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Beautiful Bird Drawings to Make at Home


Beautiful Bird Drawings to Make at Home

Birds are unique, special living species that can fly. We are so fascinated to see how freely they can fly high. The chirps that the birds make in the early morning are so good to listen and if we recollect, the memories of the early morning bring us joy. So we should not rush ourselves to get ready for school or the office. Instead, we must embrace the beauty of nature, taking a moment to watch the sunrise and listen to bird’s chatter. Keep your learning spirit alive with our curated list of beautiful bird drawings to make at home like hello there, sweetest cuckoo, small art collection, the queen, bluebird of paradise, lovey-dovey birds, natural alarm, peacock, the beauty, and just quack…Quack.

Beautiful Bird Drawings To Make At Home

Beautiful Bird Drawings To Make At Home

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Creating Birds Drawing On A Cherry Tree For Children

Creating Birds Drawing On A Cherry Tree For Children

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

This activity is perfect for kids who love to draw and explore nature. It encourages them to observe the birds in the cherry tree and draw them in their own unique way. It is an easy and fun activity to do with children.

The Sweetest Cuckoo

Beautiful Bird Drawings To Make At Home The Sweetest Cuckoo

The cuckoo bird belongs to the Cuculidae family. Cuckoo has the sweetest voice, and it can sing too. Cuckoo birds are in grey or black color. The fun thing is the cuckoos can imitate the voices of other birds. We have the habit of imitating the cuckoo’s voice whenever we hear the cuckoo’s song. The cuckoo and crow are best friends and live happily on one tree. One day crow went out so, the cuckoo laid the eggs in the cuckoo’s nest. The fox saw everything and asked the cuckoo why it laid eggs in a crow’s nest rather than building the nest after that fox left the place. The cuckoo decided to build its own nest, and both the cuckoo and crow lived happily ever after.

My Small Art Collection

My Small Art Collection

Trees and plants are essential things in our life. All the living species on the earth survive by breathing oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide, which is helpful to plants in return. Honeybees are the natural manufacturers of honey that boost our immunity. In every winter season, the snowman is compulsory, and he is the man of our childhood memories. From the sunlight, we could get vitamin D, and the sun also has the ability to kill many viruses. we have to incorporate fruits into our diet. Fruits are the best sources of vitamins that are good for health. Apple is one such healthy fruit that keeps us away from the doctor.

The Queen, Bluebird Of Paradise

Beautiful Bird Drawings To Make At Home The Queen, Bluebird Of Paradise

Birds are independent animals as they can fly wherever they want to. Birds can construct their own, and they live in them. Bird’s houses are the unique houses we could ever see. They build their houses with great effort and creativity. Birds construct their houses mostly on the trees with the dry stems of the small plants. Some birds could sing, some birds could go faster, and some look extremely beautiful. Birds avoid the human’s concrete jungle. Radiation has been increasing rapidly, which is very disadvantageous to birds. Many birds have died due to radiation, and also an electric accident is another reason for their deaths. The blue bird-of-paradise is my favorite bird, and tell me yours.

Lovey-dovey Birds

Lovey-dovey Birds

Birds are the most beautiful creatures. A female bird lays eggs and sits on them until they hatch, and a male bird protects them from external danger. Mother bird nourishes them till they grow up. Just like us, the birds talk and fight in their language. Their fights are fascinating to us and their chirps in the early morning are like a sweet melody. Birds make us feel jealous as they could fly. We, humans, have excellent capability to think, and airplanes are the outcome of such a thought. Birds are multi-talented as they can sing, build a house, and hunt, and they can imitate too.

Hello There

Beautiful Bird Drawings To Make At Home Hello There

Mother hen gives birth to 12- 15 chicks. All these chicks are now brothers and sisters. The little chicks make a cute sound like a chip-chip. Whenever we see these baby chicks, they are always following their mother. Mommy hen feeds her kids until they are capable enough to get food. These baby chicks learn the required skills to get food individually. Baby chicks are explorers, and they like to explore a lot. They roam here and there to explore everything, and chicks lose their mother. Kids are super excited to have the baby chicks as a pet. We must take extra care when we have chicks as a pet because they can spoil.

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The Natural Alarm!

The Natural Alarm!

Hens belong to the bird family. Hens are the first animals to wake up in the early morning. The eggs of the hen are nutritious. There is a short story about a greedy farmer and the hen that lays the golden egg. One day hen lays a golden, and the farmer notices the golden egg gave it to his wife. The farmer’s wife tells him to observe the hen if the hen could lay more golden eggs. After a few, days both the farmer and his wife planned to kill the hen. But the hen didn’t give any golden eggs and died, unfortunately. Greediness leads to disaster.

Peacock, The beauty

Beautiful Bird Drawings To Make At Home Peacock, The beauty

Peacock is the most beautiful bird. The pretty peacock is our national bird. Peacock’s beauty instantly attracts our attention. Peacock’s head is in both blue, and black color, with feathers with a unique combination of colors. Peacocks are excellent dancers. Peacock is a walking rainbow, and it is chosen as our national bird because the peacock is related to our culture and tradition. Peacock’s beauty instantly attracts our attention. In our mythology lord, Krishna uses the peacock feather as his hairpin represents peace. Lord Krishna always carries the peacock hairpin in his head. Peace is the principle of Gandhi, the father of our nation.

Just quack….quack

Just quack....quack

If someone gave you a number 2 to draw an animal what, would you draw out of it? The duck is a simple animal to draw with the help of number two. You have to connect the top to the next end of the number two. Now all you have to do is add a beak and the feathers at the end. Ducks are also part of the bird family. Ducks are mostly in white and beak with red color. Ducks can live both in water and on the land. Ducks make sounds like a quack, and sometimes we humans also imitate ducks making a quack sound.

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