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Easy Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids – Step by step tutorials

Easy Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids - Step by step tutorials


Easy Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids – Step by step tutorials

As Christmas is approaching day by day, so the excitement of everyone is rising. Every year, billions of people wait for this sacred day and start preparing for the same weeks before. The decorations of the house, the gifts, the tradition of Christmas tree and the Santa Claus in that winter night covered with snow(most of the regions), What not to love about it?

When everything is so special during those hours. There are stories and facts about the holy God which are told to everyone. To make your decorations more appealing, and also indulge your kids in the celebrations, we are going to list down the DIY Christmas craft ideas for kids. These will involve your kids in the celebration more and will boost their enthusiasm for the special occasion.

DIY Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids

Easy Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids - Step by step tutorials

Creating a Snowman Christmas Craft For Youngsters

Creating a Snowman Christmas Craft For Youngsters

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

Creating a Snowman Christmas Craft For Youngsters is a fun and creative way to get kids in the holiday spirit. With simple materials and a few creative touches, your little ones can make a festive snowman to decorate their tree or window.

1. Handprint Christmas Tree

Handprint Christmas Tree

Let’s start with the Handprint Christmas tree DIY Christmas kids crafts idea. An easy and simple way to help them make their own tree at home. Ask the kids to get an impression of their hand on a light cardboard sheet. Then cut the the light cardboard sheet drafts properly and neatly. Now take the green-colored sheets and cut the pieces with the help of the cardboard hand as a stencil. This will minimize the time and effort required. After this, on a triangular base of cardboard, start pasting the handprints with the help of glue from bottom to upwards. Once done, decorate your tree with hand made stars or you can even use ready-made crafts.  Add glittery balls, stars, snowflakes, cotton for the snow effect, etc. You can also use a pyramid or a conical base for the real 3D effect.

2. DIY Pom Pom Garland Craft idea

DIY Pom Pom Garland Craft idea

Furballs are really difficult to make at home. Isn’t it? We say NO! They are a child’s play if you know the step by step guide and the elementary activities. For this DIY Christmas kids crafts idea, tell them to start with rolling the thread multiple times on a Fork. The threads must be tightly rolled and the turns must be as high as possible. This will increase the density of the furball and will make them soft and fluffy. Now, tie a piece of thread in the middle of the turns as shown in the third image and then remove the Fork carefully. Take a pair of scissors (not too sharp, for the safety of the children) and cut the ends of the thread giving it a round shape. With multiple furballs of different colors, make a pom pom Garland that you can hang on the walls. You may even deforate your Christmas tree with these pom pom balls.

3. DIY Paper Craft Idea for decoration

These simple crafts ideas are still in the trend for decades as it makes patterns which are perfectly symmetrical and requires a lot less work compared to completely drawing the pattern and then cutting it. You can divide the sheet equally into 4 or 8 parts by folding it. Fold the square colored sheet diagonally in half and then again in half. Thus, drawing only that much design and then cutting the whole pattern in a once go. This requires a lot of imagination and we would ask you and your kids to copy the designs available on the internet rather than going for your own complete design to avoid material wastage. You can even help your kids to think about new patterns to realise new kinds of patterns. You can also go for the above designs in the images.

4. DIY Christmas Tree Craft Tutorial

Another DIY Christmas kids crafts idea which you can teach your children. This Christmas tree craft is 3-D rather than the handprints tree which used triangular cardboard as a base. Start with making a cone of a good stiffness, as it will act as a stand and support of the tree. Now cut circles of different shades of green. You can choose 2 or 3 colors for this. Higher the number of circles, the more attractive it will look. Paste them on the cone one by one starting from the bottom of the cone. Make sure you cover the whole white portion. You can paste half of the circle and leave the other half on the below circle without any glue on this part. Tell your kids to make 3-4 trees of different sizes as they will look more charming together.

5. Easy wreath decoration from toilet paper rolls

We never miss any opportunity to tell you how important toilet paper roll is for the craft world and in which way we can use it. The same goes for this DIY Christmas Crafts idea, which is a wreath of toilet paper rolls cuttings. The roll has been divided and cut into equal parts with a small height. Now keep these toilet paper roll cut pieces in a round circle as shown in the image and then paste them together. The number of pieces will decide the size of the wreath so go for nearly 20-25 pieces. You can paint these toilet paper roll pieces and add a bow for more aesthetics. You may even add flowers to this aesthetic wreath.

Easy Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids - Step by step tutorials

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We hope you loved all these beautiful Christmas craft ideas for kids. We wish a Merry Christmas to you. These craft ideas will surely give your home a great Christmas vibe. Do check out other related articles. We will come up with more such Christmas Kids articles soon. We would love to hear from you, share your feedback in the comments section below.

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