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Simple Appealing Paper Craft Ideas For Next DIY Greeting Card

Simple Appealing Paper Craft Ideas For Next DIY Greeting Card

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Simple Appealing Paper Craft Ideas For Next DIY Greeting Card

The season for a creative greeting card is never off. Be it a birthday, an anniversary, or Halloween! We are never short of new seasons, days and events. To celebrate the joy of same we are bringing you some pretty creative and easy DO IT YOURSELF (DIY) paper craft ideas.

What’s better than something you pull off out of little efforts and love, for that special occasion?

So let’s, start already!

DIY Paper Craft Ideas for Kids

Simple Appealing Paper Craft Ideas For Next DIY Greeting Card

Today we have the following craft items in the menu! So let get set with your swords and armour!

Friendly Mr. Crab 🦀

Collect some A4 size coloured sheets preferably red and some other coloured papers to draw the features, A pair of scissors, marker, pens, glue.

Follow the instructions as provided in the tutorial, and let the craft sit for while till it dries a little. Now you may use the same for a card to a friend or a wall hanging, may surprise your mom with it too!

Goldy, the fish 🐟

Collect some A4 size colour sheets, we took orange since it is Miss Goldy the fish, she likes it orange. Okay, so grab your toolbox i.e. a pair of scissors, marker pens, pencil, glue and follow the tutorial provided above.

Didn’t got through? Let’s go one at a time. You can do this!

Use it in a photo frame, your scrapbook or as your precious collectable.

The Summer Birdies

We will be needing a few coloured pastel papers and our toolbox( scissors, glue and marker pens).

For this one, we would be needing two bottle or container caps, to size the mother bird and little ones. Ask your mom, maybe use a compass in guidance of an adult to draw out the figures.

Follow the tutorial carefully. You have your craft ready! Easy,  wasn’t it?

Mr. Smiley Turtle

Collect some colorful A4 size sheets to draw your own Mr Smiley Turtle. You can choose any colour you like from green to black. We took the liberty here to use the yellow and green shade.

Get set with your toolbox( scissors, glue and marker pens). And start the tutorial.

A Cute Mouse

Get some coloured papers, your toolbox ( scissors, glue and marker pens), and get started. Think a little bit and use your creativity to find out how to craft Mr. Mouse and Enjoy.

Beautiful Beany Bee

Looks like Beany bee is excited to see you. Let’s collect some material and get started to make your own Beany bee. You will be needing, as usual, some colouring pages and our toolbox (scissors, glue and marker pens). When ready get started with your craft and bring your creativity to life.

A Paper Parrot

Fun fact, parrots eat with their feet!  Can you?

So, today we are here with another fun greeting card craft idea. Grab some coloured papers, basic toolbox and make a paper parrot. When you feel ready with the material, start making your own craft.

Snail Art

Easy to make and cute too. We have little pretty snails waiting to be made. You will need some wax crayons or sketch pens, whatever you are comfortable using. Some markers, the usual toolbox( scissors, glue and marker pens). Get ready with your material and start making.

Paper Ships

I am Popeye the sailor man! It used to be one of my favourite cartoons shows what’s yours?

Today we are making little ships using some colourful papers and our toolbox( scissors, glue and marker pens). It’s easy and quick, can be pasted to make any background or a DIY card a little creative and unique.

So we are at the end of today’s DIY ideas.

We hope you liked them!

We bring to you new and simple craft ideas every week. The last week’s craft you sent were amazing and we will be posting the same on our blog appreciating and motivating all the little artists out there. Got ideas on what you need next?

Amazing! Ping us on our mail with your suggestions or comment down below, we will get back to you positively. CHECKOUT our other craft ideas for your special occasion on our website below, HURRY!

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