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DIY Octopus Craft Ideas & Activities for Kids

DIY Octopus Craft Ideas & Activities for Kids

DIY and Crafts

DIY Octopus Craft Ideas & Activities for Kids

Activities for Kids

Easy Octopus craft ideas and activities for your kids to enjoy learning. Transform ordinary craft ideas from drab to fab by adding a little bling!

It’s time to get creative and start making and decorating things. Through creating art and drawing pictures children may be able to communicate themselves well. Working creatively, helps children to become a skilled creator and learner.

Skill can be very useful, not only for decorating your homes and classrooms but also for the mind of a child, it helps their minds grow and makes them intellectual, and when they know that they are capable and talented, they know that they will be valued in a society for a child’s mind is very fragile. So, today we are going to share some new craft ideas with you.

What’s for today?

Today we are going to learn to make the eight-legged sea creature, an octopus! It might sound difficult but it is very easy to make with different ideas.

Octopus Craft Ideas for Kids

1. The one with glass

The one with a glass - Octopus Craft Ideas for Kids

First of all, take a thermocol glass and paint it of whichever color you like, try to go with the bright colors as I have used purple and then cut out long strips of a colored paper and stick it to the glass and fold the ends, finally place small colorful beads on it. If you do not have beads, take small cotton balls, color them, and paste them instead.

2. The one with wavy arms

Octopus Craft Ideas for Kids

Until now, we have pretty much learned that it’s only the arms of the octopus that make the craft different and beautiful, you can design it in a number of ways, like here in this picture we have taken cuttings of strips from colorful papers and folded it in an “in and out” manner which gives that shape to the arms, and then just pasted it to the head of the octopus and made two eyes as mentioned above.

3. The one with sea-creatures

sea-creatures  - Octopus Craft Ideas for Kids

You can make this 3D octopus, first cut out two symmetrical half bodies of the octopus, then fold it between and then stick it together as shown in the picture. cut out some sea animals such as fishes, sea-horses and starfishes and paste it to strings and hang the string to the arms of the octopus as shown to get this lovely craft.

4. The best out of waste plastic octopus hanging

best out of waste plastic octopus hanging

Take plastic bottles with colourful caps and cut out the lower body of the bottles. Pierce through the caps using a needle and pass a string through it so as to hang the octopus. Make cutting in the plastic bottle as shown to make the arms of the octopus and put on the decorative eyes to complete the octopus.

5. The easy and colourful one

easy Octopus Craft Ideas for Kids

This is a very easy one, ask your kids to do this, cut out a round circle from a coloured paper and some long rectangular strips and paste it on the circular face and make eyes with round black and white cuttings of concentric circles and a smiling face. Ask your kids to decorate the arms whichever way they like.

6. To learn numbers with craft

learn numbers with craft


Cut out a semi-circle and paste the eight colorful strings on the octopus and decorate it further to make it more attractive. Ask your kids to count and draw dots on each arm. This will also help your kids to count and learn. The above two pictures have been made using the same method.

7. The one with circular arms

Octopus Craft Ideas for Decoration

For the next one, you need to cut out small circular rings from a paper and join it in an alternative horizontal and vertical manner to make the arms of the octopus. Cut out an oval shape from a coloured paper bulging on the top to make the head of the octopus and paste two eyes on it from an old soft toy or you can use black and white small round cuttings to make the eyes of the octopus.

Blue octopus

Beautiful octopus for classroom decor

8. The one with laces

Octopus Craft Ideas for Kids

Take some tissue papers and settle it in a bowl using a mixture of glue and water and let it dry. Once dry, it will get separated from the bowl, thus, taking its shape. Make sure you use thick coatings, otherwise the tissue paper may tear, so use many. Now, after separating it from the bowl, colour it and for the arms use laces and ribbons of different colors and patterns, which you might already have from birthday presents. You can either stick the eyes or just make them using sheets as described above also, cut out circular eyes from white and black papers and stick it on the face of the octopus. You can hang the octopus using strings by passing it through the center and make the background blue with some seagrasses to give a more realistic look.

9. The one with discarded CDs

Recyle discarded CDs

Here, in this one, we have used discarded CDs and pasted on it to make the eyes, mouth, and nose of the smiling octopus. Next, we have colored the arms of the octopus and the background blue with a few fishes to give a more realistic output.

10. With colorful glasses

colorful glasses Octopus Craft

This one is made similar to the first one. You can make many using different colors by coloring these disposable glasses, pasting strips of paper to it, and then folding it at the end.

11. Thumb painting

Thumb painting - Octopus Craft Idea

This one is a simple thumb painting which you can use initially to help your kids paint with thumb and fingers for fun. Put some color on your finger and make a round patch which will be the face and then dab with fingers in a straight row to make the arms of the octopus. Make the water body using blue color.

12. The octopus sketch

octopus sketch

This is a sketch of the octopus which you can make and ask your kids or students to fill in color and decorate it. Use a pencil to make the oval head and then the arms as shown in the picture. It is very easy to make, just keep your pencil moving flawlessly, first straight and then the curve and follow it until the other end.

Go on, try these octopus craft ideas for kids to make your own octopus. Teach your kids about numbers and colors through craft, it’s not cliche and a very interesting way of teaching the kids. Everyone loves to have such new ideas of learning and craft is one helpful way for kids to express themselves. Make some of these and do share your feedback about this post if you like or want us to post something more about other things.

Do share your views and please go through other posts as well, and you will not be disappointed. Share your feedback with us, we will try to work in that manner.

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Activities for Kids
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