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Simple Animal Drawings for Kids

Simple Animal Drawings for Kids


Simple Animal Drawings for Kids

These drawings are very simple to draw and your kids will enjoy drawing these animals. It will not take a lot of time and your kid will learn some new things. These will enhance their knowledge and understanding and they will have fun. So teach these animal drawings to your kids and help them in gaining more knowledge about them. Down below is the step-by-step process of drawing these 10 different animals, following them, and drawing these amazing and easy animals.

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Simple Animal Drawings for Kids

Materials required:

  • Pencil
  • Paper

Drawing 1: Butterfly


  1. Draw a circle and make 2 circles inside that, now make a dot inside the small circles.
  2. Draw the face inside the circle.
  3. Now draw 2 curvy antennas on the top of the circle.
  4. From the bottom of the circle draw a petal shape for the body with the pointed end.
  5. Now draw curvy lines inside it leaving some space from one another.
  6. Draw 2 U shapes as wings from both sides.

Drawing 2: Teddy bear


  1. Draw a circle, then draw 2 ”6” one after the other on one side and 2 reverse ”6” on the opposite side and draw a line at the bottom to attach them.
  2. Now inside the circle draw 2 curvy lines as eyes and one small circle.
  3. Then draw a big circle over the small circle and 2 U’s as shown.
  4. Draw 2 ‘U’ shapes on the top of the circle as ears and draw again 2 ‘U’ shapes inside it.

Drawing 3: Snake


  1. Draw a 6 and then an outer line of that as shown.
  2. From that 2 lines draw an oval shape and merge them.
  3. Now again make an outer line and merge it as shown.
  4. Draw 2 circles as eyes and 2 dots inside it and draw a curvy tongue.
  5. Draw again an outer line and a tail at the bottom.
  6. Now draw small flowers all over the body and curvy lines leaving some space from one another.

Drawing 4: Fish


  1. Make a circle and then draw 3 towards the circle on all 4 sides, the last one bigger than all.
  2. Now draw a curvy line inside the circle and a 3 in the middle of the line.
  3. Draw a circle inside the big circle and a dot inside the small circle.
  4. Now draw some lines inside on all the 3’s leaving the mouth.
  5. Draw a few circles above the mouth of the fish.
  6. Now draw a few horizontal and vertical lines on the body of the fish.

Drawing 5: Rat


  1. Draw a 3 and from the top side draw a U as shown in the video.
  2. Now draw a curvy line in the between and from the backside of the 3 draw a shape like oval and in the bottom just curve it and make it a reverse 6.
  3. Draw the tail and a circle and an 8 inside it for the eyes.
  4. Now draw a dot as the nose and 2 lines on each side of the dot.
  5. On the side of the reverse 6 draw a circle and 2 small lines inside it as legs.

Drawing 6: Duck


  1. Draw a curvy 2 as shown and a pattern before 2.
  2. Now draw a 3 inside and extend the length of the bottom as shown.
  3. Draw a 3 and from the top extend it and merge it with the other end.
  4. Now draw a circle and a dot and a curvy line at the top.
  5. Draw 2 lines inside the 3 and draw 2 curvy lines at the bottom as waves.

Drawing 7: Bunny


  1. Draw an oval and then a 6 at the side bottom of it and a line from the other side bottom.
  2. Now draw 2 U shapes at the top side of the oval.
  3. Draw a circle and a line and 2 dots inside the oval and a small line as a smile.
  4. Draw a dot outside of the oval as a nose.
  5. Now draw a curvy U at the bottom and 2 shapes as the legs.
  6. Then draw a tail as shown.

Drawing 8: Cat


  1. Draw a 9 and then on the top of it draw 2 ears as curvy V.
  2. Now draw 2 curvy lines and a semi-circle and a 3 towards the semi-circle inside the 9.
  3. Then 3 lines on both sides.
  4. Now draw the curvy lines for the legs as well as hands.
  5. Draw a tail at the bottom and a few shapes on the body of the cat.

Drawing 9: Bird


  1. Draw a 3 as shown and a horizontal V and then a line crossing the V.
  2. Now draw a 9 at the top and a circle and a dot inside it.
  3. Draw a curve below the eyes and a curve from 9, now draw a line from the curve and make it a cone shape.
  4. From the end of the curve draw a line and at the bottom draw as shown to merge it.
  5. Now on the inside draw a wing and at the bottom of the legs from a few lines.

Drawing 10: Horse


  1. Draw a curvy line then again a curvy line as shown.
  2. Now draw an eye and some patterns at the top and a petal-shaped ear.
  3. From that ear draw a line then curve it and draw as shown in the video.
  4. Now from the other side draw a line and then curve it then draw a line touching it as in the video.
  5. Draw a line next to it and merge them, now draw another 2 curvy lines and merge them.
  6. From the one leg draw a curvy line and draw a line and merge with the other line.
  7. Again at the front draw a line as a leg.
  8. Draw 2 curvy lines as tail and merge them.
  9. Now from the top draw as shown.

All 10 drawings are ready. These are very easy and simple to draw and kids will have fun drawing these. You can help your kids in drawing these and they will enjoy it. They will draw it as well as know the animals, it will help them. Try these simple and beautiful animal drawings and teach your kids some new things which will be exciting for them.

FAQ’s on Animal Drawing

1. What materials do I need for animal drawing for kids?

Answer: You will need paper, pencils, crayons, colored pencils, markers, or paint.

2. What are the steps for drawing animals?

Answer: First, sketch the basic shape of the animal. Then, add details like eyes, ears, and fur. Finally, add color to finish the drawing.

3. How can I make my animal drawings look realistic?

Answer: Pay attention to the details of the animal and try to match the colors to real life. You can also use shading to add dimension.

4. What type of animal should I draw?

Answer: You can draw any animal you want! Consider starting with a simpler animal such as a cat or dog.

5. What tips can I use to draw animals better?

Answer: Look at real-life animals for reference. Use basic shapes to make the drawing easier. Practice often to improve your skills.

6. How can I make my animal drawings look more creative?

Answer: Use unique colors and patterns, or draw the animal in a different pose.

7. What age group is best for animal drawing?

Answer: Animal drawing is suitable for children of all ages. Younger children may need more guidance.

8. What are some simple animals that I can draw?

Answer: Simplest animals to draw include cats, dogs, rabbits, horses, and birds.

9. Should I draw animals from memory or from pictures?

Answer: You can draw animals from either memory or pictures. However, it’s easier to use pictures as a reference when you are starting out.

10. How can I find inspiration for animal drawing?

Answer: Look at photos of animals online or in books. Visit a zoo or farm to observe animals in real life. Look at artwork of animals for ideas.

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