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Summer Craft Ideas For Kids


Summer Craft Ideas For Kids

Activities for Kids

Summer is the best season to enjoy and play outside. It brings lots of happiness with long summer break holidays and kids waste their time playing games on phone but Now we are here with amazing summer crafts ideas for kids, so kids this summer let’s be creative and innovative and make a different type of crafts to utilize your time in some productive way. Be ready with your craft material and enjoy making these joyful crafts with your friends.

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Summer Crafts Ideas For Kids

Springtime birdhouse

Ever want to make a birdhouse? So this time make one for birds and make it most beautiful.

Summer Crafts Ideas For Kids Springtime birdhouse

Image Source/Tutorial: delineate your dwelling

Birdhouses are fun, kids aged 7 to 12 can easily make this birdhouse. For making this you need some newspapers, cardboard, designing paper, glue, and scissors. Try to make it and provide shelters to innocent birds.

Bottlecap bugs

Use the waste bottle caps in making adorable bugs.

Summer Crafts Ideas For Kids Bottlecap bugs

Image Source/Tutorial: This Grandma is Fun

Want to use your wasteful bottle caps in something creative? Then just follow this craft idea because by just doing two or three steps you can Easily make bugs out of it. For making this all you need is waste bottle caps, googly eyes, a plastic printed sheet, and glue.

Butterflies craft

Make pretty butterfly craft!

Summer Crafts Ideas For Kids Butterflies craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Crafty Morning

Now make butterfly scenery with the help of clay, it is easy and joyful to make. For making this you have to take clay of different colors and make them in a butterfly shape then take light green color clay and shape them in grass form after that stick them on the sheet and make detailings for more attractiveness.

Diy: Backyard Flower Garland

Embellish your room decoration with this beautiful Backyard flower garland.

Summer Crafts Ideas For Kids Diy: Backyard Flower Garland

Image Source/Tutorial: Inspired By This

Backyard flower garland is an amazing and beautiful idea also it is very convenient to make. For making this you need to assemble some Cupcake liners, led small lights, and scissors. Try to make them and enjoy them to the fullest.

 DIY Cupcake Paper Flower Pencils

Gift DIY cupcake paper flower pencils to your close ones.

Summer Crafts Ideas For Kids  DIY Cupcake Paper Flower Pencils

Image Source/Tutorial: Living Chic Mom

Now make your handmade flowers and impress your friends with your creativity. For making this you don’t need many things, all you need is Cupcake paper, scissors, a push pin or straight pin, and glue. So today try something new and make this fun-loving craft.

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Dream catcher craft

Make your dreams magical with this amazing dream catcher.

Summer Crafts Ideas For Kids Dream catcher craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Jane Can…

Make a dream catcher see beautiful dreams and also this attractive dream catcher perfectly suits your room decoration. All you need to make this is some different colors of yarn, cardboard to make them in ring form, pin to make a hole on cardboard, decorating ornaments for making dream catcher more pretty and that’s it!

Egg carton whale craft for kids

Don’t throw Egg cartons and use them to make amazing whale craft.

Summer Crafts Ideas For Kids Egg carton whale craft for kids

Image Source/Tutorial: I Heart Crafty Things

Whales are scary but our craft makes whale looks so adorable that you all love to make them. You can easily make them without facing any difficulty, for making them you need to gather things like Light blue paint, Paintbrush, Light Blue cardstock paper, Blue pipe cleaner, Googly eyes, Black marker, Tacky glue, Scissors, Craft knife.

Paper plate flower craft for kids

Make your easy-peasy flower!

Summer Crafts Ideas For Kids Paper plate flower craft for kids

Image Source/Tutorial: The Resourceful Mama

This flower craft combines a useful skill with a pleasurable activity. The petals for these vividly colored flowers are made using scissor practice. Scissor practice improves fine motor skills, which are important for good pencil grip and handwriting.

Diy Fans

Your kid will love these DIY fans when they need some air in hot summer.

Summer Crafts Ideas For Kids Diy Fans

Image Source/Tutorial: The Idea Room

Make a super cool fan to keep you cool during hot summer. Grab some popsicles and drill a hole in the end. Use 5 popsicles per fan that will fit your brads. Make a fan form and trace it. Make sure the bottom arch isn’t too far down into the sticks, or the bulky paper will make it difficult to close. Spread the sticks out on the back and glue them in place. They’re so adorable now… But if you want them to fold up, you’ll have to go stick by stick and make folds as you go.

Colorful Jellyfish Craft

Summer Crafts Ideas For Kids Colorful Jellyfish Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: I Heart Crafty Things

Cut your tissue paper into square pieces to begin. If you want to make your jellyfish creation more vibrant, choose a few different colors. Turn your paper bowl upside down and cover the bottom and sides with school glue. Place the tissue paper squares all over your bowl, totally covering the bottom and sides. You may need to add a little more adhesive to any remaining tissue paper corners. Allow for thorough drying of your glue.

Have an adult with you. Make a small hole in the center of the paper bowl using your scissors. Push your white string through the hole, knot it at the end, and tape it inside the bowl. Remove the curly present bow’s adhesive backing and stick it to the interior of the bowl. You’ll want to place it such that it hangs down from the bowl’s center. Glue on googly eyes to complete your adorable and colorful jellyfish creation.

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Mini mason jar tea light candle holders

Create this beautiful Mini mason jar tea light candle holder.

Summer Crafts Ideas For Kids Mini mason jar tea light candle holders

Image Source/Tutorial: 365 Designs

These jars will match your summer vibes and embellish your room decoration. For making this only you need these things- Baby food jars, Decorative 12 gauge wire, Glitter Paint, Martha Stewart Crafts Cherry Blossom Trim Punch

Butterfly Dolly Craft

Butterflies and crafting together are just wow!!

Summer Crafts Ideas For Kids Butterfly Dolly Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: A Little Pinch of Perfect

Allow the youngster to paint watercolor doilies and lay them aside to dry. Cut a pipe cleaner in half and attach it to a clothespin for the antennas, then a craft gem to the clothespin for the butterfly’s face once it’s dry. Fold the doily in half and then again in half. The second fold was created just below the halfway point so that more of the doily’s edge could be seen. Once the glue is dry, attach the wings to the back of the clothespin, and the butterfly is ready to be hung or played with.

Paper Bag Mermaid Craft

If you have a mermaid fan in your house like me, this paper bag mermaid craft will make them very happy!

Paper Bag Mermaid Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: I Heart Crafty Things

Remove about 2 inches of the white paper bag’s top. Use your peach paint to decorate the front of your paper bag. Allow for complete drying. Cut out two hearts for the seashell bra while your paper bag is drying. Alternatively, you might cut out a conventional seashell form. You’ll also need to cut several strips from your shiny green textured cardstock paper for hair and a mermaid tail.

Finish your mermaid by gluing all of the components, including the tail, hearts, googly eyes, and hair, to your paper bag. Then, on your paper bag mermaid craft, draw a smile.

Paper Daffodils

Spring is on its way! It’s time to brighten up the insides with some springtime crafts, whether your yard is already blooming or you’re still waiting for the snow to melt. Yay!

Paper Daffodils

Image Source/Tutorial: Make and Takes

Start with cutting a circle from yellow paper. To make five petals, cut little triangles around the circular. My petals were free-hand, but my girls preferred to sketch them out first before cutting. Cut wavy edges to add a little more detail to your flowers. Roll a pencil along each petal to curl them up a little more. For your background, use colorful paper and create or paste a stem for your daffodil.

Glue the petals to the backdrop paper as well. Now it’s time to concentrate on the daffodil’s fun 3-D center. Using yellow or orange construction paper, cut a rectangle. Our pieces were around 4 inches tall and 6 to 8 inches long. Slits should be cut along the longer length of your rectangle, leaving one end uncut. Roll the paper around the block, leaving the uncut end dangling. Apply a dab of adhesive to keep it in place. Apply a small amount of adhesive to the last section before folding it.
Apply a sufficient amount of glue to the bottom of the flower center and press it down in the middle of the petals with the block.

Pinecone pineapple craft

Decorate your fruit basket with amazing pinecone pineapple craft.

Pinecone pineapple craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Tiffany’s Tidings

This pinecone pineapple craft is very easy to make and looks real when you place it on your fruit basket. Kids of age group 8 to 12 love making these types of crafts. This craft idea is good to try in the summer break and show your creativity to your art and craft teacher.

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Caterpillar pin craft

Beautify your simple clothespins into a beautiful caterpillar look.

Caterpillar pin craft

Image Source/Tutorial: We Made That

Just by using a few props and following simple steps, you can turn your boring clothespins into caterpillar pins. For making this all you need is some pins, pom pom, googly eyes, and glue. Let’s make something new and innovative and enjoy it.

Paper Popsicle Craft

It’s the middle of summer, and it’s so sweet. When popsicles are regularly substituted for meals, ants swarm your counters, vying for a taste of the sticky melting honey. Let’s create some giant paper popsicles.

Paper Popsicle Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Craft Whack

To make giant paper popsicles you will need colored paper, glue, scissor, and popsicle sticks. Just cut the paper in the shape of popsicles and decorate them. Now you will just need to paste these popsicle-shaped papers on popsicle sticks and your giant paper popsicle is ready.

Recycled Water Bottle Garden Art

With a few basic items, you and your children can repurpose unused water bottles into lovely yard art.

Recycled Water Bottle Garden Art

Image Source/Tutorial: Creative Green Living

Refillable water bottles are almost used to drink water from, you occasionally find yourself with a leftover disposable one on your hand. Now turn your leftover bottles into a pretty yard with a few supplies like water bottles, colors, and scissors.

Flowerpot craft

Reuse your flower pot on decoration work!

Flowerpot craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Reuse Grown Joy

Make your old and outdated flower pot attractive by adding some flowers crafts to it. For making this you need some cardboard and yarn for flowers, a flower pot, and some grasses, glue, and scissors.

Swirl Twirl Ladybugs

Children will enjoy watching ladybugs twist and swirl or simply hanging them from their bedroom ceiling.

Swirl Twirl Ladybugs

Image Source/Tutorial: Crafts By Amanda

This adorable kid’s craft would make a great ladybug decoration for a birthday party, a BBQ, or simply to brighten up your child’s room or playroom. They’re a lot of fun to watch, and with so many various hues, they offer a beautiful splash of color to any setting or occasion!

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Wooden Spoon Dragonfly Craft

Kids will be delighted to get outside and view all of their favorite insects in nature after making this simple wooden spoon dragonfly activity.

Wooden Spoon Dragonfly Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: I Heart Crafty Things

Begin by using your turquoise paint to paint the back of your wooden spoon. Allow it to air dry. Cut two long wings from your wax paper for your dragonfly craft while your paint is drying. Attach the googly eyes to the turquoise buttons with glue. Instead of buttons, pom-poms could be used. Glue your wax paper wings in a criss-cross pattern onto your spoon. Then glue your googly eyes and buttons to your dragonfly creation.

I hope you will like our Summer crafts ideas for kids and will try them in your summer breaks if you like our crafts ideas then read more posts on and also let me know in the comment section which idea you like the most.

Thank you and have a nice day!

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