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Simple Flower Drawings for Kids


Simple Flower Drawings for Kids

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We are here with some beautiful flower drawings for kids. You/your kids can learn to make colorful flower drawings in no time. So, let’s start without any further delay.

Children are like a flower so sensitive and need to be taken care of positively. They need to be heard and be felt important. And drawing is one best medium for them to be more communicative. Kids always try to communicate through art so you should pay attention to their creative selves.

Simple Flower Drawings for Kids

1.) Bright Yellow Sunflower

Have you ever looked at a sunflower? It is truly a flower of god. So beautiful, so bright, it can cheer up anyone’s mood within a few seconds. Sunflowers are big in size than a normal flower size and grown in huge fields. Sunflowers are known as happy flowers and they can lift our mood easily. Thus, they are perfect gifts for someone whom you want to make happy.

Not only this, sunflower seeds are used for cooking purposes such as in pie dishes, cookies, cakes, or other delicious eateries. Also, sunflower oil is used for cooking purposes. You can teach your kids to draw this beautiful sunflower. It is very easy to make and your kindergarten kid will enjoy making it.

2.) Beautiful Red Rose

Rose is the prettiest flower of all. It is called the queen of flowers due to its pleasant smell, gorgeous red color, and beautiful appearance. It is not just a flower but also a symbol of love. Making a red rose is easy and less time-consuming. Just draw the rose and its stem and color it with red and green color. The beautiful and easy red rose drawing is ready.

To give a more realistic look to your flower you can draw thorns on the stem of a rose. Gift this cute drawing to your loved ones and see their glowing happy faces.

3.) Easy Flower Drawing with Watercolors

Flowers make the world a more beautiful place to live in. The vibrant colors of flowers fill us with joy and happiness. Not only beautiful, but flowers have other decorative and medicinal purposes also. Drawing flowers is one of the first drawings which we all learn as kids. So, likewise, you can teach your kid to draw this easy flower drawing using watercolors. It is very common and easy to draw and will look good in your kid’s room as a decorative painting.

All you need is yellow and green watercolor, a clean paintbrush, and plain drawing paper.

4.) Yellow Marigold Flower

Marigold flowers are the most widely and commonly found flower plant. Most of our interior pots and gardens are decorated with marigold flowers only. The smell of these flowers is amazing and makes the surroundings smell amazing. They are often used for decorative purposes in marriages, ceremonies, and rituals.

Drawing this marigold flower is super easy and fun. Draw multiple petals close to each other forming a star shape and adding a stem to it. The kids can color it yellow or orange to give the final look.

5.) Cute Bouquet of Pink Roses

Roses! Who doesn’t like roses? Rose is considered the prettiest flower in the world and thus they are called the queen of the garden. Rose adds beauty to ordinary things, may it be your garden, your house vase, hair accessory, or your dessert dishes. Roses are the most gifted flowers across the world. They are also used in food for coloring and natural taste. Rose contributes to cosmetics as well and is used as hair accessories by women.

This pink rose bouquet is very beautiful to look at and can be made very easily. Just grab some pink colors and start making rolls and form roses. Add seems and a ribbon to tie the bouquet and your beautiful pink rose bouquet is ready.

6.) Bright Yellow Flower Using Crayons

This bright yellow flower is simple and made with crayon colors. Crayons are very handy and easy to use. They don’t create a mess and can be used very easily even by toddlers and kindergarteners. This yellow dandelion flower drawing will be fun for your kid and he will enjoy it a lot. So grab the colors, draw the outline of this flower and fill it with vibrant crayon colors. Have fun and happy drawing to you.

7.) Beautiful Pink Petal Flowers for Kids

These beautiful pink flowers are very simple to make and are less time-consuming. They can serve the purpose of room decoration at the home, office, or craft room. You can teach your kid this simple petal drawing. Teach them to draw multiple small petals and add a stem to them. Draw a ribbon tying them together and there you go. Your pretty petals flowers are ready.

8.) Yellow Dandelion Flower

The slow blowing air and flying dandelion all over. Doesn’t it sound amazing? Dandelions are very beautiful to look at and they can be grown anywhere due to their unique disperse tendency. This dandelion flower can easily be drawn by a kid. All they need is a white drawing sheet, yellow & green watercolor, and a clean paintbrush. Draw the small multiple flower petal with yellow color and the stem with green paint, and the cute yellow dandelion is ready.

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