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Easy Chalk Drawing on Board – Beginner Chalk Drawing For Children

Easy Chalk Drawing on Board - Beginner Chalk Drawing For Children


Easy Chalk Drawing on Board – Beginner Chalk Drawing For Children

Chalk drawings can be beautiful and fun to do. With chalk and a blackboard, one can do simple drawings to detailed masterpieces. Incorporate the art of chalk drawing into your child with the help of easy chalk drawing on board.  Chalk art can be done on your blackboard as a surprise for your favorite teacher or it can be taken to the pavement outside to create amazing chalk illusions, done by professional chalk artists.

Easy Chalk Drawing on Board

Chalk art can be amazing black and white to beautifully colored drawings. Become inspired and draw creatively. Children can take their first steps in chalk art by drawing simple pictures with easy chalk drawing on board. Consider these easy chalk drawings for children.

1. Easy chalk drawing on board-Monkey

Draw a monkey on your blackboard using simple lines and curves. This chalk art is simple and fun to do. Did you know? Monkeys can understand numbers! Kids always find animals interesting. Let them go outdoors and interact and be inspired.

2. Easy chalk drawing on board-Caterpillar

Draw a cute caterpillar with your chalk on the blackboard. In time, caterpillars turn into beautiful butterflies! Draw from scenes of everyday life. Observe the environment around you.

3. Easy chalk drawing on board-Fishing

Chalk out this picture of a boy fishing in the water with simple lines and curves. Its fun to draw and pretty to look at. Imagine different scenes like fishing out in the ocean, gardening outside etc. for drawing.

4. Easy chalk drawing on board-Girl

Draw this girl dancing. It is easy to do with your chalk. Chalk out her long hair and dress. Getting inspiration from everyday actions.

5. Easy chalk drawing on board-Love birds

Chalk out these love birds on a branch. This pretty picture is very easy to learn. Love birds feed each other. Keep these love birds together! Watch your pet birds and draw them onto your board.

5. Easy chalk drawing on board-Cat

Draw a simple cat with your chalk on the black board. Did you know? Cats spend 70% of their lives sleeping! Pets are a source of great joy to us. Draw your pet cat on the board.

6. Easy chalk drawing on board- Dolphin

A playful dolphin! Draw this lovable mammal onto your black board. Dolphins are some of the most intelligent animals on earth! We can get tons of inspiration from animals in the natural world.

7. Easy chalk drawing on board-Snail

Snails are the slowest creatures on earth. They carry their home on their back! Draw this adorable snail with your chalk. Children love nature. Let them get creative with the nature around them. Interact with the animals and insects outside.

8. Easy chalk drawing on board-Flamingo

Flamingos can stand for hours on one leg! Their pink coloration comes from the food they eat. Chalk out this beautiful bird onto your board. Learn about nature while you draw. Increase your knowledge about wildlife.

9. Easy chalk drawing on board-Bee

Draw this busy bee. Bees communicate with each other through dancing! Draw him easily with simple lines and curves by looking at the picture above. Understand the importance of insects in our life.

10. Easy chalk drawing on board- Sparrow

Did you know? Sparrows are very social birds and live in flocks! Chalk out this sparrow on a branch. Identify the different species of birds in your locality. Observe their behavior.

Color these chalk drawings with your favorite colors!

Wrapping up..

Introduce the art of chalk drawing to your kids! It is fun and easy to learn. Begin with simple drawings and develop your art into wonderful chalk masterpieces. There are millions of ideas everywhere for chalk drawing as it is quite a  popular form of art. All one has to do is take the first step.

For more ideas, visit other similar posts. Do not forget to visit our website again. Please give us your feedback by leaving your comment in the comments section below!

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