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15+ DIY Homemade Wind Chimes Crafts for Kids

15+ DIY Homemade Wind Chimes Crafts for Kids

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15+ DIY Homemade Wind Chimes Crafts for Kids

Activities for Kids

Kids will love creating music with nature with these 15+ homemade wind chimes for kids to make. As always, our creations are easy and inexpensive because we make them with recyclables or items from nature, or things we already have around the house. Hopefully these ideas will inspire you and your kids to add a splash of colour and whimsy to your backyard this spring.

From beautiful spinning colors, to magical wind-blown sounds, these crafts will give kids hours of fun that they can appreciate year round. Enjoy!

1. Beaded Wind Chimes

This bead wind chime won’t make much noise, but it sure will look beautiful swaying in the wind. Tutorial via: first palette

2. More Mudlarking in the sun

Look around your home and find spare buttons, keys and whatnots to create this recycled chime! Tutorial via: Blogesteix

3. Melted bead craft – Valentine’s day wind chimes

Show your love of nature with these melted bead heart chimes. Tutorial via: notimeforflashcards

4. DIY Skeleton Keys Wind-Chimes

How about hanging some old skeleton keys for a beautiful chime that looks way more complicated than it is! Tutorial via: simplydarrling

5. Wind Chime / Sun Catcher

Or bring the stars out in the day with some melted bead chimes that’ll sparkle under the sunlight. Tutorial via: stayathomelife

6. Homemade Wind Chimes the Kids Can Make!

Let the kids paint their own cans and lids for this splatter wind chime. Tutorial via: handsonaswegrow

7. Spring Garden washer wind chimes

Washers will look gorgeous hanging on a wind chime and not only will they brighten your yard, they’ll sound great, too! Tutorial via: onetimethrough

8. Terracotta Flower Pot Wind Chime

Take some terra cotta planters and create a chime that’ll make music all day long. Tutorial via: houseofjoyfulnoise

9. Xylophone Wind Chime From a Children’s Toy

What a smart idea! Recycled xylophone keys are going to sound fantastic blowing in the wind. Tutorial via: instructables

10. Recycled Plastic lid Wind Chime

How about recycling some of those old lids into a colorful chime your kids will be proud of. Tutorial via: craftsbyamanda

11. Kid’s Craft: Make a Wind Chime out of Plastic Eggs

This fish wind chime is actually plastic Easter eggs. It looks so incredible and you’ll love showing it off in your home. Tutorial via: morenascorner

12. Recycled Crafts: DIY Key Wind Chime

Paint keys and hang them from a stick to make a beautiful chime that’ll brighten your front porch. Tutorial via: step by step ideas

13. DIY Sun catcher/Wind chime

Melted plastic beads will make sun catcher wind chimes that sparkle under the bright spring sun. Tutorial via: stayathomelife

14. Kiddo Crafts: Beach Memento Wind Chime

If you’re planning a trip to the shores, pick up some shells and make a wind chime that’ll memorialize your trip! Tutorial via: mamamiss

15. DIY Wind Chimes

This one is so much fun because not only can kids make it, but it reuses spoons from their ice cream! No waste here! Tutorial via: handmade charlotte

16. DIY Wind chime–kid craft

These cans will sound magical once the wind kicks up. And working on this can chime will teach your kids about upcycling. Tutorial via: agirlandagluegun

Hope you like these wind chime kids crafts.

Activities for Kids
  • 15+ DIY Homemade Wind Chimes Crafts for Kids
  • 15+ DIY Homemade Wind Chimes Crafts for Kids
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