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Simple Pencil Drawings for Kids to Sharpen Their Skills


Simple Pencil Drawings for Kids to Sharpen Their Skills

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Drawings Made Easy!!

Nothing is tough when you start practicing it!!


Kindle the artist inside you by practicing these drawings ♥️


Make your boring quarantine interesting and develop your interest in art !!

Easy and Attractive Pencil Drawings for Kids

1. Dance Like A Peacock

A small peacock was sad about her life.

Then there came her mother and interrogated about her sadness.

She said, “I’m worthless. I’m just known for my beauty. Why should I live??”

Her mother said with pride, “My dear, You resemble self-confidence, beauty, freedom, integrity and most importantly you are the National bird of our country. Isn’t that more than enough??”

Know your own worth and feel proud of yourself!!

Nothing could ever resist being you♥️

Draw this beautiful peacock and remember the value of yourself.

2. Kitty Cute

Do you have a friend who just loves pet animals??… They would even spend their whole life only with them. Nothing else is needed for them. They take care of pets like babies and consider them as a FAMILY!!. Sometimes we feel like saying “STOP BEING A DRAMA QUEEN!!”. They have the power to break the relationship with you just for their animals. For those persons who have such type of friend, don’t worry, we are here with you to make you draw animals easily and make your loved ones happy!!

Follow the video tutorial and have a happy drawing!!

3. Love Is In The Air Like Birds

Happiness is waking up with the sound of birds chirping everywhere, With a morning sunrise and a hot cup of coffee. These little things make your day wonderful and peace remains in your life. But today, we wake up and see traffic roads, vehicle sounds and polluted environment.

Don’t even allow to get your inner peace destroyed by anything. These cute birds make you feel happier and peaceful. The most important point is, They are absolutely easy to draw!!!

4. The Bow Bow Sound

Having a dog in your house is fabulous. And what if it is a puppy!! Oh my goodness, It’s out of the world!!

Cute little puppies make the environment exciting and make yourself busy going back of it. Puppies are to be taken care like babies. The gesture they show when we are out of town for days makes us feel so important. Even if you don’t have friends, it is wise to have puppies as friends. Make your sweet little puppies happier by drawing them. Don’t forget to add initial in the tag!!

5. Fluffy Stuff

Baa baa black sheep have you any wool??? Have you seen anyone without knowing this rhyme??? Sheep are so fluffy and resemble the person with chubby cheeks. Sheep are quiet, humble and beloved by mankind. They are more useful than other animals.

Draw these cute fluffy sheep and gift your chubby friends!!!

6. Pikachu

We all wanted a friend like Pikachu. A friend who never leaves us in any situation no matter how hard it is and adjust all the tortures. Their innocent eyes never allow people to punish them.

Draw this and gift it to your Pikachu type friends and don’t make miss you during quarantine!!

7. Piggy Man

Children love this kind of drawings.

Draw a piggy face and make it like human beings. It is fun to see a pig-like human. Add hands and legs to make them perfect. Make your child’s drawing a worthful one and be proud. The piggy man is ready to make your house beautiful!!

8. Being The Salsa Type

Generally, girls who dance salsa are seen as a princess. They have grace in their dancing, positions remain peaceful and I think dancing salsa is the toughest ever!!


Make your salsa type girls proud of their work and gift them this. Add colours to the picture to make it wonderful. I’m pretty sure they will be excited to receive this gift. Be the first one to gift them before anyone does. Hurry up!!!

9. Cock-a-doodle-doo

Cocks are so active, isn’t it???

Have you been to villages where the cock sound is the sign of sunrise? They pave way for sunrise and makes life beautiful to them. Have the habit of waking up and admiring the sunrise. If you haven’t seen a sunrise, then you are missing something wonderful in your life.

Wake up early, say COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO and enjoy the sunrise with a hot cup of coffee.

Life made lovely♥️

10. Chirping Sound

Enjoy the rhythm of a bird when it sings. Be like birds who fly in the air with full freedom and have a happy life.

Draw this sweet bird and make yourself fly in the air.

Enjoy life ♥️

11. Tutor Turtle

Turtles are known for their patience, determination towards the goal. It is not wrong to be a turtle with patience but make sure that you win at last!!!

Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting.

The turtle picture makes you remember that nothing is impossible in this world and the right person deserves the right place always.

12. Hungry Kitten

All of our parents use this sentence at least once in their lifetime “DON’T ROAM AROUND THE HOUSE LIKE A CAT”. Cats roam around with the intension of getting something to eat. The cat which stands before us with a pretty face makes our heart drop for it.

People see me as cute, but I’m so much more than that!!

Draw a cute kitten and have fun.

When you determined in your goal, nothing can stop you. Follow these steps and make a lovely drawing.

Enjoy your quarantine days. Stay tuned and make yourself updated!!

Happy drawing ♥️

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