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Piggy Banks For Penny Pinching Kids

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Piggy Banks For Penny Pinching Kids

Activities for Kids

Saving is a vital element of raising children into responsible adults. Saving money might be challenging at times, but what if you had a fantastic DIY piggy bank to help you out? These DIY piggy bank designs will inspire you to save money every day. Making your own DIY coin bank is both a cost-effective and enjoyable summer hobby. Here are some fantastic DIY piggy bank ideas to get you started.

These fun piggy banks for penny pinchers will encourage youngsters to start saving as soon as they can!
They’re fanciful and entertaining, and your children will have no idea they’re learning a crucial life lesson while seeing the pennies build up. Children adore piggy banks. They adore the fact that they created them themselves and that they reflect their interests and keep your learning spirit alive with our curated list of piggy banks for penny-pinching kids like homemade different pattern piggy banks, airplanes, cardboard, cereal box, tissue box, paper mache, can, frog, beautifully painted globe, save-give-spend, colorful tale, pot o’ gold, Minnie & mickey mouse, minion, mason jar, DIY water bottle, and superhero.

Piggy Banks For Penny Pinching Kids

Piggy Banks For Penny Pinching Kids

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Airplane Piggy Bank for Toddlers

Airplane Piggy Bank Penny Pinching for Toddlers

Image Source/Tutorial: BrightNest

You can turn a plastic bottle into a whooshing plane in minutes with this fun airplane project for kids. It’s a simple and quick craft that kids will like doing, and they’ll enjoy playing with the airplane afterward.
You may even cut a slit in the top and transform it into a piggy bank for them to save their spare change.

Homemade Different Pattern-Piggy Banks

Homemade Different Pattern-Piggy Banks

Image Source/Tutorial: The Classy Chapter

It’s not always simple to teach kids about money, but this activity makes it fun for kids of all ages. These DIY piggy bank ideas for kids are so much fun to make, and the kids adore them!
This craft is both entertaining and educational for your children. The patterns and colors used on the piggy banks can be customized. Make use of your child’s favorite colors and patterns.

Cardboard Piggy Bank

Cardboard Piggy Bank Penny Pinching For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Fab DIY

You can make an easy DIY piggy bank out of cardboard, twine, and elastic tape. This is a fantastic way to recycle a cardboard box. The best aspect about this one is that you can customize the piggy bank’s shape.

Cereal Box Piggy Banks for Toddlers

Cereal Box Piggy Banks for Toddlers

Image Source/Tutorial: Kix Cereal

The start of a new year is a perfect time to talk to kids about what saving money means and looks like. Make these simple piggy banks to add some fun to this life lesson. With an empty recyclable cereal box, construction paper, scissors, glue, a few googly eyes, and a pipe cleaner or two, kids can make whatever their minds can dream up.
Robots can also be made easily with pre-cut shapes and the same processes. With exciting colors and fashionable forms, you can also engage older children. Make a list of items they want to save on the box.

Tissue Box Piggy Bank for kids

Tissue Box Piggy Bank Penny Pinching for kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Nicki’s Homemade Crafts

If you’re searching for a DIY piggy bank for kids, this is an excellent alternative. It’s built using common household items like an empty tissue box, a disposable plate, and wool. This homemade money bank is a pig of a bargain!

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Pinky Piggy Bank

Pinky Piggy Bank

Image Source/Tutorial: The Princess And The Tot

If you’re searching for a great approach to teaching your children about money, this is a great place to start. This is a basic and straightforward DIY coin bank for kids. It’s really cool, and I really like the pink color.

Paper Mache Piggy Bank For Toddlers

Paper Mache Piggy Bank Penny Pinching for toddlers

Image Source/Tutorial: Red Ted Art

With the kids, make paper mache piggy banks! The variant made of paper mache is safer and less prone to break. I have two “major tips” for paper mache: give yourself plenty of time. This is not a “do it in one day” project; it will take at least two days to complete, with a week total: one day for making and one day for painting, with enough of drying time in between.

Can Piggy Bank For Kids

Can Piggy Bank For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: It Happens In A Blink

This has to be one of my personal favorites on the list. I like how boho and creative it looks. This is a reused, recyclable piggy bank. With this DIY piggy bank, you may let your imagination go wild. An empty formula can with a lid, a fat quarter, ribbon, sequin thread, small blackboard, clothespins, hot glue, scissors, mod podge, and corresponding cardstock are all you’ll need for this one.

Frog Piggy Bank

Frog Piggy Bank Penny Pinching For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Simply Today Life

One of our favorite things to do is make crafts out of paper plates, and this Paper Plate Frog Coin Bank is one of them! Check out how adorable this turned out, and it’s ideal for arithmetic lessons or teaching your kids about saving.

Beautifully Painted Globe Piggy Bank

Beautifully Painted Globe Piggy Bank

Image Source/Tutorial: Un Beau Jour

If you want to save money so you can travel the world, this globe piggy bank can be the perfect solution for you. It also serves as a decorative object that enhances the appearance of your desk.

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Save-Give-Spend Piggy Bank

Save-Give-Spend Piggy Bank Penny Pinching For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Will Work For Decor

While we obtain change for our dollar bills when buying something, we are often left with some coins, therefore saving them is the greatest way to put them to good use! You can construct these beautiful and colorful piggy banks out of the painted mason jars to deposit your pennies, and you can write down the purpose of the funds on the jar, such as to Spend, Save, or for College!

Colorful Tale Piggy Banks

Colorful Tale Piggy Banks

Image Source/Tutorial: Frogs, Snails & Puppy Dog Tails

Make this beautiful animal tale and galaxy theme piggy banks. Saving is a vital element of raising children into responsible adults. They’re creative and fascinating, and your children will have no idea they’re learning a crucial life lesson while seeing the pennies build up.

Pot O’ Gold Piggy Bank

Pot O' Gold Piggy Bank Penny Pinching For KIds

Image Source/Tutorial: Playground Park Bench

It’s never too early to start teaching kids about saving money, and this charming St. Patrick’s Day pot o’ gold piggy bank is the perfect way to get them started. It would also be great to make as a “coffee fund” or treat money to friends and family.

Minnie and Mickey Mouse Piggy Bank

Minnie and Mickey Mouse Piggy Bank

Image Source/Tutorial: Kimberley Marriott

If you want to encourage your children to save money, you should give them a beautiful piggy bank, which you can now construct at home! And if they wish to save money for their Disney vacation, these adorable Minnie and Mickey Mouse mason jars are ideal for obtaining and gifting to the youngsters!

Minion Piggy Banks

Minion Piggy Banks Penny Pinching For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Ka Styles

The minions are a major hit with the kids, so if you’re planning anything for them, the minions are a great place to start! This adorable minion mason jar will not only keep your child’s pennies safe, but it will also look great on tables or other display areas in the kid’s room!

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Mason Jar Piggy Bank

Mason Jar Piggy Bank

Image Source/Tutorial: Dukes & Duchesses

This magnificent mason jar piggy bank appears to be inspired by the delightful fall season, as it displays the color orange so beautifully, and would make a wonderful fall present for your children!

Water-Glue Paste Piggy Banks

Water-Glue Paste Piggy Banks Penny Pinching For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Brisbane Kids

Encourage kids to start saving by giving them their own piggy banks. These Glue-Water paste paper and balloon piggies are simple and enjoyable to make with common household ingredients. Using paper mâché is a fun sensory exercise for kids, but if you’re worried about gluey globs all over the place, do this section outside to avoid the mess!

Piggy Bank and Counting Activity for toddlers

Piggy Bank and Counting Activity for toddlers

Image Source/Tutorial: Sunny Day Family

This piggy bank game is a fun and engaging approach to help your students improve their money counting skills.
One of the best things about this resource is that it has three levels of difficulty, allowing youngsters to choose their own challenge based on their comfort level with money counting! It’s also fantastic since it allows youngsters to chart a clear route for improving their counting skills, as they may begin with the least difficulty and move to the hardest as they gain confidence in their own abilities!

DIY Water Bottle Piggy Bank

DIY Water Bottle Piggy Bank Penny Pinching For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Martha Stewart

There’s no need to spend even more money on a piggy bank when youngsters can construct their own out of water bottles! You’ll need empty, clean, and dry water bottles to build DIY Water Bottle Piggy Banks. Piggies prefer the shorter versions. Paper, googly eyes, pink pipe cleaners, pink wooden beads, hot glue, and scissors are also needed.

Silly Moustache Piggy Bank

Silly Moustache Piggy Bank

Image Source/Tutorial: About Family Crafts

Make some straightforward treasure holders. Crafts don’t get much easier than these comical moustache jars when I mean easy.
You can make one of these ‘stache jars out of any size jar. Make sure your jars are clean and dry before using them.
Begin by painting the jar’s lid. Choose black to give the ‘stache jars a more professional aspect, but you can use whatever colors you like.

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Superhero Piggy Bank for Toddlers

Superhero Piggy Bank Penny Pinching for Toddlers

Image Source/Tutorial: Fireflies & Mud Pies

Have you lately started giving your child a weekly allowance? Perhaps he or she is being compensated for household duties, babysitting, or a significant financial gift from a devoted relative? Make this piggy bank to discover how a Mason Jar Superhero Bank may teach your child the value of saving, spending, and donating money.

Totem Pole Piggy Bank for kids

TOTEM Pole Piggy Bank for kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Mer Mag

Make a totem pole bank for the children! The origins of totem poles will also be interesting to the kids.
Each can on the pole had a different area for the money to be divided into, which was a benefit of this piggy bank. 1. Spending and 2. Saving 3. To Give. It will assist to convey the importance of saving for the future as well as charitable giving to children in a more effective manner.

I hope that you had a great time reading and trying to make these Piggy Banks For Penny Pinching Kids. And if you want more ideas then read more posts and let me know which Piggy Bank Idea you like the most.

Thank you and have a nice day!

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