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Easy DIY Craft Activities for Kids at Home

Easy DIY Craft Activities for Kids at Home

DIY and Crafts

Easy DIY Craft Activities for Kids at Home

Blooming Craft Activities for Kids!

Flowers add SPARKLE to life. They bloom together in SPRING and make our lives HAPPY. Get ready folks!!!

Let’s celebrate spring with our blooming crafts. We accompany you with this wonderful activity. Don’t forget to water your beautiful flowers!!! They are waiting there for you outside the house.

Craft Activities for Kids

Craft Activities for Kids

1. The Rainbow Love 

DIY Kids Craft Activities for kids to Celebrate Spring Season The Rainbow Love 


Let’s celebrate the colour of the rainbow and fragrance of flowers with art and craft. The beautiful wall hanging shows the picture of a rainbow🌈. It depicts the reality of life. Life is both of sorrow accompanied by beautiful sunshine ( peace). Wait for the sunshine and make life the happiest. Keep in your wall and enjoy life to the fullest!!!

2. Keep Swinging Craft Activity for Kids

DIY Kids Craft Activities for Celebrate Spring Season Keep Swinging

How blissful it is to sit in a swing surrounded by trees and flowers!! The mind feels peaceful and all problems running in your mind get solved. Nature is such a blessing. The craft shows a person sitting peacefully in a swing. If you cannot sit in a swing in reality do a swing and make your mind even more peaceful. Peace is more important than any other thing in this world. Don’t forget to share your experience with us.

3. Home in the Blue Clouds

Blue Love - Blooming Craft Activities for Kids

A small house with beautiful scenery can be seen everywhere. Do such hanging and impress everyone. The clothes hanging adds reality to life. Blue is favourite to many. Make this and gift someone who admires blue.

4. Fun Underwater Craft Activity for Kids

Fun Underwater

Fishes are not just for eating. They are to be admired. They never blink in their lifetime. Likewise, never leave your determination in life whatever may be the situation is. The wall hanging shows the beautiful underground life fishes live and the happiness living in their own places. Nothing can be compared living in our own home no matter how many days. Make your home beautiful and exciting.

5. Waves

DIY Kids Craft Activities for Celebrate Spring Season Waves

Shipping is considered to be one of the most important experience a man must have in a lifetime. How wonderful it would be to ship on a beautiful day with your friends or someday else enjoying nature. Oops!! Its quarantine day, so nothing could be done!! But that’s ok. We are with you to make shipping experience at home!!

6. Turing Dreams Into Reality

DIY Kids Craft Activities for Celebrate Spring Season Turing Dreams Into Reality

Most of us would have dreamt a beautiful home with water around it and peace of mind. But it is a tougher dream in this world. Make your dream come true at least in craft and gift someone special and make them even more special.

7. Yellow Love

DIY Kids Craft Activities for Celebrate Spring Season Yellow Love

Yellow is one of the brightest colour we see in our day to day activities. They remain as a ray of sunshine. Yellow fishes are not seen often. But now, they can be seen clearly in your own houses. Make them more attractive with colours and enjoy the colourful fun around you!!

8. Double Fun

Double Fun

Have you seen rain and sun at a time? Yes, they occur rarely but gives us a fantastic view. Don’t worry if you have missed it. Its time to make them with your own hands. It is cooler to see this kind of hangings in your home. They also make us realise that life is both storms and sunshine.

9. Picture Cool

Picture Cool

Bored of decorating your Christmas tree with just lights?? This time let it be different. Do things with your own hand. The Christmas tree, stars and moon make it, even prettier and people may even ask you, “HEY WHERE DID YOU BUY THAT??”.

10. Fly In The Air

Fly In The Air

How it would be if we vanish all of a sudden from our routine and roam around flying in the sky!!! Flying remains as a dream for many including me. One of the best ways to fly is to be in an air balloon. It gives us immense pleasure and happiness with all our sorrows flying in the air. Make yourself feel like flying with these air balloons hanging in the walls.

11. The Beast Boats

The Beast Boats

At once when I hear the word boat, I remember the one we used to play with during school days and have fun with our friends. We don’t have any responsibility on us, the only thing we did was enjoying life. We cannot go back to those days but at least we can experience it a little. So do a boat and create beautiful scenery remembering the fun-filled childhood. It would be even nicer if you share those with your school friends and tag them in comments.

Hope you liked these craft activities for kids. We always wait for a good thing to happen in our life as we expect spring after autumn. Flowers add beauty to our lives. Don’t keep waiting for spring to come instead make even autumn plants bloom!!!

Have a happy crafty day!! Stay tuned with us, watch more and more videos and Don’t forget to share your views in the comment box. Your opinion matters a lot. A small comment can make someone’s day♥️

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