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30 Buzzworthy Bee Crafts for Kids – Bumblebee Activities

30 Buzzworthy Bee Crafts for Kids - Bumblebee Activities

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30 Buzzworthy Bee Crafts for Kids – Bumblebee Activities

We all know how important bumblebees are for us and maintaining environmental conditions. They play an important role in balancing the ecological system of the earth. Apart from this, they provide honey and nectar which are used in a lot many food items and products. Honey is also used as a substitute for sugar in numerous dishes as it doesn’t affect diabetes.

Apart from this, honey is used in ayurvedic medications and treating cold also. Thus, a lot many benefits of bees can be counted directly or indirectly. So, to tell your kids the importance of this species of insects, you can ask them to draw these Buzzworthy Bee Crafts for kids or use these as props while telling providing the information. This will help them listen to you with interest and make them memorize the facts easily. Now, without further ado, let’s get started with the list.

Bumble Bee Crafts for kids

30 Buzzworthy Bee Crafts for Kids - Bumblebee Activities

TEAM – Together Each One Achieves More. We can learn this teamwork practice for many things. The best example is the working of bees. Have you seen the bees collecting nectar to build their lives? They teach us UNITY more than humans and animals. Try to learn something from everything. Learning new things makes you fit in this growing world.

Being an individual is ok. But being a team each one putting their full efforts in extraordinary. Kids must learn this practice for sure and it helps them to make friends. Good friends are revealed in sad times. Be friendly and act in unity like the bees.

Let us buzz around with the bees


The Rock bee craft for kids are simple and do not require many efforts. You can start with first painting the rocks with black and yellow paint, preferred paint is acrylic. Then draw the eyes and the face. Make sure you keep the front of the stones as yellow else it will not represent bees. Now take moldable wires and make wings of round and curvy shape as done in the image in the lower left.

If you have a waste clay pot or an extra one, you can use these bee craft for kids’ ideas for decorating your house. This idea will be definitely praised by your guests and family members. Keep the pot upside down and paint it as done in the upper left image. Now, take a ball of black or yellow color and draw the face of the bee. Use pipe cleaners for the antennas. And keep the tip of the antennas of yellow pom poms. You can use the net for the wings and attach them at the back of the body.

The unused paper bags or even used ones can be used for these bee crafts for kids’ ideas. You can straighten the paper bag with iron and then paint them as done in the lower right image. Draw the eyes and the smile. You can use artificial eyes too for this. Swirl the pipe cleaner for the antennas and the wings can be crafted with the help of crotchet clothes. You can also make a pattern out of any white sheet and use it as the wings.

Want to give an impression of your kid on this bee craft for kids? You can use the footprint as the body of the bee. For this, make a footprint with yellow paint and draw the strips with black color on the print. Draw the smile and the eyes with a black sketch pen. As the print is on a paper, draw the wings and antennas for the finish. You can also draw the trails as dotted lines in this idea.

Bees craft ideas for your kids


For this bee craft for kids of cotton balls, cut out a circular shape from cardboard and stick cotton balls on it. Color the area and the balls with black and yellow paints. For the face and the antennas, you can cut it out from a black colored sheet. In this idea, we have crafted wings from newspapers. At the end join these 3 pieces together with glue.

The curved portion of egg cartons that holds the eggs can be cut out to make the body and face. For this, cut two consecutive eggs holding parts of the carton without separating them. You can use black colored pipe cleaners for the legs as they will easily hold the lightweight figures.  For the wings, bend the pipe cleaner into the infinity/8 shape and join it to the body.

The paper plates can be painted as yellow and black as done in the lower right image for this bee craft for kids. For the wings, cut out shapes from the white sheet. Use a black colored sheet for the face and the antennas. use glue for joining the pieces together at last. You can also make strips from the black sheet for the body for giving the same texture to the art piece.

The waste toilet paper roll has so many uses. One of them is using them in bee craft for kids. Color the toilet paper roll yellow with acrylic paint and cut out strips from the black paper sheet for the body. Cut out a circular piece and draw the face on it. Draw the antennas and the wing from the paper only to keep the contrast and surface of the craft piece uniform.

Easy to make bees craft ideas


You can use the round shape at the bottom of the balloons to draw the bodies of the bees as done in the upper right image for this bee craft for kids. Dip the balloons a bit from the bottom in yellow paint and make impressions of small size on a piece of paper. Now draw the strips, smile, and tail with the black sketch pen.  For the wings, cut out hearts from the plastic translucent sheet and mark a separation in the middle. Paste only one artificial eye to represent the side view.

The groove figures of the egg cartons can be cut and painted with color for the body and face. We recommend you to use artificial eyes in this idea also. You can use pipe cleaners of white color for the wings. To improve the aesthetics of the bees, keep them with the hand made flowers from the same egg carton.

Draw a boundary of a beehive in the start. Now use the hand fingers to make prints of yellow color as done in the upper left image. Then draw the door and small bees with sketch pens. You can also cut out a door from a different sheet and paste it on the beehive area.

For this bee craft for kids idea, cut out an oval shape from the cardboard sheet. Now, wrap the figure with yellow and black threads. in random directions. Use slits on the oval shape to make sure the threads don’t loosen up while stretching. Attach the artificial eyes and the wings from the folded newspaper. You can join a stick at the back to hold the figure also.

The Bigger Ones

Bee Crafts for Kids

These bees are so good to look at. The eyes reflect the innocence in them. But don’t believe them, they are so dangerous when you touch them. Dare you touch them. No one can make them lose when they are in unity. The cool wings give this an extra look. These can be used to decorate the home and it gives a lovely look. It makes the room of kids feel complete.

The Button Bee

Bee Crafts for Kids

Buttons can be used to decorate many things. One best example is decorating the bees. The yellow and black colour adds beauty to the cool picture. The bee decoration says how unity we can be. It also reflects the symbol of hardwork. It is so simple and can be done very easily. It does not require anything to be bought from shops.

The Lovely Bees

Bee Crafts for Kids

Bees are already to look at. What if it has an extra hearty look!!! It looks so special and cool. It can even represent people who are madly in love. Kids love the heart shape and the way they cut the shapes. Teach them all shapes and let them experience everything. Many things in life must be experienced by us directly.

The Checked Love

Bee Crafts for Kids

The shape of a square is perfect to look at. It is so difficult for the kids to cut them. Make kids do things perfectly. Yes, of course, their imperfections add cuteness to the entire thing. It is not a requirement to be perfect, but it is important to be perfectly real.

Beeing’ Artist

Bee Crafts for Kids Beeing Artist

Being an art lover has many plus points. The first advantage is that you can create your own greetings and need not waste your time asking your mom or dad to buy them. The greeting can be made so simple. People whom you give this will feel so happy and satisfied as things that are handmade has extra love and effort. Money does not count love but effort does.

Box BeeBee Crafts for Kids Box Bee

Bee boxes are easy to make. They are super cool to look at. These can be made from old matchboxes. The only thing you must do it to paste and colour the box accordingly. Small kids can be given this task and they will surely do this with a lot of excitement.

The Black Queen – Bumblebee

Bee Crafts for Kids The Black Queen

The uniqueness of a bee hive is that it is lead by a queen. The leadership of a girl can also be the best. The main thing is that is an opportunity. Do the work and excellent craft of the mighty bee queen. It can be done with cotton balls and it is so simple. Make kids learn the power of the queen in the bee hive.

3 Dimension

Bee Crafts for Kids Dimension

Watching a thing in three dimensions is more classy than the paperwork. Do this bee and make people get attracted by you talent. Talent is more important than bookish knowledge. The art of creativity and innovation cannot be acquired easily. It is more complex to make such things

Bee Hanging

bee Hanging

A beautiful home is incomplete without hangings. This type is extra special because this cute bee welcomes home and greet people. The yellow and black combo gives people a warm feeling and makes them come repeatedly. You can also convey to people that you have a naughty kid in your home by this type of hanging.

Constructing bee-themed crafts using paper For Kids

Constructing bee-themed crafts using paper For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

Constructing bee-themed crafts using paper can be a fun and creative activity for kids. Using basic materials such as paper, glue, scissors, and paint, children can make a variety of decorations, cards, and toys. It’s a great way to teach them about the importance of bees while having fun.

Imperfections Can Be Perfect

Imprefections Can Be Perfect

The bits of paper even can make a perfect craft. These papers can be made in any shapes as kid’s wish and it is turned into beautiful art. Imperfections can sometimes lead to a perfect material. Kids can do it so easily and it is so funny to do it.

Cuttie Pie

Cuttie Pie

When kids make this kind of face and stand before you to ask sorry or any other thing, there will be no thought to say no because this it the most cutest thing and cannot be ignored by anyone. Make this kind of bee and impress people. Gift it to friends as a symbol of love and care.

Love Bee

Love Bee

I’m pretty sure that there will be a couple even among the bees as of everywhere. Gift such cute people and make them smile. A smile from a loved one can make you travel along. It remains as an inspiration to achieve greater things in life.

Lovely Hangings

Lovely Hangings

Hangings can be super cool to look at. The bees can remind you to work hard until you reach success in life. It remains as an enthusiastic symbol to lead your own way and achieve great things in life.

Flate Bee

Flate Bee

These bees are funnier even to look at. This can be made easily through the paper. The colouring part is the most loved thing by the children. They do it with a bright smile in their face. Help them and make them do a perfect bee.

Smart And Cute

Smart And Cute

Being a smart person requires many characters. Physical appearances are deceptive. The main thing which matters a lot is being smart and active. It can lead you through the path of success. Do such a smart bee and place in your house.

The Pop Bees

The Pop Bees

These are not so hard. It can be done easily by cute kids. The faces can be given different reactions so as to categorize and play. This game can be played by many kids and kids will love these. These bees can even remain as a pet to the kids.

Simple And Cool

Simple And Cool

These bee heads can be done easily with just chart paper. It can be made as a playing thing for the kids. Make kids to enjoy life. Teach them to admire and appreciate things.

Buzzworthy Bee Crafts for Kids - Bumblebee Activities

Life is not sitting idle and complaining. Explore great things in life. These can be explored only when the effort is taken. Nothing comes along easily. Each and every thing requires effort. Make kids understand the value of life. Opportunities do not come along easily. Make the opportunity as a way to success and be happy. Don’t let your smile fade, do things you love and enjoy life.

Life Is a Daring Adventure or Nothing. Stay Tuned for Many Updates. Write Your Comments In The Comment Section. Have a Wonderful Life.

Heart Shaped Bee Craft for Kids – Step by Step Tutorial


We hope you loved all these Buzzworthy Bees craft ideas. We wish that your children even find satisfaction and happiness in making all these bees crafts. Do share your feedback and views with us in the comments section below. Do check out other summer time craft ideas. We will come up with more such crafty articles.

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