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65+ Christmas Crafts for Kids that Anyone Can Make

65+ Christmas Crafts for Kids that Anyone Can Make


65+ Christmas Crafts for Kids that Anyone Can Make

Christmas is all about spending time with family, especially with your kids. Spread your love of DIY Christmas craft for kids ideas that will keep their creative juices flowing. Children’s Christmas tree decorations,  preschool holiday, Christmas ornament crafts, Christmas paper crafts for kids are famous craft ideas for kids.

69 Beautiful Christmas Craft Ideas For Kids

Christmas is an important part of the year. Everyone looks forward to celebrating Christmas in beautiful and bright colors. It is one of the festivals which is celebrated all round the globe. We must teach our children the beauty of these traditions and the best way is to add them to the celebration preparation in Christmas. This will make them aware of the various tradition and will feed their curiosity as well. We have brought to you some beautiful Christmas crafts to be tried by your kids this festive season. We hope you and your kids enjoy making them this Christmas.

Some Pretty Christmas Craft Ideas For Kids

Some Pretty Christmas Craft Ideas For Kids

1. Footprint Snowman Craft for Kids

This footprint snowman craft is really fun to make. Take a black colored chart paper, now ask your kids to step into white paint and then take an imprint on the black chart paper. Once the imprint dries, use a black sharpie pen to draw the sticks, mouth and buttons. Use orange paint to draw the nose. Add white swabs all around the snowmen.

2. Toilet Roll Snowmen

This is a beautiful way to reuse your toilet paper rolls. Paint the toilet roll in white color. Stick colorful buttons on the snowman’s chest. Now use an old sock to make a cap and a muffler for the snowman. Now add details like mouth and eyes of the snowman.

3. Decorations from Pipe cleaners

Pipe cleaners are a versatile craft material. To make some beautiful Christmas crafts you can use some glittery pipe cleaners and mold them to the desired shape. If you do not get some glittery pipe cleaners then you may dip the pipe cleaners in glue and then sparkles.

4. Salt dough Santa ornaments 

Make flour dough and then roll it out. Get an imprint of your hand on the dough roll and cut it along the lines. Now bake the dough in the sun. Punch a hole at the base of the hand. Now paint the hand imprint. Making the fingers as white beard of the santa and the thumb as the apex of his cap. Draw and paint the details. Now thread it through the punched hole. Now you can hang this craft to decorate your home.

5. Pom Pom Pinecone trees

These are some pretty pine cone crafts. Start by collecting some pine cones. Now paint the outer edges of the pine cones. Add some small sized cotton balls in the open crevices. You can hang these pretty pine cone pom poms on the Christmas tree.

6. Gift Box Collages Made by Preschoolers

This is a beautiful craft activity to be done by kids. You can start by making small round balls using tissue paper. Take hard stock sheet and make some beautiful Christmas related figures on it. Your kids will be elated to create such beautiful crafts.

7. Egg Carton Jingle Bells – Christmas Ornament Craft

Egg cartons are waste after we have eaten the eggs. Your kids can easily make some beautiful egg carton jingle bells. Start by cutting a single egg keeping cavity. Now form triangular edges of the cavity. Make a tiny hole at the top and thread it through. Now hang it on the Christmas tree to beautify your home.

8. Christmas Crafts for Kids: Santa Star Homemade Christmas Ornament

This Santa start is really easy to make. Cut out a star from the felt foam. Now use some cotton to make and define the mouth of the Santa. Cut out gloves and shoes from from black colored chart paper and stick on right edges of the star. This way your Santa gets complete. Punch a hole at the top and hang your cute Santa anywhere you like.

9. Paddle pop stick Christmas trees

This is an easy to make Popsicle Christmas tree idea. Take three Popsicle sticks, clean and dry them before painting them in green paint. Make a triangle using these Popsicle sticks. Now use some bright colored pom-poms to decorate the triangle. Add a golden star at the top of the triangle. Hang this beautiful Christmas tree using a red and white twine.

Toddler Christmas Crafts for Kids

Toddler Christmas Craft Ideas

10. Decorate Santa’s Treat Plate

To decorate the Santa’s treat plate take a paper plate. Dip your child’s hand in green paint and make three imprints of the hand in the plate center. Make a brown base. Add a yellow or golden dot at the top. Add sequins and stones to decorate the tree.

11. Simple wreaths

To make these simple wreathe start with a pipe cleaner. Thread the pipe cleaner with colorful beads. Tie the pipe cleaner at the top in a bow. This looks pretty and sweet both.

12. Gingerbread Men, Christmas Tree and Star Printables

Take a brown colored sheet. Cut out a gingerbread man from the brown colored sheet. Take some beautiful sequins and stones. Stick the decorative material on the gingerbread man. Make a punch at the head. Thread the ribbon through the punch and hang the gingerbread man on the Christmas tree.

13. icicle ornaments: beads and pipe cleaners

Take some silver sparkly pipe cleaners. Now take some colorful beads and thread them through the pipe cleaner to get a beautiful icicle craft for your Christmas tree.

14. DIY Snowman Christmas Ornaments

Buy some transparent Christmas balls. Now take some acrylic paint and paint some snowmen on the transparent Christmas balls to get a beautiful Christmas ornament for the festival decor.

15. Tin foil Christmas Tree Ornaments

This tin foil craft is really easy to make. Start by folding the foil in a triangular shape. Once you have got the triangular shape, paint the surface of the triangular foil shape. Now add some rhinestones and sequins to the triangular painted surface to complete the Christmas tree.

16. Christmas Bauble Keepsake

Take a transparent Christmas ball. Open its top. Now fill it with crystals. Now take your child’s crafts and fill the Christmas ball with it. You can decorate the Christmas ball with other decorative material.

17. Christmas Activities for Kids: Decorate the Felt Christmas Tree

Make a felt tree for the kids to decorate. Use a thermocol base for the tree. Give your children large bindis, sequins and stones to decorate the felt Christmas tree.

18. Cinnamon Christmas ornaments

You can easily make these cinnamon Christmas ornaments. Take some bark of the cinnamon tree. Now draw some Christmas related figures on it. Cut the figures out. Punch a hole at the top. Now you may hang it in your home for decoration purposes.

Beautify Christmas Crafts for Kids To Enjoy

Beautify Christmas Craft Ideas For Kids To Enjoy

19. Printable Reindeer Antlers!

You can make these beautiful Reindeer headgear for your kids. To make this reindeer headgear you need to start by making a horizontal strip of the size of your kid’s head size. Now make reindeer horns for the hedger and stick them on the sides of the horizontal strip. Paint the horns in the right colors.

20. Snowflake Ornaments

You can make really beautiful Snowflake crafts by using Popsicle sticks. Start by painting the Popsicle in bright colors. Now stick them on top of each other. After you have stuck them together, decorate the snowflakes as you like.

21. Handprint Snowmen Christmas Ornaments

These are some really pretty Christmas crafts. Take a Christmas ball and paint on its surface with acrylic paints to achieve such beautiful Christmas balls.

22. Baking Soda Clay Handprint Keepsakes

Take some baking soda clay and make a round out of it. Flatten it out a bit. Now take an impression of the hand of your child. Paint the area outside the area of the hand print of your kid. Punch a hole at the top. Now set the clay for baking inside an oven. Your craft is ready to be hung on a Christmas tree.

23. Christmas Angel Egg Carton Craft

Take an egg carton and cut out a single egg cavity out. Paint the egg cavity in white paint. Now stick a fork at the base and attach a wooden bead to it. Add two silver pipe cleaners at the base of the egg cavity and add green beads as feet to the pipe cleaner. Add wings and feathers to the back of the angel craft.

24. Easy Christmas Ornaments for Kids: Pipe Cleaner + Beads

This is a very easy Christmas ornament for kids to make. Take a shiny pipe cleaner. Thread some red and golden balls and beads in the pipe cleaner. Now you may hang it on your Christmas tree.

25. DIY Christmas Gifts: Painted Bowls

You can make hand painted bowls to gift or serve food this Christmas. Take some ceramic bowls and then use acrylic paints to paint beautiful patterns on the bowls. Set the paint on the surface by keeping the bowl in the oven for 15 minutes.

26. Christmas Skip Counting Games for Kids

Take some cotton swabs. Now dip the swabs in glue and then dip them in glitter. Now stick swabs in a perpendicular fashion in a set of three. Also add two cotton swabs as cross on the top.

27. Homemade Christmas Crafts: Pine Cone Elves

These are some really beautiful Christmas craft elves. First of all collect some small sized pine cones. Now stick pipe cleaners on the pipe cleaner to the pine cone as hands and legs of the elves. Cut out shoes and gloves from the felt cloth to complete the hands and feet of the elves. Add a wooden bead for the face of the elf. Now make the cap and muffler of the elf from a felt vloth. Your elves are ready for the showdown.

Some Christmas Crafts for Kids

Some Christmas Craft Ideas For Your Kids

28. 1 Minute Christmas Ornaments

This is a beautiful Christmas hanging craft. Start by buying some transparent Christmas hanging balls. Open the top of the ball and fill it with small colorful plastic beads in the Christmas ball. Lock the top of the Christmas ball back again. And you get a beautiful Christmas ball for the festival.

29. Simple Craft for Jingle Bells

These are some really fun and creative crafts for your kids for Christmas. Take a shiny pipe cleaner. Stick a trinket at the base of the pipe cleaner with super glue. This makes for a nice jingle bell craft.

30. handprint mitten ornament

Mittens are an integral part of the kitchen. You can make some mitten crafts this Christmas. Cut out a mitten shape from the felt cloth you have add a layer of cotton at the base of the mitten shape. Decorate the hand mitten with sequins and stones.

31. Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids: Craft Stick Stars

You can make beautiful stars using hand painted colorful Popsicle sticks. Start with painted colorful Popsicle sticks and then join and stick them together to make a star. Add glitter and sequins to decorate it for Christmas.

32. Homemade Crayon Resist Gift Tags

These are some really beautiful Christmas tags. Use Crayons to make these Christmas tags. Add glitter strip on the sides of the Christmas tag to beautify it further.

33. Lacy Punched Salt Dough Ornaments. Beaded Ones, Too!

Take some dough made by mixing flour and water. Roll it out and cut different shapes. Set some sequins and stones in the rolled out cut dough. Make a punch the top of the shape and sun bake the decorated shape. Once it has dried, thread through the hole and hang the crafts on a Christmas tree for beautification at the Christmas eve.

34. Christmas Tree Craft

This Christmas craft is really easy to make. Start by choosing a mid rib for the Christmas tree. Paint it in green color. Now take smaller pieces of Popsicle sticks and paste them across the mid rib of the Christmas tree. Decorate the horizontal sticks with glitter and sequins.

35. TP Roll Santa Hats 

These are real fun toilet paper hats. Take a toilet paper roll and paint it in red color on the outside. Once the paint dries, use a cutter to give a spiral cut to the roll. Add a cotton ball or white pom pom at the top to finish off the hat. Hang it high for best show.

36. Candy Cane Christmas Trees

This is an easy to make Christmas craft. Take a felt cloth in green color. Make small cuts in the middle rib of a Christmas tree cut from the felt cloth. Decorate the Christmas tree with sequins and glitter. Add a sparkly pipe cleaner to enhance its beauty. Now pass a candy cane through the sluts made in the mid rib of the Christmas tree.

Make Some Beautiful Christmas Crafts for Kids

Make Some Beautiful Christmas Crafts

37. Sparkly Christmas Tree Banner

Christmas is the time of joy and happiness. You can make a beautiful bunting or banner using beautiful and bright green triangular pieces of painted sheet. Decorate them with glitter and sparkles. Punch a hole at the top and thread them through the thread and hang them high.

38. Christmas Crafts: Personalized Star Ornament for Kids

This is a beautiful Christmas craft. To start with clean and dry some Popsicle sticks. Now paint them in a bright color. Make a star using these Popsicle sticks. Once the star has been made and the Popsicle sticks have been stuck together. Add two googly eyes and make a mouth using a pipe cleaner. Also add a cap using a pipe cleaner at the top. Add a name or saying using felt foam letters.

39. Snow Owl

This snow owl is easy to make. To start with take a pine cone and cover it with cotton all over. Now take two large googly eyes and stick them on top of the pine cone covered in cotton. Also add a triangular brown colored paper for the nose of the owl.

40. Egg Carton Wreath

To make this egg carton wreath, cut out different cavities of the egg carton. Paint the egg carton cavities in green color. Fold the egg carton cavities, in half. Now stick the cavities along with each other in succession. Decorate it with large sized golden and red sequins. Add a ribbon at the top of the wreath.

41. Circle Christmas Tree Craft

First of all regular sized circles from different shades of green paper. Now take a wooden clothespin. Stick the circular green pieces together. Stick them on the wooden clothespin. Now use sprinkled glitter or sequins on the green circles of the Christmas tree to decorate it. Add a golden star at the top of the tree.

42. Mini paper angels

These mini paper crafty angels are easy and really fun to make. First of all make a wide ring. Cut it in half. Now make a cone using a semicircle of sheet. Now cut out a small sized circle from the same colored sheet. Join all of these together. Stick the thread at the back of the angel to help in hanging the angel.

43. Cute Craft stick Decorations

You can make some beautiful cute stick crafts using Popsicle sticks. Take some Popsicle sticks and clean them. Now paint the Popsicle in a base color. Now use felt cloth, pom poms, cotton balls, glitter, etc. To decorate the Popsicle sticks to make Christmas crafts.

44. 3 Kings craft

You make this three kings craft using toilet paper roll. First of all section the roll in three sections. Cut the top section like a throne. The middle section is the face of the king. Paint the lower section of the toilet paper in a bright color. Now add hair or beard of the king using felt cloth or woolen thread.

45. Play-doh Ornaments Craft

Every child loves to play with play dough. Let us give them a good chance to make beautiful play-dough crafts using play dough and then use them for Christmas decoration. This will be a great way to showcase their creativity in the Christmas celebrations.

Christmas Craft Ideas For Kids

Christmas Craft Ideas For Kids

46. Plastic Bottle Poinsettia

This poinsettia craft surely helps in reducing waste and also to decorate the Christmas tree. Paint the base of the bottle in white acrylic paint and the length of the bottle in a bright colored paint. Now use a warm cutter to cut along the length of the bottle. Now spread the bottle flaps outwards to form a beautiful poinsettia.

47. toilet roll reindeer

This beautiful reindeer craft is fun to make. Start by cutting the toilet roll in half. Now take a base paint coat to apply on the toilet paper roll. Now add two large googly eyes and a red pom pom to make the face. Make the horns of the reindeer using a brown pipe cleaner. Punch a hole at the back to help in hanging the reindeer craft.

48. Kid Made: Sparkly Tinsel Christmas Ornaments

Cut out some circular shapes from hard stick sheet. Apply glue on the circle. Punch a hole on the top. Now dip the glue applied circle in a bowl of sequins, glitter or rhinestones to get it beautifully sparkling.

49. Quick Candy Cane Christmas Ornament

Use red and white pipe cleaners to make the candy canes or you can even use actual candy canes to decorate the Christmas tree. This surely adds more Christmas vibe to your decor.

50. Homemade Pine Cone Print Wrapping Paper

This is a beautiful way to make a pretty gift wrapper. Collect some pine cones. Now take a white gift paper. Dip the pine cone edges in paint and then dab it onto the white gift paper. This gives out beautiful patterns on the gift paper.

51. Handcrafted Christmas Ornaments

This is a beautiful way to welcome Christmas vibes to your home. Start by cutting out different Christmas related shapes on a soft cardboard sheet. Punch a hole on the top and thread them through. Now paint letters or names on these shapes.

52. Christmas activity: {Tin Foil} DIY Ornaments

This is a beautiful and easy to make foil Christmas tree. Start by folding the foil into a triangular piece. Now paint the outer surface in green paint. Add some rhinestones, sequins and other decorative material to make this Christmas tree a beautiful hanging.

53. Homemade Gift for Kids – Itty Bitty Building Set

This is a nice gift to give your children this Christmas. Take some play dough and some toothpicks to gift to your children. Also add some ribbons and decorative pieces keeping in view the festive vibe.

54. Christmas Stampers

Take a felt foam sheet. Now cut out different shapes like Christmas tree, gingerbread man, bells, decorations, etc. From the felt foam sheet. Now dip these stampers in paint to dab them on a flat sheet to get beautiful stamps in Christmas theme.

Christmas Christmas Crafts for Kids To Try This Festive Season

Christmas Craft Ideas For Kids To Try This Festive Season

55. DIY Paper Christmas Tree Ornaments

These paper crafts are really pretty and easy to make. To start with take a colorful patterned sheet. Cut out large circles from the sheet. Now fold the circle along two perpendicular diameters. Now fold the two opposite inner triangles inwards. Combine three or four such shapes to make a beautiful patterned hanging.

56. Cardboard Gingerbread House

Gingerbread is an integral part of the Christmas celebrations. Use a cardboard sheet to make a gingerbread house instead of gingerbread. Decorate the gingerbread house using red crafty paper and cotton balls. You can use your creativity to decorate the gingerbread house in any way.

57. DIY Scratch Art Christmas Ornaments

Take a circular shape. Now paint some regular strips of color on the circle using oil pastels. Now take a water color black paint. Give a sibgle coat on the circle. Now using any tool to scratch the circle and make beautiful pattern on it. Punch a hole in the circle and hang it using a ribbon piece.

58. Christmas Crafts for Kids : A Christmas Tree of Hearts

Take a conical shape and flatten it till some height. Now press it flat. Now cut a cloud shape at the base of the conical shape. Take a foil roll and stick these colorful conical shapes on the foil roll. Add different colored conical shapes on top of each other. This will make for a beautiful Christmas tree.

59. Paper Plate Angel

Take a paper plate and draw a rough framework of the doll on the paper plate. Now cut out the paper doll from the paper doll along with the head of the doll. Use wool or thread to make the hair of the doll and paints to paint the face of the doll and also to beautify the clothes of the doll. Use a black sharpie pen to add details to the face of the doll.

60. Make Your Own Glitter Ornaments

Cut out some beautiful Christmas related pieces from a felt foam sheet. Use some glitter and glue to the base of the shape to make beautiful Christmas crafts. This surely looks pretty and is easy to make.

61. CD Christmas Ornaments with Paint and Glitter

Take some circular pieces of hard stick sheet. Punch a hole in the middle. Now paint this circular disc in bright colors and add some glitter on the surface. Now tie the punch with a ribbon. Use this ribbon to tie it to the Christmas tree.

62. Christmas Cards Preschool Kids and Toddlers Can Make

Preschool kids can also make some beautiful Christmas cards. Give out some cards to the students with a Christmas tree drawn on them. Now give them pieces of colored paper. Now ask the students to stick the pieces of paper in the Christmas tree shape.

63. Crafts for kids: a Christmas wreath

This is a beautiful Christmas wreath making idea. To make it you need lots of Popsicle sticks. Now paint all these Popsicle sticks in green paint. Now make two hexagons. Stick the two hexagons by sticking them on each other. Make sure the edge of a hexagon is stuck on the flat region of the other hexagon. Use a bright red ribbon to wrap around the wreath. Make a bow on the top of the wreath and make a loop to help in hanging it.

Some Beautiful Snow Inspired Christmas Crafts for Kids

Some Beautiful Snow Inspired Christmas Crafts For Kids

64. Christmas bulbs sun catcher

To make these beautiful sun catchers, use colored tissue paper. Cut out a leafy pattern for the sun catcher outline the leaves with black sharpie pen. Now stick a thread on the glass and stick these leaves around the black thread. This is truly beautiful and bright.

65. Frosty The Snowman Decorations

To make these beautiful Santa Clauses, buy some white colored plastic balls and stick them together. Now stick colorful button on the belly. Use pipe cleaner to make the hats and mufflers of the Santa. Also add small sized twigs to make the hands of the Santa. Your Santa are ready to light up your Christmas.

66. Gold Star Decoration

You can make these beautiful stars decoration using cookie batter or modelling clay. Your kids can use a clay cutter to cut out these beautiful star shapes from the clay modelling or help you out by cutting the dough using a cookie cutter.

67. Curled Paper Christmas Tree Decorations

Make a cone with colorful paper and then cut strips on the edge of the cone. Fold the strips outwards. Make these cones in different sizes. Now thread these cones onto a thread making a beautiful succession in size. Now you get a beautiful curled paper Christmas tree decoration.

68. Christmas Crafts: How to Make A Snow Globe

Take a mason jar, clean and dry it. Now take the lid and stick on it a snow character and a Christmas tree. Now take some water in the mason jar and fill it with water till the brim. Add glitter to the water. Now tightly seal the lid on the top. Fix the lid with washi tape on the sides. Now keep the mason jar upside down to have a beautiful Christmas globe.

69. Homemade Christmas Decorations: Popstick Wreath

Collect a lot of Popsicle sticks and then clean and dry them. Now make a large net of Popsicle in the shape of a wreath. Use spray paint or water colors to paint this beautiful Popsicle wreath. Your kids will be excited to make a beautiful wreath.

We hope you and your kids loved all these beautiful Christmas craft ideas. Sure we have helped you to have a great Christmas. We wish all our readers a Merry Christmas. You can check out other related articles on Kids Art & Craft to help you make your Christmas nice and beautiful. Do leave your opinion and feedback in the comments section given below. Keep smiling and creating with Kids Art & Craft!

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