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15 Awesome and Fun Fingerprint Crafts for Kids

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15 Awesome and Fun Fingerprint Crafts for Kids

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There are so many things that can be made with fingerprint. Grab any kind of paint and little crafter hands to start working on these fingerprint crafts for kids. With just a couple of doodles and dots, you get your very own unique creation. Here are 20 fun fingerprint and thumbprint art ideas to help inspire you and get the creatives juices flowing! All of them are lots of fun and really simple.

15 Awesome and Fun Fingerprint Crafts for Kids

1. Fingerprint Alphabet

Help your young ones learn the letters of the alphabet with this fingerprint activity. Tutorial via: hello, Wonderful

2. DIY Four Season Hand and Fingerprint Tree

Making a DIY Four Season Hand and fingerprint tree is a great way to teach your children about the changing seasons while making a beautiful keepsake. Tutorial via: rhythms of play

3. Bubble Wrap Beehive and Fingerprint Bees

There is nothing scary about these cartoon fingerprint bees! Print them on top of this bubble wrap beehive. Tutorial via: Crafty Morning

4. Disney Inspired Fingerprint Art

Fun experimenting with making some fingerprint Disney characters of our own. Tutorial via: childhood 101

5. Fingerprint Apple Tree

Use fingerprints to make leaves and apples for this cute fall craft. Your kids will have a lot of fun working on this project. Tutorial via: Crafts by Courtney

6. Fingerprint draw a zoo!

You can draw with your child a zoo! Tutorial via: Fingerprint Animals

7. Fingerprint Fish Aquarium Craft

Super simple and very popular activity of mine – our fingerprint fish aquarium craft! Tutorial via: funhandprintartblog

8. “Love You Bunches” Kids Thumbprint Card

What a great idea for Father’s Day! These DIY cards can be used for any holiday or loved one. They are super adorable and easy to craft. Tutorial via: Crafty Morning

9. Mother’s Day Thumbprint Magnet Gift

This is the sweetest gift idea for Mother’s Day. It’s an easy magnet craft that your kids can make with just a little bit of help from an adult. Tutorial via: First Grade Blue Skies

10. Fingerprint Poppy Flower Craft for Kids

Have your kids use their little fingerprints to craft these pretty poppy flowers. Red fingerprints for the flower and black fingerprints for the flowers’ center. Tutorial via: Sassy Dealz

11. Fingerprint Comics

Tutorial via: Fingerprint Comics

12. DIY Thumbprint Love Bug Cards

These thumbprint love bug cards are perfect for sending to grandparents, loved ones, or neighbors. Turn thumbprints into cute love bugs. Tutorial via: The Spruce

13. DIY Pineapple Thumbprint Art

Frame these beautiful pineapple art pictures after your kids are done crafting them. Don’t be afraid to get a bit messy and mix paint colors to achieve the cool color gradient effect that these pineapples have. Tutorial via: Beckham + Belle

14. Transportation Vehicles Fingerprint Art

Fun transportation vehicle fingerprint theme that combines the best of both worlds. Tutorial via: hellowonderful

15. Fingerprint Turkey Napkin Rings

Use these turkey napkin ring holders for your next Thanksgiving dinner. These can be saved and reused year after year. Tutorial via: Make and Takes

Hope you like these fingerprint kids crafts.

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