft for following patterns! These beaded lizards are super easy to weave, plus your kids will learn all about following directions. Tutorial via: sugarbeecrafts

Does your little Princess need a crown? Now she can make her own Snow White crown with clear beads and pipe cleaners. Tutorial via: makeandtakes

Little creepy caterpillars are fun for little hands and perfect for kiddo’s who maybe aren’t into snakes, but still want to make a little critter. Plus, the beads can be used over and over for other projects. Tutorial via: makeandtakes

These silly snakes are so sweet and slithery, your child won’t even realize they are working on those fine motor skills with this one. Tutorial via: kidsactivitiesblog

Work on creating amazing patterns with this vertical pony bead heart project. Beautiful kid made gift, too! Tutorial via: de-tout-et-de-rien-caroline

This bead pendant is a perfect craft for bigger kids and something they can turn into necklaces, bracelets and more! Tutorial via: cutoutandkeep

Make some truly beautiful jewelry that your kids will be proud of with this pony bead ring craft. Tutorial via: cookingwithmykid

Let your kids make something sweet with this little slice of watermelon. They can use it as a backpack charm or a keychain. Tutorial via: freekidscrafts

Hope you like these Pony bead craft projects.

Activities for Kids
  • 21 Awesome Pony Bead Craft projects for Kids
  • 21 Awesome Pony Bead Craft projects for Kids
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