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Enjoy Christmas with Santa Claus Craft Ideas for Kids

Enjoy Christmas with Santa Claus Craft Ideas for Kids


Enjoy Christmas with Santa Claus Craft Ideas for Kids

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The whole year children wait for this special festival where they receive gifts, from their very own secret Santa Claus! Celebrate this festival with even more fun by spending a little quality time with your little elves making Santa with these amazing Santa Claus craft ideas for kids.

In this article, we have brought you special ideas where you can easily create Santa Claus with the items, that are easily available around the house. Use the final craft as home decor, DIY project or a fun activity. We assure you that it would be worth it!

Let’s start already!

Easy Santa Claus Craft Ideas for Kids

1. Paper Santa

Santa Claus Craft Ideas for Kids Paper Santa

Get your tools and let’s start with some papers and markers. This DIY can easily be created by giving a few paper folds. You can use your creativity to give your Santa different face expressions using paints, sketch pens or crayons etc.

2. Origami Santa

Santa Claus Craft Ideas for Kids Origami Santa

We bring to you the essence of Japanese culture by creating Santa that follows the art of paper folding as well as enhances your detailing. You can make use of different coloured papers to make your craft vibrant and even more interesting! You could either stick papers or simply draw using sketch pens. It’s all up to you because it’s always about having fun.

3. Santa Funny Beard

Santa Claus Craft Ideas for Kids Santa Funny Beard

Santa funny beard? Sounds new, isn’t it? But honestly, it’s all how you see it. We have given a little twist to Santa’s beard in this craft. We used some innovation here so that your hanging Santa is more appealing.  It is advisable that children under 6 use parental guidance in paper cutting and moulding. It’s always fun to create crafts together.

4. Paper Lantern Santa

Santa Claus Craft Ideas for Kids Paper Lantern Santa

This craft is a modified version of paper lantern, where we turned a normal paper lantern to lantern Santa. Kindle your love for art and craft by indulging in this piece. You can turn and bring a little twist by putting a small led inside the final lantern Santa. Place it as a little showpiece or hang it on the Christmas it’s all up to you.

5. Cone Santa

Santa Claus Craft Ideas for Kids Cone Santa

Cone Santa is simple and an appealing way to make a cute little Santa. You can make use of little threads, cotton and colourful paper variety to make your craft fun and exciting. You could use your clever to mould it according to your ease but make sure you follow the tutorial carefully.

5. Paper Plate Santa

Santa Claus Craft Ideas for Kids Paper Plate Santa

This paper plate Santa is the simplest way to unleash your love for the festival. Disposable paper plates are easily available in the house or neighbourhood. You can go on and on making these. Use a little glitter, some sassy paper hangings or little red balls to make it more crafty and appalling.

6. Hand Bearded Santa

Santa Claus Craft Ideas for Kids Hand Bearded Santa

As the name suggests, we have used handprints as Santa’s beard. You and your little one can never run out of love for these. These are simple and creative. Take colourful handprints or simply take cut-outs of your hand on a plain paper. You can hang them or simply paste them on your DIY Christmas greeting card.

7. Santa Mask

Santa Claus Craft Ideas for Kids Santa Mask

The kids always look forward to finding their dear Santa Claus at their very home. Kindle the joy of festival by making these super cool and easy Santa Claus masks and enjoy with your little ones playing or role-playing different characters, making different stories and enjoy the festival to the fullest with these DIYs.

8. Santa Props

Santa Props

Throwing a Christmas party? These DIY Santa Claus props will help you make the party more fun and creative. You will simply need some cotton, paper and let’s not forget a little creativity. You can easily make them by yourself or along with your kids or maybe give it a little twist by making similar props of different characters and unleash your inner artist.

9. Paper Santa

Paper Santa

As you might have noticed that we are making most of our crafts with paper, this is because we are trying to bring to you every possible way you can be creative and have fun out of activities by making use of papers or items available easily in your house this way you don’t have to loosen up your pockets and you can also influence your little ones to be creative and bring in them the spirit of this merry festival.

10. Santa For Kids

Santa For Kids

This version of paper folding and making Santa is simple and easy to make specially for kindergarteners and children below the age of 7 to 8. Teachers or parents can lead as well as allow their little children to use their creativity and unique style to draw as well as paste some Christmas props while making these paper Santa. It is advisable to let children use innovation and creativity by giving them an open and welcoming environment.

11. Paper Pasting Santa

Paper Pasting Santa

Similar to the previous paper plate Santa we have another version of the same. You can use paper plates and cut them into halves for making Santa Claus by drawing face features on the plates and then using red coloured paper to stick it. You can find a tutorial for the same much more detailed and interesting. These are easy to make especially by the kids such that they can unleash the inner artist, to celebrate this festival with more joy and spirit.

12. Best Out Of Waste Santa

Best Out Of Waste Santa

We receive tons of birthday cards greeting cards or maybe several gifts through family and friends the entire year.  On the same, we find different colourful and craft papers or designer sheets which are used to make those cards appealing and beautiful. We often tend to throw them or keep it aside without realising how useful these decorative papers can be to make future art and craft material interesting and vibrant. In the following DIY, we have used the decorative papers to make our Santa Claus. You can use the decorative papers out of those used greeting cards or decorations over the gifts to make your Santa craft appealing and unique.

13. Card Santa

Card Santa

in the following Di why we have used triangular cards and pasted little Santa faces along with those cute beards on them. These crafts are easy and appealing at the same time.

14. Hanging Stick Santa

Hanging Stick Santa

As we mentioned earlier that all of the crafts we have included could be made easier with the material available at home, this craft can be made using ice cream sticks and a little creativity from the side of the artist. This could be used as a wall hanging or hanging on the Christmas tree. Parents along with their children can use it as a party prop or help each other to form a bond.

15. Paper Roll Santa

Paper Roll Santa

The eye of an artist always gives unique and creative ideas. Here we have used paper rolls or left out rolls of plastic wraps or foil paper, to make Santa Claus and related festive props like a snowman. Using similar ideas you can make other props and make your party unique and appealing to this festival. Make sure that you follow the tutorial step by step and also try to use your own creativity to bring the art piece to life.

16. Santa Baskets

Santa Baskets

Conceal your festive spirit by making this creative and unique Santa baskets or simply pen holders. Now you can easily make this craft not only through the given tutorial but also using the leftover designer sheets or buttons to make the Santa or the basket seem appealing and attractive. You could use these props or crafts every year and make the festival fancy and happening for all age groups in the family.

17. Santa Napkins

Santa Napkins

They say that “The way to a man’s heart is through the stomach”. So this festive season makes your dining table fancier and appealing to the guests and the family, by simply making these Santa napkins for your mealtime. You could also add small fun to read messages on these napkins, to make them creative and lovable.

So we are at the end of today’s DIY Santa Claus craft ideas for kids. We hope you liked these Christmas craft ideas. We bring to you new and simple craft ideas every week. The last week’s craft you sent were amazing and we will be posting the same on our blog appreciating and motivating all the little artists out there. Got ideas on what you need next?

Amazing! Ping us on our mail with your suggestions or comment down below, we will get back to you positively. CHECKOUT our other craft ideas for your special occasion on our website below, HURRY!

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