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Recycled CD Kid Crafts

Recycled CD Kid Crafts

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Recycled CD Kid Crafts

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Storerooms are full of waste CDs and if you’re thinking of dumping them so don’t do that because we are here with Amazing and mind-blowing Recycled CD kid crafts ideas, you can use these ideas to turn your wasteful CDs into more beautiful and useful ones. You don’t need to spend any penny to make these crafts because our ideas are so convenient for everyone. So let’s ready to Make the most amazing CD from waste and boring CDs.

Recycled CD Kid Crafts

1. Cd Clock

Cd Clock

Watch time from CD!

This Sun shape CD clock looks so amazing, kids love making these types of crafts. For making this all you need is CD, colorful paper, a marker, sticks, and a glue gun. You can make it so easily in just a few steps.

2. Painting On Cd

Painting On Cd

Paint your CD and make amazing scenery on it.

Sceneries look so alluring and scenery on CD is the amazing idea to turn the boring CD into a beautiful one. You need to gather some painting colors, bold black markers, a pencil and of course CDs. Make the scenery of your choice and make your CD more magnificent.

3. Cycle Cd Pen stand

Cycle Cd Penstand

Are you excited to turn your CDs into amazing and useful Pen stands?

Some of you might think that it is hard to make a pen stand out of CDs, but you know it’s so easy to make as for making this you have to stick your two CDs together as Cycle wheels and stick ice cream stick, a big cup on the backside and small cup on front and done! Try to make this idea with your friends.

4. Butterfly Cd

Butterfly Cd

Butterflies are the cutest among all insects and making them with CD is the most beautiful idea.

Just after following a few steps, you can easily make the beautiful CD butterfly. For making this all you need is cardboard, a black marker, a CD, a glue gun, and scissors. This is so easy to make and will embellish your room.

5. Turtle Cd

Turtle Cd

Be intelligent like Turtle and make Turtle CD

Turtles are known to be slow but they are so intelligent and creative, so it’s time to be like them and create your turtle with waste CD. Just take cardboard and cut them in turtle shape then stick CD on it as it’s back and stick another cardboard on it, that’s it. Do Try it and experience your experience with your friends.

6. Dog Cd

Dog Cd

Make Dog CD and enjoy playing with it!

Give your pet dog’s cutest gift by making Dog CD for them. It’s so easy to make, For making this all you need is cardboard, painting colors, a black marker, a CD, and a glue gun. If you’re a dog lover then you gonna like this, so definitely try to make one and also gift this to your friend’s dog.

7. Frog Cd

Frog Cd

Make Frog CD out of a simple CD and let’s enjoy playing with them.

Frogs are fun and making them with the help of a CD is more fun, and also this is so easy to make that making this is like a cakewalk for every kid, all you have to do is cut the frog shape cardboard and paste CD on top of it as Frog’s stomach and than make it more beautiful by making a face of a frog with the markers and colors. So, try to make one and enjoy this fun-loving frog CD.

8. Bunny Cd

Bunny Cd

Who doesn’t like bunnies? I know no one, as Bunnies are so adorable, So make one by using the simple CD.

You know bunnies love eating carrots and they like playing with kids, So let’s make your Bunny with CD and play with it or decorate it in your room. For making this all you need is CD, cardboard, painting colors, colorful paper, glue, and scissors. Kids of ages 4 to 10 love these types of crafts, I hope you will surely try to make your beautiful bunny CD.

9. Bear Cd

Bear Cd

Big Ears, Cute face, and amazing creation!

Don’t get Afraid of bears because bears are so cute, they also have feelings and they love kids too. Kids, let’s make beer from waste CDs and show your friends your creativity. For making this beautiful Bear CD, you have to cut Big brown cardboard circles as Bear’s ears, then stick them on top of the CD and also stick googly eyes and one more cardboard piece as the mouth of bear and done!

10. PIG CD


Let’s enjoy making this Splendid Pig CD.

Pigs are cute, So kids let’s make Pig Cd and surprise your friends and family with your craft. For making this you need to assemble two CDs, Cardboard, Pig print, water Colors, glue gun, black bold marker, and scissors. Just by following a few steps, you can make your Pig CD easily.

11. Elephant Cd

Elephant Cd

Turn Giant elephant into cute and loveable Elephant CD

Making Elephant CD are so convenient and it look so beautiful that after making this craft you will start admiring elephant more. You need two CDs and make stomach out of one and face from another, then stick big cardboard Ears of elephant on top CD and legs to bottom CD, then also stick hands and elephant trunk on it, that’s it. Try to make one with your friends.

12. Flower Cd

Flower Cd

Blossom your day by making this beautiful Flower CD.

Flower CD is the best craft idea for kids to make their day more beautiful, this flower CD will embellish your decoration. For making this you need to gather cardboard, colors of your choice, CD, glue, sketch pens, and scissors.

13. Standing Lion Cd

Standing Lion Cd

Be the king as Lion and make this amazing Lion Cd!

Standing lion CD is so creative and innovative idea to make. Lion is King of the forest, so let’s make your king lion with the help of a simple CD. All you need is cardboard paper, CDs, lion print, sketch pens, colors, a hard and thick substance so you can use it as lion legs and also as a stand base, glue gun, and scissors. Try making this Lion CD and if you need it, take help from your elder siblings or parents, or art teacher.

14. Cat Cd

Cat Cd

Make your Cat CD and decorate it in your room.

Cats are so calm, beautiful. If you’re a Cat person, then I know you will gonna love this Cat CD craft idea. It’s so easy to make and for making this you don’t need to collect many things, all you need is a CD, small triangle shape Cardboard for Cat’s ears, google eyes, colorful papers, tissues for making a bow for Cat, glue, and scissors, done!

15. Multi Legs Insect Cd

Multi Legs Insect Cd

You know this insect is unique and has multi legs, So try to make it with the help of CDs.

Isn’t this Multi legs insect cute? This is something unique and simple to try if you have a bunch of wasteful CDs, so definitely use them in making this Multi legs insect. For making this you need to gather some CDs, colorful papers, googly eyes, glue, and scissors. I hope you will surely try to make this cute CD craft idea.

16. Fish Cd

Fish Cd

Make Fish CD and enjoy playing with it!

Kids love to fish and seeing them in the water will excite them more, so why not turn your simple CD into attractive fish. For making this you have to take a CD and stick cardboard or colorful papers on it and be creative as you can because fish are so beautiful, so today let’s try to make a fish CD of your choice.

17. Animal Cd

Animal Cd

Today let’s Make your favorite Animal from waste CD.

Dogs, Cats, Giraffe, frogs and many more animals are living on Earth. Which Animal do you like the most? So kids make your favorite animal CD and show them to your friends. For making animal CDs, all you need is cardboard, colorful paper, CDs, a sketch pen, glue gun, and scissors.

18. Different Craft With Cds

Different Craft With Cds

Turn the best out of waste by trying different Crafts with CDs

Be innovative and think about what you can do with simple CDs to make them useful and attractive, if you’re confused so don’t get upset because we have different Craft ideas that you can make, such as you can make a clock from CD, you can paint your CD and turn them into most beautiful ornament That you can use in your decorations or you can make a   glittering plate for your cup and so on, just take make up your mind and try to make a beautiful craft with CDs.

19. Cd Wall Hanging

Cd Wall Hanging

Decorate your house with beautiful CD wall hangings.

Wall hangings are so beautiful, make some wall hangings with CD by using different beads. They are convenient to make and magnificent to look at, so definitely try to make them and hang them on your walls.

 20. Fish Cd With Tissues

Fish Cd With Tissues

Use tissues to make the cute fish CDs.

Don’t have cardboard at home? Don’t worry because you can make cute fish CDs with the help of tissues. For making this all you need is CDs, tissues, glue, and scissors. You can make them so easily and the result looks so good.

21. Cds Frame

ds Frame

Got bored of simple frames? Make your CD frame!

Take a cardboard and cut it in the shape of the flower and place the CD in between the flower petal and paste your photo in between the CD. This is how you make your frames using recycled CDs.

22. Mouse CDs

Mouse CDs

Make your cute little mice with CDs.

Take a sheet and make mouse ears and paste it on the back of CDs. Take the bottle’s cap and paste it in between the CD, this is your mouse’s nose. Take googly eyes and paste it. You can also paste a bow to give it a good look.

23. Recycled Fish using Recycled CDs

Recycled Fish using Recycled CDs

Make your recycled fish using some recycled CDs

Take a sheet of the color of your choice and cut the tail, hands of the fish, and paste it on the CD. Make eyes and some patches on CD to give it a nice look. Now your recycled fish is ready.

24. Cds Craft Work

Cds Craft Work

Use your CDs for Crafting and decorating

You can make use of recycled CDs for various decorating ideas. You can make beautiful plates, wind Cham, you can also make CD owl, etc., and can decorate your room with these little CDs craft ideas.

25. CDs Bird

CDs Bird

Make your CDs fly!

Make use of feathers and make your CD bird. Sketch a bird and paste it on CD. Now paste feathers on each side of the CD and give it a look of Bird. In place of feathers, you can also use sheets.

26. Fish Cd Hanging

Fish Cd Hanging

Make your room decoration more beautiful by hanging Fish CDs.

Fish CD hanging is a unique and interesting idea to use your CDs in your room decoration. For making this all you need is Cardboard, painting Colors, sketch pens, googly eyes, wool, glue gun, and scissors. Try to make this Fish CD hanging with your siblings and enjoy hanging it in the room.

27. Reusable CDs

Reusable CDs

You can make use of CDs in various places like you can make hangers with CDs and use them for hanging clothes, you can also make wall watch by pasting some CDs together. You can also decorate CDs and give them a fish look and use them for decorating your room. CDs are a very good option for decorating rooms.

28. Beautiful Coaster CDs

Beautiful Coaster CDs

Want some room decorating ideas? Make some beautiful coaster plate CDs!

For decorating your room and giving your room an elegant look you can make some beautiful coaster plates using recycled CDs. Use some bright colors and draw some beautiful patterns on CDs and use these CDs for decorating purposes.

29. Glass Plate Cds

Glass Plate Cds

Fill CDs with Glitters and make Glass plate CD.

If you love glitters, so definitely try to make these glittering plate CDs. For making this you have to make different designs of your choice on CD with the help of glitter colors. It looks splendid and I’m sure you gonna love this CD idea.

30. Cute CD’s Cartoon

Cute CD's Cartoon

Who doesn’t like cartoons? Now make your cartoons with recycled CD’s

You can make different cartoons with recycled CDs. All you need to do is sketch the cartoon of your choice on paper and cut it out. Now paste the CD on that cut-out piece and make the cartoon’s body with recycled CDs. Decorate your cartoon with different designs, googly eyes, paper pieces.

31. Recycled Plate with Recycled CD’s

Recycled Plate with Recycled CD's

It’s time to breathe new life into these CDs!

Bring some CDs and make your recycled plate. Cut CDs into small pieces and paste them on the plate with a glue or glue gun. Cut CD’s pieces into different shapes and sizes to give your plate a cool look. You can use this plate for different purposes like decorating your room or using it as a tile birdbath.

I hope you will like our Recycled CD craft ideas and find them useful, if you like our ideas I will recommend you to read more posts on our website and let me know in the comment section which craft idea you like the most.

FAQ’s on Recycled CD Kids Crafts

1. What are some ideas for recycled CD kid crafts?

Answer: Some ideas for recycled CD kid crafts include making a suncatcher, creating a mosaic, making a picture frame, or constructing a wind chime.

2. How can I recycle old CDs?

Answer: You can recycle old CDs by donating them to your local thrift store or recycling center. You can also try repurposing them for crafts or artwork.

3. What kind of materials do I need to make recycled CD kid crafts?

Answer: To make recycled CD kid crafts, you will need old CDs, scissors, glue, craft paint, markers, and other materials you can find around the house, such as paper, yarn, ribbon, buttons, and fabric.

4. How do I make a mosaic from old CDs?

Answer: To make a mosaic from old CDs, start by cutting the CDs into small pieces and arranging them in a pattern to form the mosaic. Then use glue to attach the pieces to a base and let them dry.

5. How do I make a suncatcher from old CDs?

Answer: To make a suncatcher from old CDs, start by cutting the CDs into small shapes, such as circles or stars. Then use craft paint to add color and designs to the pieces. Once they are dry, attach the pieces to a frame with glue and let them dry.

6. What are some other ideas for using recycled CDs?

Answer: Other ideas for using recycled CDs include making jewelry, constructing a clock, creating a mirror, or making a wall hanging.

7. How do I make a picture frame from old CDs?

Answer: To make a picture frame from old CDs, start by cutting the CDs into small shapes and arranging them to form a frame. Then use glue to attach the pieces to a base and let them dry.

8. How do I make a wind chime from old CDs?

Answer: To make a wind chime from old CDs, start by cutting the CDs into small shapes and painting them with craft paint. Then use string or ribbon to attach the pieces to a base and add a bell or other embellishments.

9. How do I make jewelry from old CDs?

Answer: To make jewelry from old CDs, start by cutting the CDs into small shapes and painting them with craft paint. Then use jewelry components such as clasps and jump rings to attach the pieces to a chain or cord.

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