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Easy Animal Drawings & Coloring for Kids


Easy Animal Drawings & Coloring for Kids

Activities for Kids

Do you often wonder how to teach drawing to kids? Don’t worry, we are here with simple and cute ideas to draw like  Ant, Honey Bee, Beetle, Butterfly, Tweety Bird, Duck, Horse, and Scorpion.

Kids will love these easy drawings. Continue reading to learn more.

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Easy Animal Drawings & Coloring for Kids


Easy Animal Drawings & Coloring for Kids Ant

We all know kids are very fond of drawing and they can easily get involved with these things at such a tender age. Also, this is a very fun way to make them learn about different types of creatures. Here we have brought to you a simple drawing of an ant. Ants are of great significance. They are a great symbol of courage. For this, you only require a small pencil, a sheet of paper, some sketch pens and crayons.

Honey Bee

Easy Animal Drawings & Coloring for Kids Honey Bee

We all know honey bee is of great importance to all of us. They are the main source of honey that we use frequently in our daily lives. Why don’t we teach kids about honey bees with this simple drawing that is mentioned above and this will be super fun. For this, you only require a small pencil, a sheet of paper, some sketch pens, and crayons.


Easy Animal Drawings & Coloring for Kids Beetle

Beetles are very beneficial for us, as they are basically the nutrient recyclers of this planet. Their attractive colors are one of the many things which draw us to them. Hence, we are here to draw them out on a piece of sheet and can have some fun as well. For this, we only require a piece of sheet, a small pencil, eraser, sketch pens and some crayons.


Easy Animal Drawings & Coloring for Kids Butterfly

Butterflies are beautiful, they are flying insects with large and brightly colored wings. They are so beautiful to watch from the naked eyes and they generally come out in the season of spring. Making a drawing of a butterfly will also help our kids understand the patterns of different colors and will help their imagination to grow evenly. They will end up learning more about them as we know kids at this stage are curious and want to know anything and everything. This will be a great activity for the kid.

Tweety Bird

Tweety Bird

We all watched the famous cartoon, Tom & Jerry, as kids and so we all know the very famous tweety bird. As adorable as we found this bird, it was every kid’s comfort character. So, today we have an activity for you where you can draw the same with just a small pencil and a sheet of paper. You can even use sketch pens and crayons to decorate your bird.

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Duck is yellow feathery friends! They are super adorable to observe. Their little activities provide peace to the soul. We can make our kids learn about them with a simple activity here where they will be drawing it on a sheet of white paper and with a small pencil. They can even decorate the same with different colored sketch pens and crayons.



Horses are generally honored for their beauty and strength. Kids generally see them in many cartoons just as a means of transportation. But today, we have a small activity for you where you can make them learn that there is more to them than just transporting goods. This simple drawing of the horse can be easily made with just a small pencil, some sketch pens, and crayons.



Scorpions are so beautiful but dangerous. Here, is an activity for all the kids where they can learn how to draw Scorpion and learn about them as well because a lot of kids may know about other animals but not many of them know about the Scorpion. For this, you only require a piece of sheet, a small pencil, sketch pens, and some crayons.

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Activities for Kids
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