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Fun Activities: Old CD Animal Crafts for Kids

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Fun Activities: Old CD Animal Crafts for Kids

Activities for Kids

Find out how to make a variety of animals, bugs, and even birds using unwanted CDs and some basic craft supplies. They can be used for room decorations, magnets, gifts, and so much more.

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Use every old CD you have in your home and spend some time with your little one by crafting animals from them and decorating your home with those crafts.

No doubt there are some old CDs in a corner of our home which are either unwanted or don’t work properly, so why not just use them in doing crafts rather throwing them away and wasting them. The CD can be used to make numerous crafts but today in this article, we will be providing you with some exciting ideas on how you can make crafts from them of a specific genre that is of animals.

Use old CD to craft animals from them with your kid

1. A CD tortoise

Fun Activities: Old CD Animal Crafts for Kids

Teach your little one the infamous tale of rabbit and tortoise’s race by making a tortoise from a CD. Teach them why and what the proverb ‘slow and steady wins the race’ actually emphasis and to do so this craft is the best you can make among all other crafts.

2. Hippo and cat  crafted from CD


Organizing a party for your kid and his or her friends? Why not create a photography spot were some animals that are made from CD are attached to stick and displayed on the table for the kids to click pictures with.

3. Smiling ant made up of CDs

Fun Activities: Old CD Animal Crafts for Kids

Make fun and smiling ant from the CDs with and for your kid. This craft can be used for enhancing the wall beside the regular study table that your kid has in his or her room.

4. Moo it up with a CD


Teach your kid about the cow and why a cow is considered a sacred animal. You can do so by helping your kid making one from all those CDs that you no longer want.

5. Insects made from old CDs

Fun Activities: Old CD Animal Crafts for Kids

Create some small yet cute insects such as butterfly, honeybee or even a bug. If your kid is fond of insects then you along with your kid can make some from CDs and decorate your kid’s room with that. You can also teach your kid a lot about insects through this craft.

6. A dog made up of CD


Fun Activities: Old CD Animal Crafts for Kids

Create a dog out of a CD with your little one. Any kid who is provided with some accompanist can make this without any problem. You can also seize this opportunity to teach your curious little one about dogs and why they are considered as a human’s best friend.

7. A elephant made from CDs

Fun Activities: Old CD Animal Crafts for Kids

Make an elephant from those CDs with your kid. After making them and crafting them up decorate them by the bed to make the regular bed an interesting one. This craft is absolutely easy to draw.

8. A smiling butterfly made up of CD

Fun Activities: Old CD Animal Crafts for Kids

Craft a beautiful butterfly from all those CDs instead of throwing them with and for your kid. After you are done crafting, use them to decorate the door of your kid so that it enhances the look.

9. A lion oriented from CDs

With your kid craft, a tiger from all those wasted CDs instead of throwing them out for it will teach the kid how to reuse the objects that are no longer used to make something valuable and attractive.

10. A CD owl


Fun Activities: Old CD Animal Crafts for Kids

Teach your kid about owl and the best way you can make him or she learn about the owl is by creating one from CD. This will make learning more fun.

11. A honeybee made from CD

Fun Activities: Old CD Animal Crafts for Kids

Making honey from CD is easy and fun with the right partner. So pick your little one as your fun partner and help them in learning by making one of many beautiful crafts.

12. An adorable frog of CD

Fun Activities: Old CD Animal Crafts for Kids

Create a cute green frog with your kid from a CD. Anyone who is above 5 years old can make this with some guidance. This can be created to decorate the mirror of your kid’s room to make it look more attractive.

13. A smiling monkey made up of CD

Create a fun-loving and smiling monkey with your curious little one. Make sure you don’t do all the core work rather share the work equally so that they can learn about responsibility.

14. A lion made up of CD

Explain your little one about the king of the jungle and craft one up from CD while doing so as by doing this you are helping them in grasping the thing in a more informative manner.

15. A cat of CD

Make a cat out of CD with your little one and hang that craft on the wall as shown in the image above. Making this craft is easy and anyone can make this if provided with a fun and right partner.

So these were some of the few exciting and fun ideas that you along with your kid can use to make beautiful animals and decorate your home with those to make them look more attractive. You need to have fun as well while making these because that’s what all these crafts revolve around.

If you liked this article, check out other articles from the website. Adding to that, feedback from you guys will be appreciated as it helps us to know if the article was helpful or not.

Activities for Kids
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