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25 Paper Plate Christmas Crafts for Kids

25 Paper Plate Christmas Crafts for Kids


25 Paper Plate Christmas Crafts for Kids

We all love to enjoy our leisure time. When we go out we feel hungry and eat some food. In the due course, We use disposable paper plates a lot. The excessive number of disposable plates being used by us causes a strain and pressure on the Mother Earth. We can try to reduce this strain by reusing these paper plates by making a craft out of them. We can make beautiful Christmas crafts using these paper plates. Let us check out some of the easy to make paper plate Christmas crafts for kids.

Easy to make Paper plate Christmas Crafts for kids

Easy to make Christmas Crafts

If you cut the paper plate in half, you can get just aright shape to represent Santa Claus white beard. You can use the middle portion of the plate for the lips, mustache, nose, and eyes. Color that region with skin shade of paint. You can also draw and cut a conical-shaped Santa Claus hat for this Paper Plate Christmas Crafts for Kids.

There are a lot of uses of paper plates in the world of crafts. But using the paper plates as a blanket for a baby kid craft is extremely out of the box and creative idea. Isn’t it? So, for this idea, you can refer to the upper right image and fold the plate as shown to blanket the drawing. For the kid, you can use a cardboard sheet or any high GSM drawing sheet for the same and then cut out the shape of the babyface drawing.

Just like you folded the paper plate as a blanket, you can do the same in somewhat conical shape for the paper plate angel. After that, add the hands and the face which you can easily craft from any normal paper with the help of your drawing skills. Also, you can color the paper plate from the outer side and if you wish, you can add legs too for this Paper Plate Christmas Crafts for Kids.

One single plate can be cut into the shape of a grinch face and then you can draw the rest of the parts of the face. Here we have used a black sketch pen for the lips and nose. The eyes are cut-outs from other colored sheets. For the hat, you can use a large red sheet and add the rectangle and circle from the white sheet. AT last, paste all of this together for the final figure.

Beautiful paper plate Christmas crafts for kids

If you happen to have a lot of cottons which you can use for Paper Plate Christmas Crafts for Kids, then these ideas can be used along with paper plates. In the first image, we have used craft sticks or popsicle sticks for the base of the base and then painted it with skin color. After this, we have added a beard made of cotton and artificial eyes with a nose. The hat is cut out from the red velvet sheet which is curved in shape.

You can also use the paper plates for the base of the beard. Then cover the plate with cotton into the required shape. This will make it easy to hold and the size and shape of the beard will be maintained for a long time as it won’t stretch much as it does when we use only cotton and no base.

Apart from the first image in this set of 4 ideas, you can use direct cotton balls that are round in shape as done in the lower-left image. This way the uniformity of the Paper Plate Christmas Crafts for Kids will be maintained. In place of popsicles, you can also use a paper plate as shown. This will make the face smooth and will give the required finish in this.

The small-sized plates can be used to make the middle body of the Santa Clauss. As Santa has a round and heavy belly, this will perfectly suit the craft. You can add the hands and the legs which are cut out from different paper plates in required shapes. You appropriate colors in the right parts for the perfect representation. For the beard, we have used small strips of silver wrapping paper.

Easy DIY Christmas crafts with paper plate

The white-colored paper plates can also be used to craft a paper plate Santa mask for your kids. This idea will not require much of the cotton and can be easily made. You can use velvet cloth for the red hat and cotton balls for the white region. Don’t forget to cut out a circle from inside the paper plate so that this Paper Plate Christmas Crafts for Kids idea can be used as a mask

If you cut the paper plate in half and then color it with a brown shade, it can be used as the body of a reindeer. For the face also, you can cut a small section of the paper plate. Add legs and horns made from the brown sheet or you can use a white paper sheet and then color it to brown.

If you cut out a disc just from the middle of the paper plate, you will get a round ring-shaped base for the Christmas wreath. Cover this piece with green and red sheet designs as done in the image and your Paper Plate Christmas Crafts for Kids is ready.

In this idea, we have cut the paper plate into four equal pieces. These equal parts are then arranged such that they form the leaves for the Christmas tree. Then add the stem for the tree and you can decorate it with ready-made decoration items such as stars, pom poms or you can also use buttons for it.

Paper plate goblins for Christmas

For this Paper Plate Christmas Crafts for Kids idea, color one paper plate with green paint and then draw the Grinch face on it. Add the Christmas hat on it and paste the eyes cutout from a yellow paper sheet.

The elf has a significant role in Christmas gifts. So, why not create a decoration for them too? The skin color is to be painted on the paper plate for this idea and the ears of the same color are to be made. For the hat and the neck region, use a green color sheet. Draw the smile and attach artificial eyes with a nose. You can use cotton for the final touch.

In this Paper Plate Christmas Crafts for Kids idea of reindeer mask, you can use a paper plate as the face and draw the horns and ears of the reindeer on a white sheet. Give proper shading to these parts and attach them to the plate. Cut two circles for the eyes and then draw the eyelashes, nose and the smile of the reindeer.

If you fold the paper plates into conical shapes and color them with green color, they will look like the Christmas tree. You can add pom pom balls of multi colors to these small trees. If you wish, you can also attach a brown stick at the bottom for strength and support to the tree.


Paper plate DIY Christmas Craft ideas

The face of the snowman can use a paper plate as the base. On the backside of the plate(so that it looks round) draw the smile and the eyes. From a sheet, cut out a nose, cigar and a hat. Color these parts as required and then paste them on the plate as done in the upper left image.

The belly of the elves is made with the help of paper plates in the image. The hats and the faces are cut outs from a white sheet. For the legs, belt, and hands, the black paper sheet is used. You color the white region according to your preferred pattern and color.

You can also make a large bulb figure for decorating your house in these Paper Plate Christmas Crafts for Kids. Cut a rectangular piece and add it at the top of the plate and then tie a thread on it. You can decorate the plate with circles of different colors kept randomly. This will make your tree more colorful.

For this Paper Plate Christmas Crafts for Kids idea, you will need two paper plates. One of medium size and one of small size. Keep the small-sized plate as shown in the lower right image. For the horns, you can use hand impressions and combine two of them together for one horn. Also, cut out the ears and paint all the parts with brown color before attaching them together.

Paper plate angel, Christmas craft for kids

We can call it the best Paper Plate Christmas Crafts for Kids idea of this list. As it is easy to make, steps are simple and it looks adorable too. First, cut a portion out of the plate which makes about 60 degrees with the center of the plate and then, paste it by flipping it from with reference to the center. Do shift the part a bit downwards. Now use glitter and glue to make the design as done in the above image. You can use any expression while making the face in the middle. Use another plate for this. The part which was cut represents the body and the larger part of the plate represents wings of the Angel.

Beautiful paper plate wreath and other Christmas crafts

Peppermints have an amazing taste and are one of the most sold flavors in mouth freshening chewing gums. Thus, if you also love this flavor, you can craft your own peppermints of red or green color with white color for Paper Plate Christmas Crafts for Kids. As they give a cooling sensation, they will suit this occasion in the combination of red and white colors. You can refer to the upper left image for one design idea. You can add a leave design in the background for more effects.

This paper plate wreath has a bow attached to it and is round in shape. Thus, paper plates can be used as one of the materials easily. You can make circular shapes and add them on the paper plate as shown in the image for a 3D effect. You can also choose your colors according to your preferences. Don’t forget to add a bow of red and white color.

Paper plates are best suited for the middle body of the Man. Here in Paper Plate Christmas Crafts for Kids, we have used it for the Gingerbread man after coloring the plate with brown color. Then we have added the face, hands, and legs. White paint or whitener can be used for drawing on the brown-colored figure.

After folding the paper plate into halves twice, you will get quadrant shapes. These shapes can be used for crafting the green region of the Christmas tree. Color these plates with green color before folding them. For the support, you can use a cardboard sheet or rectangular cut out from the packing box. In the end, decorate the craft with small-size stones.

We hope you loved all these easy to make Paper plate Christmas crafts. These pretty crafts will surely make your house look more Christmas styled. Do check out other related articles for more inspiration for Christmas decorations. Do give feedback in the comments section below. We will come up with more such articles soon.

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