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Easy Animal Drawings for Kids To Enlighten Your Budding Artist

Easy Animal Drawings for Kids To Enlighten Your Budding Artist


Easy Animal Drawings for Kids To Enlighten Your Budding Artist

Enlighten Your Budding Artist

Are you worried that your child spends the most time on mobile phones???

Is your child bored with online classes and constant scoldings from you???

Children’s brain learns things easily and it’s your duty to make them learn wise. However, our tricks and tips to make them busy in artworks. Make them proud of their own drawings. Their smile when they show their works to their friends or relatives means the most♥️

Easy Animal Drawings for Kids

Easy Animal Drawings for Kids To Enlighten Your Budding Artist

Get ready and sit erect with your paper and pencil BUDS!!!

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience”

1. Dazzling Duck

Have you heard the story of ugly little duckling?? But in reality ducks are beautiful particularly when your little ones draw it. Draw curves like inverted S, join it.

Draw cute little eyes. Draw a duckling for a beautiful view.

And..Ducks need to swim to explore things, Don’t forget about water.

Have a Dazzling duck in your home wall!!

2. Sleeping Beauty

Oops!! kittens give you a lot of trouble as your kid does🥺

But it’s not tough drawing it!!!

Draw a beautiful kitty as per the instructions and make your mind oleasant by watching it.

Pet animals add excitement to your life. Make them excited by doing this !!!

Meanwhile don’t forget your kitten waiting for food!! Serve them!!

3. The Pitty Look

Can someone avoid a child when he/she did some naughty work and stand before you saying “Sorry” with a pitty look?

The same can be applied to animals. If pet animals can talk then I’m damn sure those will be my best friends forever ♥️

Draw this beautiful picture and give your loved ones to please them!!

4. The Real Pikachu

One of the best cartoons that 90s kids never forget is Pokemon!!

How would be life if real pikachu comes to you??

You will keep it with you and roam around with his blissful eyes.

Draw this drawing and remember your favourite cartoon♥️

5. Its Winter!

Most of us would have a dream of going to cool places and have fun penguins!!!

These birds are loved not matter most of us would have never seen them.

But that’s ok. Draw your own penguins and hang it up in your walls.

It remains you of winter daily!!

6. Fluffy Fun

Imagine having a cute fluffy rabbit in your hand!!!

They roam around with their small legs which makes us enjoy every little thing.


Be fluffy no matter what others say!!

Be naughty despite your problems!!

Be active which make you reach great heights!!

Gift these to your loved ones and make them feel special ♥️

7. The Look Of A Bunny

Have you experienced a look whifh your subling gives when she needs something from you???

No matter how much you fight with them you always miss them when they are not around them. This quarantine has given a very good time to enjoy life with family.

Don’t make your family miss you. Gift them your works and make them feel special.

8. Fun With Friends

Yes!! We love these holidays

At the same time, we really miss our friends.

10 hands in one plate of Maggie 🥺…eating your friend’s snacks..all these make us feel for a minute…

Don’t make them miss you..draw beautiful things and click a picture to send to your friends!!!

“Happiness is a choice, a repetitive one.”

9. Hello Kitty!

Some children don’t like kittens. But all of them hello kitties for their charm and cuteness.

The bow in their heads looks pretty when you draw it.

Stars in dress adds shine to your Life ♥️

“No matter how few possessions you own or how little money you have, loving wildlife and nature will make you rich beyond measure”

What are you waiting for?? Take your paper, pencil and a little craziness in you ♥️

Make people admire your works!!

Have fun and engage yourself even in quarantine!! Don’t forget to see all works of our website and enjoy yourself!!

Change the world by being yourself!

Happy drawing ♥️

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