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20 Easy Ladybug Crafts For Kids To Enjoy This Summer!

20 Easy Ladybug Crafts For Kids To Enjoy This Summer!

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20 Easy Ladybug Crafts For Kids To Enjoy This Summer!

Activities for Kids

When Sun goes up and holidays arrive what better way to engage your kids in making crafts that will help strengthen their motor skills and expand their imagination.

Do your children adore ladybugs?

Children fidget and become agitated when any insect or bug lands on them or flies around them, but when a ladybug is nearby, they become anxious to investigate it and have never shied away from picking one up or loving it when it lands on their hand. If you have ladybug aficionados in your household, they will enjoy doing these simple ladybug crafts.

Want to try some new and creative ladybug Crafts this summer?

You’ve dropped on the right site! Just for you, we’ve gathered a list of 20 Ladybug Craft ideas made from daily supplies like toilet paper rolls, paper plates, CDs, cardboard etc.

20 Easy Ladybug Crafts For Kids To Enjoy This Summer!

Ladybug Crafts Ideas For Kids

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1 Paper Ladybug Craft

Paper Ladybug Craft Easy Ladybug Crafts For Kids To Enjoy This Summer

Image Source/Tutorial: Heart Crafty Things

This lovely paper ladybug activity can be completed in no time with just a few items during any season. On the ladybug’s wings, fingerprint marks add a personal touch to this fun project. The way we made the ladybugs’ wings burst off the page as if they were in flight would also appeal to children.

2 Handprint Ladybug Craft

Handprint Ladybug Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Arty Crafty Kids

This charming Handprint Ladybug Craft is geared toward preschoolers and young children. Cutting their handprints and pasting them on a ladybug will be a fun activity for kids. Oh, and the dots on her wings, darling, such a nice personal touch.

3 Egg Carton Ladybug Craft

Egg Carton Ladybug Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Buggy And Buddy

Egg cartons may be used to make a simple ladybug project for kids. These adorable insects may be made using just a few basic household items. This craft is appropriate for children in preschool and kindergarten. After you’ve finished the creation, you may use it to adorn your classroom during the spring and summer months, as well as for counting and math activities.

4 Ladybug Painted Rocks

Ladybug Painted Rocks Easy Ladybug Crafts For Kids To Enjoy This Summer

Image Source/Tutorial: Crafts By Amanda

Do you and your child like gardening together? Do you want to help your toddler design your garden? This ladybug-painted rock is the one for you! You can showcase the rocks outside your yard after painting them with special outdoor paint to give it a lovely look.

5 Toilet Paper Roll Ladybug Craft

Toilet Paper Roll Ladybug Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Easy Peasy And Fun

When you run out of toilet paper, do you toss the rolls away? Make a toilet paper roll ladybug craft with them! This will assist you in teaching your children the value of recycling, and your child will be introduced to yet another wonderful project!

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6 Ladybug Sun Catchers

Ladybug Sun Catchers Easy Ladybug Crafts For Kids To Enjoy This Summer

Image Source/Tutorial: Here Come The Girls

Want to decorate your windows with your angel? Why not make your ladybug Suncatchers? This will not only assist to adorn your windows but will also aid in the development of your toddler’s motor abilities.

7 Paper Plate Ladybug Craft

Paper Plate Ladybug Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: About A Mom

Paper plates are one of the most popular craft materials among children. Let’s turn it into a bug! It can even be used to educate different diameters of circles while making. Allow your children to colour the bug with their favourite colours.

8 Paper Doily And Chocolate Ladybug Valentines

Paper Doily And Chocolate Ladybug Valentines

Image Source/Tutorial: Glued To My Crafts

Do you need some Valentine’s Day craft ideas for the kids? This craft was designed exclusively for you! These DIY pieces are often made by children on their own. These are fantastic for any school-aged child to make on their own, and they include a lot of options for customization.

9 Ladybug Windsock Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Ladybug Windsock Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Easy Peasy And Fun

More toilet paper roll craft is here for you! This project is ideal for kindergarten students to complete, and it will make the cutest little classroom décor. This Ladybug Windsock Toilet Paper Roll Craft is a fun springtime craft to do with your kids or school.

10 Potato Masher Ladybug Craft

Potato Masher Ladybug Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Happy Toddler Playtime

Here’s a cute ladybug project that uses a potato masher as a paintbrush. It will assist your toddler in becoming acquainted with a kitchen tool—the potato mashing. This is a fantastic spring craft that you can do with your child at any time.

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11 Apple Stamp Ladybug Craft

Apple Stamp Ladybug Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Simple Everyday Mom

Stamping and splashing are two activities that children adore. Why not teach them a craft that combines the two? You’ll love this Apple Stamp Ladybug Craft. These ladybugs will be painted and stamped on leaf papers by the toddlers. What a pleasure it would be to see their happy faces.

12 Swirling Twirling Ladybugs

Swirling Twirling Ladybugs Easy Ladybug Crafts For Kids To Enjoy This Summer

Image Source/Tutorial: Crafts By Amanda

This ladybug activity can be a great addition to a birthday celebration, cookout, or simply spruce up your child’s bedroom or playroom. They’re a lot of fun to watch, and the range of colours they come in adds a lovely splash of colour to any space or occasion. All you need is a little breeze to make them whirl and spin and look so adorable.

13 Cardboard Tube Ladybug Craft

Cardboard Tube Ladybug Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: I Heart Crafty Things

Do you always have a supply of empty cardboard tubes and cupcake liners on hand? Put them to good use in this project. Assist your youngsters in transforming trash into something lovely, such as this Ladybug.

14 Ladybug Corner Bookmark Design

Ladybug Corner Bookmark Design Easy Ladybug Crafts For Kids To Enjoy This Summer

Image Source/Tutorial: Red Ted Art

Do you enjoy reading books to your angels? Teach children how to produce Ladybug bookmarkers! Your youngsters will develop a habit of crafting their bookmarkers as a result of this, as well as a love of reading.

15 Recycled CD Ladybug Craft

Recycled CD Ladybug Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: I Heart Arts And Crafts

CDs aren’t used anymore? Assist your child in making a ladybug out of CDs! This lovely craft, in which your child may cut their handprints and stick them on the bugs’ wings, is perfect for the spring season.

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16 Coffee Filter Ladybug Craft

Coffee Filter Ladybug Craft Easy Ladybug Crafts For Kids To Enjoy This Summer

Image Source/Tutorial: Non-Toy Gifts

Do you have a kid who enjoys making crafts out of coffee filters? Why not turn it into a Ladybug? Toddlers will love painting, drawing, and glueing googly eyes to this Ladybug. This coffee filter craft is fun for kids of all ages, making it ideal for the spring season!

17 3D Paper Ladybug Craft

3D Paper Ladybug Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Crafty Morning

We’ve got another Ladybug Craft for you this spring! This is a three-dimensional ladybug. Isn’t it even better with one small and one large googly eye? These are fantastic activities for kids to make because they are so simple! Make a card out of them or simply hang them up for fun.

18 Mega Adorable Ladybug Finger Puppet

Mega Adorable Ladybug Finger Puppet

Image Source/Tutorial: Artsy Momma

Do you have any admirers of puppets in your house? Let’s help them make a Ladybug Finger Puppet! Isn’t it fascinating to see your kids communicate with puppets? This summer, help kids make their own with this fantastic hobby.

19 Tissue Paper Ladybug Kids Craft

Tissue Paper Ladybug Kids Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: I Heart Crafty Things

Tissue papers are a favourite among toddlers, aren’t they? We’ve prepared a tissue paper ladybug project to share with you! The fascinating textures created by the tissue paper in this activity will appeal to children. Preschoolers will like making this activity and using it to decorate their rooms with this lovely bug.

20 Footprint Ladybug Craft

Footprint Ladybug Craft Easy Ladybug Crafts For Kids To Enjoy This Summer

Image Source/Tutorial: Crafty Morning

What’s left now that we’ve done fingerprints and handprints? That’s right, it’s a footprint! This footprint ladybug craft is simple to make with your children for the Spring or Summer seasons. This would be perfect for homemade cards for grandparents and other family members.

I hope your kids enjoy making all these amazing Ladybugs and decorating them in your home. So, this Summer teaches something new to your kiddo with our ideas.

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