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24 Crazy Monster Crafts for Kids

24 Crazy Monster Crafts for Kids

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24 Crazy Monster Crafts for Kids

Activities for Kids

The word monster used to be a scary thing for kids, but not so much anymore. There are so many colorful monster crafts for kids these days, you can even theme an entire party with monsters! Love making them because there are just so many creative possibilities.

These 24 Crazy Monster Crafts for Kids are going to be so much for all of you! Your kids will be able to unleash those while imaginations, and you’ll enjoy crafting time. Happy Crafting!

Crazy Monster Crafts for Kids

Monsters are not seen in real life. But we say many stories about them to make children scary. They really get scared and the next time we say about monsters they obey our orders. Those are tricks of parents. Try out these fabulous monsters and make children enjoy with them. OMG!!! They Are Monsters!

1. Threatenig Eyes:

Crazy Monster Crafts for Kids Threatenig Eyes

Monsters are scarier and the one eyed monsters make them look even more scarier. They are terrible to look at. Make these with just cardboard. It does not take much time and effort.

2. Bubble Monsters:

Crazy Monster Crafts for Kids Bubble Monsters

The bubble monsters gives us a extra terrific effect than orders. It’s very easy to make and makes children run away seeing them. If you touch them in your hand, it gives us goosebumps because of its appearance. But these can be even your monstrous friend.

3. Colour Fun:

Crazy Monster Crafts for Kids Colour Fun

Colourful monsters are even more cool and interesting. Make your creativity revealed in such things. Monsters are not in a particular shape, so do any shape and enjoy it..

4. Stand Straight Monsters:

Crazy Monster Crafts for Kids Stand Straight Monsters

Make some standing monsters and play with them. Get ready for the monster war. Let good and evil fight. Make this more funny by calling your friends and having a fight between them.

5. Hairy Trouble:

Crazy Monster Crafts for Kids Hairy Trouble

Monsters are not just meant for fear. They can be cool and be your friend. Make such friendly monsters and keep some colour papers to make hair for them.

6. Slimy Fear:

Crazy Monster Crafts for Kids Slimy Fear

Imagine a slimy and feary object in your hand. OMG!!! It seems scarier to even imagine. Make such things and make life enjoyable.

Life is not just for beautiful things, they are also for ugliest monsters!?

7. Glowing Trouble:

Crazy Monster Crafts for Kids Glowing Trouble

KidsKids  a hard time when parents ask them to sleep night. Scare them with glowing monsters and make them sleep soon. Don’t worry they remain calm and crazy.

8. Squash It:

Crazy Monster Crafts for Kids Squash It

Actually I think real monsters look like this!!! Slimy and squashy!!! How weird they look!!! This will be a perfect for your best friend’s birthday gift. Make them hate you even more!!!

9. Creative Monsters:

Crazy Monster Crafts for Kids Creative Monsters

Monsters can be easily made using some buttons and clothes. These are so simple and creative . An ideal mind is devil’s workshop. Why keep it ideal??? Make cool things and have a peaceful life.

10. Cruel Hands:

Crazy Monster Crafts for Kids Cruel Hands

Hands with long nails are said to be monster nails. They look horrible and terrific. Make these hands easily. It does not require much effort. Hang it in walls to have a look of halloween always.

11. Tiny Monsters:

Crazy Monster Crafts for Kids Tiny Monsters

Imagine giant monsters look small in front of you and speak with sweet voice. Problems are to be faced like that in life. If you make them small, they are not a big thing to be worried about. Don’t enlarge it and face the worse.

12. Hairy Scary:

Crazy Monster Crafts for Kids

Hairs are used to scare people generally. When monsters has it, it looks even more scariest. Make these and have a fun among kids.

13. Easy Monsters:

Easy Monsters

Monsters of this kind are so easy to make. They just make use of feathers, cups and cotton. Make such type of monsters and scare people.

14. Egg Monsters:

Egg Monsters

Eggs monsters are not just scarier, they are cute when we the size of it. It has a crazy and cute look. But don’t judge a book by it’s cover. They can be made more terrific. It can even kill you. HAHA!!

15. Purple Blast:

Purple Blast

These monsters look dangerous, isn’t??? They are more horrible and their food is just humans. It’s just for fun. It’s super cool to do such monsters.

16. Cute And Sweet:

Cute And Sweet

Should monsters always look ugly and terrific??? No, it’s not like that. They can look even cute and sweet like this type of monster. Have fun sleeping with monsters.

17. Walking Devils:

Walking Devils

Seeing monsters walking is a horrible thing. But these look smart and beautiful than the normal monster. Why make it horrible??? Some monsters are beautiful in their own way.

18. Netted Monster:

Netted Monster

These monsters look super cool to see. You just have to attach eyes to give a complete look. You can even have a fight using this simple monster.

19. Monster Look:

Monster Look

These monsters look so sweet and are cool to watch. It doesn’t require a much of things or effort. Spend some time to make your children happy of your making.

20. Pebble Type:

Pebble Type

These are round and small. You can carry them anywhere and scare people. Its time to have fun with yourself and with people around you!!!

21. One Eyed Tubes:

One Eyed Tubes

These monsters are so easy to make. You just need cardboard to make them. Paste their hands and legs to make them complete. They even look cool without legs.

22. Teeth Devil:

Teeth Devil

The teeths of a monster are so scarier than anyother thing. We can’t imagine a monster eating us. Make kids scared of these monsters with teeth.

23. Hanging Horrible

Hanging Horrible

Imagine monsters hanging in trees. We could even ran off from that place. But these looks like cute dolls hanging and are so simple to make.

24. Monster Foot Slippers

Creative slippers to wear with the monster theme costume. You will look like a green hulk with a green costume. Isn’t it good to look like a devil just for fun!

Hope you had fun doing all these. Have a monstrous November ahead. Have a month full of surprises and fun ahead. Type your comments in the comment section.

Activities for Kids
  • 24 Crazy Monster Crafts for Kids
  • 24 Crazy Monster Crafts for Kids
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