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Fun & Easy Fingerprint Drawing Ideas for Kids

Fun & Easy Fingerprint Drawing Ideas for Kids


Fun & Easy Fingerprint Drawing Ideas for Kids

Easy fingerprint drawing ideas for kids – Fingerprint art, Thumbprints, Thumbprint art to make anything you like!

Playing around with water colors is something which all kids enjoy. Dear parents, if your toddlers too have been insisting you to buy them water colors, do not discourage them with the phrase that “Water colors are meant for elder children”. We present here easy and fun fingerprint painting ideas for kids to introduce our tiny audience with the magical world of colors.

This activity is suitable for children 3 to 7 years of age and is an excellent way to stimulate their sensory memory. It also acts as a learning aid making recognition of animals,  birds, alphabets easier and interesting.

Easy Fingerprint Drawing Ideas For Kids

1. Its A Dino World

Dino - Easy Fingerprint Drawing Ideas For Kids

Dinosaurs indeed are massive creatures but putting them down on paper is not really a massive task. Dip your fingers into water colors of your choice and make as many Dinos as you want to. Add a few human figures, flowers etc. to create your own Jurassic park!

2. Easy Fingerprint Insect Art

Easy Fingerprint Insect Art

Butterflies, ladybirds and caterpillars are all good friends of children. These colorful beings fascinate and excite little minds. Go on! Follow our tutorial and paint these magical creatures with your magic wand – your fingers that is!

3. Learning The Fun Way- The Fingerart Way

Learning The Fun Way- The Fingerart Way - Fun & Easy Fingerprint Drawing Ideas for Kids

Teaching children to identify and name different entities around might seem like a tiresome and monotonous process. Well, not anymore! Let your children paint and label different creatures to make learning fun. This style of teaching and learning makes a deeper impression on memory as it integrates the stimulation of both visual and kinesthetic senses.

4. Fingerprint Animal Art

Fingerprint Animal Art

A child who loves animals grows into a compassionate adult.  Inculcate animal empathy in your kids by following our guide and tutorial and let them express their love for animals through this easy DIY finger art.

5. Sensory Fingerprint Activity

Sensory Fingerprint Activity - Fun & Easy Fingerprint Drawing Ideas for Kids

Fingerprint art is a great sensory activity which enables children to recognize and feel textures, distinguish colors, boosts imagination and provides impetus to their ability to create. It also provides a calming effect on children who have a tendency to get irritable easily. Explore fingerprint art ideas through our tutorials and let your wards color their dreams.

6. Fingerprint Art Zoo

Fingerprint Art Zoo

From a naughty monkey to a busy bee, this zoo accommodates all the interesting beings that children want to see together. Kids are bound to get astonished as they discover rather random-looking fingerprints transform into a zoo they always envisioned to own!

7. Fingerprint Art For School Projects

Fingerprint Art For School Projects

Want your child’s school projects to stand out from the crowd?

Introduce them to our art ideas! This chart made from fingerprint art is simple, quick and eye-catching. These efforts will definitely invite a lot of admiration from teachers and peers all done by your magical fingers.

8. DIY Fingerprint Art Garden

DIY Fingerprint Art Garden - Fun & Easy Fingerprint Drawing Ideas for Kids

This lovely garden indeed reflects creativity at its peak!

Kids will enjoy making this super cool garden. This art style will also teach children the basics of color mixing, combinations and improve their expressive abilities.

9. More Fingerprint Animals

More Fingerprint Animals

Here are a few more ideas for fingerprint art animals solely because we know kids can’t have enough of it. Try putting fingerprints in different patterns and feed the creative parts of soul!

10. Easy Human Figures For Kids DIY

Easy Human Figures For Kids DIY

Drawing human figures can be slightly difficult for kids. We are here to make this task a lot easier and a lot more fun. Put fingerprints of different colors, draw different expressions and WOAH! you just made human figures.

11. Fingerprint Art Vehicles

Fingerprint Art Vehicles

Fingerprint art can be used quite effectively to make various modes of transport.  Here are a few interesting ideas to help you begin.  Fingerprint art might seem like a child’s play but it is in reality a whole developed art form.

Let art be an expression of your feelings and let it flow free. Also, we have a secret to share.

Fingerprint art has great therapeutic benefits. So if you stressed, anxious, depressed or simply seeking a break join in with your kids in this fun activity and see your mood brighten up instantly!

Your love is all that fuels are will to create more engaging content. Please show us your love in the comment section below and more such innovative ideas, visit our website.


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