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Buzzworthy Bee Crafts for Kids

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Buzzworthy Bee Crafts for Kids

We all know how important bees are for us and maintaining environmental conditions. They play an important role in balancing the ecological system of the earth. Apart from this, they provide honey and nectar which are used in a lot many food items and products. Honey is also used as a substitute for sugar in numerous dishes as it doesn’t affect diabetes. Apart from this, honey is used in ayurvedic medications and treating cold also. Thus, a lot many benefits of bees can be counted directly or indirectly. So, to tell your kids the importance of this species of insects, you can ask them to draw these Buzzworthy Bee Crafts for kids or use these as props while telling providing the information. This will help them listen to you with interest and make them memorize the facts easily. Now, without further ado, let’s get started with the list.

Buzzworthy Bee crafts for kids

Let us buzz around with the bees

The Rock bee craft for kids are simple and do not require many efforts. You can start with first painting the rocks with black and yellow paint, preferred paint is acrylic. Then draw the eyes and the face. Make sure you keep the front of the stones as yellow else it will not represent bees. Now take moldable wires and make wings of round and curvy shape as done in the image in the lower left.

If you have a waste clay pot or an extra one, you can use these bee craft for kids’ ideas for decorating your house. This idea will be definitely praised by your guests and family members. Keep the pot upside down and paint it as done in the upper left image. Now, take a ball of black or yellow color and draw the face of the bee. Use pipe cleaners for the antennas. And keep the tip of the antennas of yellow pom poms. You can use the net for the wings and attach them at the back of the body.

The unused paper bags or even used ones can be used for these bee crafts for kids’ ideas. You can straighten the paper bag with iron and then paint them as done in the lower right image. Draw the eyes and the smile. You can use artificial eyes too for this. Swirl the pipe cleaner for the antennas and the wings can be crafted with the help of crotchet clothes. You can also make a pattern out of any white sheet and use it as the wings.

Want to give an impression of your kid on this bee craft for kids? You can use the footprint as the body of the bee. For this, make a footprint with yellow paint and draw the strips with black color on the print. Draw the smile and the eyes with a black sketch pen. As the print is on a paper, draw the wings and antennas for the finish. You can also draw the trails as dotted lines in this idea.

Bees craft ideas for your kids

For this bee craft for kids of cotton balls, cut out a circular shape from cardboard and stick cotton balls on it. Color the area and the balls with black and yellow paints. For the face and the antennas, you can cut it out from a black colored sheet. In this idea, we have crafted wings from newspapers. At the end join these 3 pieces together with glue.

The curved portion of egg cartons that holds the eggs can be cut out to make the body and face. For this, cut two consecutive eggs holding parts of the carton without separating them. You can use black colored pipe cleaners for the legs as they will easily hold the lightweight figures.  For the wings, bend the pipe cleaner into the infinity/8 shape and join it to the body.

The paper plates can be painted as yellow and black as done in the lower right image for this bee craft for kids. For the wings, cut out shapes from the white sheet. Use a black colored sheet for the face and the antennas. use glue for joining the pieces together at last. You can also make strips from the black sheet for the body for giving the same texture to the art piece.

The waste toilet paper roll has so many uses. One of them is using them in bee craft for kids. Color the toilet paper roll yellow with acrylic paint and cut out strips from the black paper sheet for the body. Cut out a circular piece and draw the face on it. Draw the antennas and the wing from the paper only to keep the contrast and surface of the craft piece uniform.

Easy to make bees craft ideas

You can use the round shape at the bottom of the balloons to draw the bodies of the bees as done in the upper right image for this bee craft for kids. Dip the balloons a bit from the bottom in yellow paint and make impressions of small size on a piece of paper. Now draw the strips, smile, and tail with the black sketch pen.  For the wings, cut out hearts from the plastic translucent sheet and mark a separation in the middle. Paste only one artificial eye to represent the side view.

The groove figures of the egg cartons can be cut and painted with color for the body and face. We recommend you to use artificial eyes in this idea also. You can use pipe cleaners of white color for the wings. To improve the aesthetics of the bees, keep them with the hand made flowers from the same egg carton.

Draw a boundary of a beehive in the start. Now use the hand fingers to make prints of yellow color as done in the upper left image. Then draw the door and small bees with sketch pens. You can also cut out a door from a different sheet and paste it on the beehive area.

For this bee craft for kids idea, cut out an oval shape from the cardboard sheet. Now, wrap the figure with yellow and black threads. in random directions. Use slits on the oval shape to make sure the threads don’t loosen up while stretching. Attach the artificial eyes and the wings from the folded newspaper. You can join a stick at the back to hold the figure also.

We hope you loved all these Buzz worthy Bees craft ideas. We wish that your children even find satisfaction and happiness in making all these bees crafts. Do share your feedback and views with us in the comments section below. Do check out other summer time craft ideas. We will come up with more such crafty articles.

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