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DIY Animal Paper Crafts: Learning Through Creativity

DIY Animal Paper Crafts Learning Through Creativity

DIY and Crafts

DIY Animal Paper Crafts: Learning Through Creativity

Activities for Kids

Animals have always been an integral part of children’s kingdom. So when it comes to craft, we know exactly what our little artists would enjoy making. Here we present easy, DIY animal paper craft ideas for kids inspired by their favorites from the animal kingdom.

DIY Animal Paper Crafts

These tutorials will enhance your child’s creative aptitude, support their growth and development and will make learning so much fun as they learn to identify animals and discover interesting facts about them. Let’s begin!

1. Mr. Mickey: Recycled Paper Cup Mouse

Meet Mr. Mickey – your child’s next best friend.

Made using an old paper cup, leftover coloured sheets and a sketch pen, Mr. Mickey will teach little ones the importance of recycling and reusing. It will also help children to remain organized as they store their favorite candies, erasers, colors etc. in their cute hand made organizer.

2. Easy DIY Happy Paper Craft Frog

This one is super duper easy and a very quick one to make when you want to utilise that lazy leisure time. Follow our tutorial, roll a few papers and wohoo! the Happy Frog is ready to hop all around your playroom.

3. Lets Go Fishing! – DIY Paper Craft Clown Fish

This video will help you learn basic origami tricks to make your own clownfish, swimming through the ocean of your imagination. It’s an easy and fun way to introduce young minds to the vast world underwater.

4. Paper Craft Jellyfish

These mystical creatures of the water world are one of the oldest creatures living on our planet and that too without having a brain. Isn’t it funny?

Make a vibrant, colourful and beautiful paper craft jellyfish by following this video and add it to your cool collection of animals.

5. Easy Fanfold Paper Craft Rabbit

Bunnies are as cute as ……………….as bunnies!

when it comes to cuteness rabbits have no comparison.

Make an origami rabbit using the easy and famous  “FANFOLD” technique and impress your friends with the cool crafts you make.

6. DIY Snail Origami

What if we tell you that all you need to make this charming snail is a single sheet of colored paper?

Yes, it is that simple! Watch this quick video to learn this DIY Snail paper craft.

7. Pig Paper Craft DIY

This cutesy little piggy is very simple to make. Make piggy expressing different emotions and let your creative genius flow out. Room decoration, play buddy or an organizer this shall serve all purposes well enough.

8. Quack Quack- DIY Paper Craft Duck

Did you know that even though ducks live in water, they never get wet? That is because of oil in their feathers.

Interesting, right!

Familiarize children with these science facts as they handcraft a duck all by themselves. Learning can be so much fun when done in the this way.

9. Paper Roll Penguin

Penguins live in extremely cold temperatures and do you know what they do when they feel cold?

well, they give each other tight hugs!

Roll two sheets and use a little creativity to make penguins for your collection of the animal kingdom. Watch our video to learn more. So next time you feel cold, try a penguin hug:)

10. Cone Frog Art-easy Frog Paper Craft

When you roll a circular piece of paper it becomes a cone.


Try it out yourself and make a cute frog with it. Decorate your rooms, classrooms, bookshelves and all your favourite places with it.

When learning never stops, why should creativity wait for vacations?

Integrate creativity with learning to learn and grow!

Unleash your children’s creative potential and give wings to their imagination.

Wish you a creative day ahead!

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Activities for Kids
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