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DIY CD Craft Ideas for Kids to Polish Their Creativity

DIY CD Craft Ideas for Kids to Polish Their Creativity

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DIY CD Craft Ideas for Kids to Polish Their Creativity

We all have old CDs lying around in our homes. Today we have brought to you some amazing ideas to recycle old compact discs to artistic decorative pieces. These crafts are easy and fun for primary school kids and will help them in polishing their creativity further.

Collect a few spare CDs, colorful sheets, glue, scissors, sketch pens and let us begin right away!

DIY CD Craft Ideas for Kids

Compact Disc Caterpillar

Make colorful and cheerful caterpillar with as many CDs you want to brighten up your space. You can also write down your weekly timetable on the caterpillar to break the monotony of it.

Butterfly CD Craft

Butterflies are everyone’s favourite. Give wings to your imagination with this craft idea and make your butterfly look as charming as possible. This piece can be used to decorate doors, cupboards, bookshelves etc.

DIY Tortoise

Tortoise never gives up. No matter how slow they crawl, they relentlessly move forward till they reach the goal. Let this little being remind you that you too should never give up. Hand craft this with a spare CD and let positivity flow in.

Spark It Up!

Glitter can make any craft ten times more spectacular. Cover a CD with the glitter of your choice. Add paper-cut fins, tail, lips and eye to make a  fish which will add shine and grace to your room.

Adorable Doggo

If you have a pet dog at home, don’t you think your decoration should address them as well?

Make this adorable dog with a CD and customize your pet’s place. They will definitely thank you for it in their own sweet way

More Dog DIY

A dog is said to be man’s best friend. If you too love dogs, here are some more DIYs to try. Make a colorful variety of these cuties to make your personal space more adorable.

Recycled CD Rabbit

Bunnies teach us an important lesson that is to be always happy the way we are. Make this cute little rabbit and let it be a reminder to be joyful and to spread happiness.

Cute Animal Crafts

We know how much you love animals. So here are some more fabulous ideas to assist you in making your favorite beings. Have fun with these easy to make crafts.

DIY Bulletin Board Craft

Decorating school bulletins requires new innovative ideas every time. Make snails with old CDs and surprise everyone with your artistic skills. You can add inspirational quotes and thoughts to make this craft more meaningful.

DIY Octopus Craft

An octopus might look complicated to make but with our creative ideas- nothing is difficult. Make this eight-limbed funny creature with old CDs and convey the importance of recycling to protect the underwater kingdom.

Clown Wall Hanging

Make jester wall hangings using CDs to transform a waste material to an amazing decorative piece. Be ready to receive much praise for your creativity.

Photo Collage With CDs

Give your place the personalization it needs with this DIY photo collage. It is also a fantastic gift idea to touch your friends with love and art.

CD Clock

Make Clocks with old CDs and you can use them to grace your classrooms while conveying the importance of time management.

Guitar Craft

If you are a music enthusiast, let your art be a reflection of the same with these recycle guitar crafts.

Recycling is the very first step to environmental conservation. Invoke the artist within you to upgrade waste looking materials to masterpieces.

Share your ideas too in the comment section below and for more ideas visit our website.

Wish you a creative day ahead!

Don’t forget to check out our special collection of creative ideas and tutorials at K4 Craft.

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