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23 Kids Loving Airplane Crafts

23 Kids Loving Airplane Crafts

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23 Kids Loving Airplane Crafts

Activities for Kids

Kids who love airplanes will go crazy for these ideas! These 23 Airplane Crafts for Kids are fun, easy to make. More than just paper airplanes, these crafts and activities will awaken their inner aeronautical engineer and bring out the Wright Brothers within.

Do you also dream of flying high up in the sky when you grow up? Well, for now, at least you can design your own airplanes and give wings to your dreams. Check out our collection of DIY airplane crafts and try to fly your plane as high as the sky.

The following crafts are made by recycling stuff like empty water bottle, old wheel rim, sheets of paper from old magazines etc. This teaches us the importance of flying high but with conscious consideration for the land below. Suitable for kids aged 5 to 11, these crafts promote creative thinking and an empirical, innovative approach.

Fly Higher : DIY Airplane Crafts For Kids

1. Recycled Water Bottle Plane

Fly Higher : DIY Airplane Crafts For Kids Recycled Water Bottle Plane

If you want to jazz up the decorations of your room with things reflecting your ambitions, this craft is a must-try for you. Use an old water or soft drink bottle and modify it into a fighter plane. Add the details by following our tutorial and show off your creative side.

2. Airplane Craft

Fly Higher : DIY Airplane Crafts For Kids Airplane Craft

Remember, every master was once was a beginner. You might have to wait for a few years till you can fly a real plane but you can definitely begin with the prototypes. Try out this craft for the love of flying and be a step closer to your wishes.

3. Airplane Magnet

Fly Higher : DIY Airplane Crafts For Kids Airplane Magnet

Can you guess what these super cool magnets are made of?

Cloth clips…yes! That is true. Use popsicle sticks, cloth clips and a tiny magnet to design these airplanes.

4. Cardboard Airplane

Fly Higher : DIY Airplane Crafts For Kids

If you like to keep your crafts customized and personalized, make these airplanes from old packing boxes and paint them to your preference. Add details with a fine tip marker and you are all set to go.

5. Airplane Chandelier

Fly Higher : DIY Airplane Crafts For Kids Fly Higher : DIY Airplane Crafts For Kids

This is just a perfect example of recycling. Make colorful paper planes from magazine covers, comics and used charts to make this splendid chandelier. Attach them with a wheel rim and see them revolve in a splendid movement.

5. Egg Carton Glider

Fly Higher : DIY Airplane Crafts For Kids Egg Carton Glider

Use a spare egg tray to craft a glider. The lightweight facilitates an easy take-off and a long, smooth flight.

6. Airplane Badges

Fly Higher : DIY Airplane Crafts For Kids Airplane Badges

Now when you have crafted your own aircraft, you should look like a pilot as well. Here are some airplane badges you can craft from sponges and dishwashers. They can also be used to decorate and adorn cupboards, walls, bookshelves etc.

7. Dragon Air Craft

Fly Higher : DIY Airplane Crafts For Kids Dragon Air Craft

Inspired from the pages of mythology, this Dragon Aircraft DIY is for the warriors! Try making this royal plane and see your buddies get a bit envious of your skills.

8. Popsicle Stick Plane

Fly Higher : DIY Airplane Crafts For Kids Popsicle Stick Plane

Paint some ice cream sticks and arrange them creatively to make an aircraft. The louder colors you use, the bolder your art is.

9. Missile Mission

Fly Higher : DIY Airplane Crafts For Kids Missile Mission

Efficiency is using the minimum resources to deliver the maximum results.  This missile craft is efficiency comprised into a lean design. Use a lightweight straw, weight for a windy day and go give flight to your dreams.

10. Simply Beautiful

Fly Higher : DIY Airplane Crafts For Kids Simply BeautifulSimply Beautiful

To think that only complicated crafts are amazing is absolutely a false outlook. Simple things are always beautiful. A simple paper plane can be made a bit more adorable by using a fancy sheet of paper or better still is to handcraft a paper for the same.

11. Aeroplane Model

Aeroplane Model

To ace a school project or to simply gain that artistic satisfaction, this aeroplane model is the best in class. Customize it a bit to suit your needs and set the bars high in creativity.

12. Recycle Crafts

Recycle CraftsRecycle Crafts

A true artist can transform a heap of waste into a glorious art with his creativity. This is what recycling stands for. Be it empty toilet paper rolls or rusted cloth pins, it is up to your creativity to use them wisely. Refer to these samples and try making some new aircraft models by recycling.

13. Propeller Plane

Propeller Plane

Before the Right Brothers built their first aircraft, they had made innumerable trials as children to make propellers with the help of old matchboxes and a rubber band. The bottom line is every inventor was once a beginner. Follow our step by step guide to making a propeller craft for yourself.

14. Bottle Air Plane DIY

Bottle Air Plane DIY

Empty bottles, a few spare bottle caps and a bit of creativity is all you need to make this super cool aircraft DIY. Add a few details with a marker and give your space a techie makeover.

15. Cloth Pins Aero Plane

Cloth Pins Aero Plane

Paint old and rusted cloth pins to make military jet planes. These are also paperweights to put to use.

16. Star Wars Plane

Star Wars Plane

Are you a  Star Wars fan? Try this craft and show off your star wars admiration to the world.

17. Popsicle Propeller

Popsicle Propeller

Popsicle sticks are such magical things. One can literally craft anything from them. Here is yet another stupendous idea for you to try quickly.

18. Craft With Cardboard

Craft With Cardboard

This complicated design is not really complicated to craft. Use old package boxes and follow our tutorial to make this amazing flying machine.

19. Tube Recycle

Tube Recycle

When treated gently and creatively, everything in the world has an inherent power to become beautiful. Look at this craft! Who thought old ointment tubes could look so beautiful!

20. Weigh It Down

Weigh It Down

Flying is basically good management of weight. Use coins to sustain your aircraft and fly it to longer distances.

These simple crafts teach us that any point of time, it is in our hands to fulfil our own dreams. Take a small step each day and one day you shall reach your intended destination. Hope you have fun crafting these. Stay tuned to our website for more interesting DIYs.Please show us your love in the comments section below.

Activities for Kids
  • 23 Kids Loving Airplane Crafts
  • 23 Kids Loving Airplane Crafts
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